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What If Suicide Is The Answer

September 28, 2018


What If Suicide Is The Answer

I know the title is shocking and thought provoking so let’s go right into it no holds barred. Suicide is the act of self murder, self harm to the point of no turning back. We are told by society that suicide is wrong, it’s NEVER the answer under no circumstances. However, what if it was? What if we could opt out of life not due to medical assistance because of a painfully terminal illnesses but because we wanted to. What if suicide was at the tips of our fingers with no societal guilt, would we take the “easy way” out whenever life has us bothered? 


Let’s start off with the body is programmed to live. The body doesn’t want to die and goes into survival mode when its survival is threatened. Example: When we hold our breath our body automatically goes into overdrive to push through to get oxygen to survive. Scientifically, when you hold your breath your heart rate reduces. Your muscles become relaxed and adjust to not having access to oxygen and your CO2 levels are low. Eventually holding your breath will cause low oxygen in your blood but CO2 will increase. This will cause your body to have the dire need to breathe. When the brain experiences prolonged absence of oxygen, it will fail and the whole body’s functions will follow in failing.


So now we’ve established that the body desires to automatically live, let's discuss what about life triggers? What can be considered ‘suicidal worth’? Humiliating? Abuse? Stress? Poverty? Honestly, that’s in the hands of the person given the option of suicide. One tasteless joke to me is another person’s slit wrist worthy. Who am I to judge what’s credible or not? Or what is impactful or not? I only live in Vie’s shoes but what I can say is for every humiliation I’ve faced, every abuse I’ve experienced, every stressful situation I was under, every poverty ridden circumstance I’ve lived through... shaped who I am today and it also brought me to this point right here. Writing this blog about if there’s such a thing as righteous suicide.

If I would have hung myself or blew my brains out based on the slightest or forceful turbulence in this thing called life, I probably wouldn’t have made it past the age of 2. I’ve heard of young kids committing suicide but I’ve never heard of a 2 year old purposely drowning themselves. What I’m saying is, I didn’t choose life or the type of life I was given. But I did choose to go through it and all of those experiences whether great or horrible shaped me into the person I am now and I couldn’t for seen it then when gloomy dark days clouded my judgement. But if I were to have existed out of life based on bullying or sexual abuse I would have never knew what life had for me on the other side.

I would be stuck in time, forever immortalized in thought connected to that life trigger that caused me suicide. I would be that Dead Black Girl Commits Suicide Due To Ruthless Bullying news headline and never Vie Ciné the author, blogger, vlogger and women’s empowerment advocate. I would have let life's triggers define my whole existence and never be able to create my own narrative. As desperate as I wanted no association with that pain, I would have calcified myself in that trauma where we married and  became one. When you think bullying, you would have thought Vie; instead of a life after bullying. The conflict resolution, the empowered, the life goes on would not be an option. However, I graduated. I never saw these people again. I create my own life. I establish my own career. And now I help other people who were in my position.


Side note, the reason why some people believe suicide is the easy why out is because there’s no closure. You leave life on a cliffhanger that we the living can try to piece together but because the original author (YOU) are no longer with us, the story looses its personal touch and ends up cringey or lackluster. Your life isn’t meant to be left on suspense or idle. It’s meant to be tackled and completed to the fullest by you and only you. Think about it this way, there was a million ways in the womb biologically and chemically that could have terminated the pregnancy that produced you. You could have died from birth, SIDs and other diseases that kill infants and young children but you lived. You lived through skinned knees, broken bones, hard falls etc. I promise, you’ll live through this particular hardship in your life. If you like what you’ve read check out my previous recommendation blogs to the right on this page. If you REALLY like what you’ve read, drop a donation on the homepage. Sis could use all the coins.


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I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné 


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister." 


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Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏾



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