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Emotional Intelligence: Women of Color Under The Trump Administration & Traitorous White Women

October 12, 2018



October is Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Wellness month. For this second blog in October we will continue to unravel emotional intelligence in this blog but for this week we're scoping politics. Specifically, how we can use emotional intelligence while picking a side. Do I need to say it? White women cut their faces to spite their noses under the Trump Administration in hopes to get ahead of other Women of Color. 53% of White women chose to vote for Trump with their pussyhats, Chai Tea, and nasty woman shirts. These women thought White patriarchy would treat them benevolently and their selfishness cost women our rights to birth control, women’s rights and protection. 



I like to use The Handmaiden’s Tale as an example. Serena, the wife to Commander Waterford is the traitorous White woman that lost herself, pinky finger and baby chasing sovereignty under White patriarchy. Serena before the war that brought forth Gilead was a conservative supporter. She was the brains behind the Commander Waterford, her husband’s radical patriarchal speeches. She pulled his strings to make sure his talking points were strong. She even went to a college campus to spew her archaic views. Fast forward, she sat on the top of the woman pyramid but she had to sacrifice her freedom and succumb to his tyrannical, hypocritical, adulterous husband’s ways because his unchallenged power examplifies the cruel patriarchal society. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" - Lord Acton.



Serena constantly battled with herself between following the rules or following her heart as a woman, not the commander’s wife. Every time she had the opportunity to rebel she chose not to and at times took her frustrations out on Alfred, the Handmaiden who was there to breed and be a housekeeper. Alfred's alternative choice was that or be a work prisoner in a chemical landfill that will cause a long torturous death due to cancer. Serena hates Alfred at times because even at Alfred’s lowest points, she still desires freedom and will buck against the system in minor ways. When Alfred became pregnant she bucked against the system to her benefit because she was with child and in Gilead every child is a blessing and Handmaidens who are usually treated like mules. When pregnant, Handmaidens are given a temporary status change, a medium between Handmaiden and Wife. Handmaiden's didn't have free range, but they did get empathy and concern due to pregnancy.



Serena ultimately gets the baby she always wanted via Alfred. Life seems to be putting itself together until Commander Waterford, her husband finds out that Serena went against the grain for once. Serena chose to stand up for women, not just wives but ALL women. What caused the women to unite? The vote for women to read. That was the betrayal Serena committed. Brave women stood up to show their solidarity for the right to read byway of voting in front of the Commanders, including Serena’s husband. Serena’s husband was so fragile and full of toxic masculinity that once home he punished Serena. Not like he did before with a spanking. No, he cuts her finger but turns it into a ceremony of divine punishment by cutting off her finger. She was frozen in shock and pain realizing how toxic the patriarchy is. Not to the wretched Handmaidens but to ALL women, including the wives. It took for Serena to get her pinky finger chopped off to realize that the system she vouched for, supported and wrote in the behalf of would be the death to her. 



This is White Women of today. As much as they pushed for Hillary in public, yet in secret agreed and acquiesced to Trump. 53% of White Women. Even when they had the opportunity to vote their image into power, Hillary Clinton, they chose a man. They thought snuggling up and chasing White men’s validation would keep them safe and it ultimately backfired on them. To evade responsibility they cried with their wrinkled pussyhats while marching to Washington and whatnot like they had no idea what Trump was capable of. Soon as the heat died down, White Women continued life as usual until Brett Kavanaugh had the potential to become Supreme Court Judge. Now like clockwork White Women are drenching their faux tears on social media.



Dr Christine Blasey Ford came out to speak to the character of Brett when she knew him which was in college. According to Christine Blasey Ford, Brett sexual assaulted her. This caused hysteria in similarity to the accusations of rape against Trump during his campaign run. This outrage caused a hearing that would ultimately hold Brett’s fate as a judge. The hearing was bias to say the least. Brett cried his best Kim Kardashian victimhood tears. The mostly White male council found Brett worthy of carrying on the life long duty of Supreme Court Justice. We are just waiting for the swearing in. Again, White Women are at the scene of the crime hiding evidents and playing victim as if they didn’t know how ruthless White male patriarchy is. They birthed the men they are crying about. They quote feminist ideology against these men, and yet voted these men into power. All in hopes that these men would save them or at least put them in a power play position over other races of women. 



Don’t be fooled by the act, White Women knew our rights as women was in jeopardy and STILL voted against us. Trump is what feminist theory nightmares are made of and his administration are night terrors and White women felt he was the best candidate to represent women. As a collective, historically, White women are the Serenas of women’s advancement. Idly watching the destruction of women by men and not feeling a concern in the world UNTIL it affects them.



Women of Color need to call out White women for their bullshit. Let White women know they fumbled the ball and it is up to them to restrategize to win the championship because Women of Color did our part. We voted for our rights. We voted to keep birth control. We voted to protect ourselves. We pulled our weight and took the ball down the field. All White women had to do was kick it. Don’t let White Women use manipulative tactics like White tears, blame shifting and playing victim that they’re so good at doing. Let them feel the wrath of our disappointment and anger. Hold them accountable for their actions relentlessly. Don’t let White women escape by doing symbolic gestures. Our rights, for now are tangible not symbolic. So White Women’s Work needs to be TANGIBLE. In one case White women were caught co-oping a symbolic gesture, some White Women were kneeling to protest Kavanaugh's judicial seat. The same kneeling supports of Collin Kaepernick was doing to protest against systematic police brutality. No Becky, don’t appropriate a cause. Start a new one. Do like your White feminist foremothers did in the past. Go to work and get to work. #WhiteWomenFumbledTheRights 



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I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné 


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister." 


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Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏾




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