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Lesbians Attacked By Transwomen in LGBTQ+

June 17, 2018


We’ve made it to the twenty-second blog of the year. June is Gay Pride Month as well as Caribbean Heritage Month. For the month of June we’ll be focusing on both of these topics. The second blog to continue pride month will touch on this emerging rift in the LGBTQ+ community with lesbians and transwomen. Lesbians are vetting their grievances on social media about the attack on lesbians and lesbianism since the T in LGBTQ have spoken up about how their new found womanhood should be validated like biological women. Lesbians are women or girls we have a sexual/love attraction to other women and girls. Transwomen are saying lesbians don’t have a right to claim onto their lesbian status and exclude transwomen from their dating pool because they have penises. Transwomen are literally screaming “I’m a woman with a dick.” They’ve even gone as far to claim that sex is socially constructed and it is society that determines sex not biology and definitely not the chromosomes XY. Many transwomen have used estrogen to give themselves more of a feminine look but transwomen still have the same amount of testosterone running through their veins as the typical man and the same strength as well. 



Transwomen have been on a campaign to shut down sex segregated areas like bathrooms and changing areas saying that it’s discriminatory that whatever gender a person identifies with should be the bathroom or changing area they use. Trans genders have created labels like terf, cishet, feminist scum etc if women disagree with trans rhetoric. As much as transwomen want to claim themselves as women they do whatever in their power to alienate bio women and to takeover universal taking points like poverty, violence and gender/racial pay wage gap etc and turn it into why aren’t women supporting transwomen enough. Accusing bio women of being complicit and not much of an ally. Some transwomen have the audacity to use Black women as an example to validate their "womanhood" by saying Black women are a subcategory of women like they are thefore tanswomen are women. Not only is that rhetoric racist but it's misogynistic. Black women have the Eve gene and without us there is no European standard of beauty that these transwomen idealize.





Meanwhile transwomen are ignoring the violence transwomen are spewing towards bio women who don’t want sexual relationships with transwomen or the transwomen who threaten violence on bio women for not agree with their rhetoric or the transwomen who were caught sexually assaulting or have had a history of sexually assaulting bio women. These faulty messages are what bio women who at first were rooting for the T in LGBTQ to now saying transwomen are men. Even with all this vitriol no one seems to get it worse than the lesbians. Lesbians in the LGBTQ community are being shamed and even harassed into sexual relationships with transwomen because supposedly transwomen are women. To say no is to be a "transmisogynist". Lesbians have outed their frustrations and sent warnings on how young lesbians are becoming more distressed and trying to commit suicide because they don’t want sex with men or find a penis arousing but are told to skip over the genitalia and accept the gender the person associates with.




This rift is causing many lesbians to become “radical” or identify with “extreme feminist rhetoric.” Many lesbians and women in general are making their spaces exclusive for fear of being targeted or having transwomen force themselves and their ideals into their spaces with a hint of violence if the women don’t agree. Many of these threats of violence can be seen on social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Transwomen are quick to spew violence while stating that they are victims of violence. They are quick to say how marginalized they are while overlooking that bio women have the biggest wage gap (especially Black women), that the poorest people tend to be women and children, that the recipient of violence and abuse are often bio women and children. 





As much as transwomen say they want to be apart of the women’s collective, the way they express their beliefs often come off in the same manner as men, with violence. It’s men who often use the threat of violence to get their way and think it’s okay to infringe on other people’s rights, especially women’s rights because of their privilege as men in this patriarchal society. It’s not abnormal for men to assault women who say no or to take over spaces and enact their own rule simply because they say so. And is this not transwomen? Accept me or face my persecution? You must not only be an ally for my cause but you should give me access and platforms in your spaces, not men’s spaces but women’s spaces like Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year.



A man who spent the majority of his life as a man and then decides to be a makeshift woman for less than two years and gets acknowledged as the woman of the year. Laverne Cox being placed in Black women spaces that are very few to begin with and now have to be shared with a man who decided to be a woman.




Munroe Bergdorf being named the Keynote Speaker at the Women’s Summit when many qualified women from across the globe who have lived and experienced all the good and bad of womanhood starting at birth and beyond were rejected for a man who decided to become a woman. 




Watch YouTuber Deborah Cooper breaking down transwomen’s rhetoric and why they are NOT women HERE or below.



It’s not as if transwomen want their own spaces as transwomen, it’s that they want women’s spaces without any concerns from women. They don’t go into men’s spaces pushing their ‘I am trans hear me roar’ rhetoric. Nope, just in women’s spaces. They even go as far to claim women who protest against their own erasure as violence or transmisogyny meanwhile it is not bio women murdering transwomen, it is men. Speaking on murder and violence, transwomen have remained silent on the transwoman murder Jessica Winfield, formerly known as Martin Ponting who murdered a bio woman. Luis Morales formerly known as Synthia China Blast who murdered and raped of Ebony Williams. Read both articles HERE and HERE.


The fear for women, lesbian or straight is that many of these transwomen are Trojan Horses. That they say they come in peace and that they are here to align themselves with womanhood and the plight that comes with womanhood but to only flip the script to dominate and abuse women into submission or to give up the platforms and advances so many of our foremothers have died for.




On this platform we speak about sexual assault, mental health and healing. If at any other time you felt isolated and thought you couldn't speak about your truth know that here is that platform to Speak Up. Speak Out. Speak Truth. If you need to speak to someone who knows sexual violence and mental health disorders contact me for a private one on one conversation with me. I answer questions, give advise and provide coaching. Want to get started now? Click the picture above or HERE


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I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné 


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister." 


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Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿


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