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Bisexual Black Men Have A 50/50 Chance Of Passing HIV to Black Women

June 10, 2018


We’ve made it to the twenty-first blog of the year. June is Gay Pride Month as well as Caribbean Heritage Month. For the month of June we’ll be focusing on both of these topics. The first blog to kickstart pride month will analyze all this talk surrounding Black bisexual men influencing Black women’s dating options. Twitter imploded on itself when I stated “Bisexual Black Men Have A 50/50 Chance Of Passing HIV to Black Women” from the CDC based on a YouTube video I watched three days ago by popular Gay Black YouTuber Walter Lee Hampton II. The titled of the video is: My thoughts on the interview I had with The Gaurdian about the HIV Epidemic in Atlanta Click HERE to watch or watch below.



Weeks before that on woke Black social justice warriors twitter tweeted how Black women won’t date bisexual Black men and how that made Black women hyprocrits and “biphopic.” Many Black women were retweeting these opinions in support of the original posters and the few who went against the grain were dragged by LGBTQ+ folks and their allies. They weren’t dragged for making threats or humiliating commentary on why they wouldn’t date bisexual men, but for simply saying bisexual men weren’t their cup of tea. In this sex positive, come as you are, free love world we live in where non-binary exists and gender fluidity is tolerated I couldn’t see the problem why there would be an internet mob if a woman chose to be a “cishet” heterosexual woman. But what I eventually saw was the end result of when the oppress becomes the oppressor like Israel occupying Palestine.



Earlier this week, I was reflecting on this bubbling topic on Black women’s sexual preference and the backlash “cishet” heterosexual Black women were facing. I decided to tweet in my usual blunt, no filter, fuck your feelings, sorry not sorry authentic self by tweeting: "You got homosexual men shaming BLACK women for not dating bisexual men. Meanwhile gay BLACK men have the highest rate of HIV. Gay Black men have a 1 in 2 chance of contracting HIV. Atlanta is the epicenter of this epidemic but these niggas want you to risk your pussy for EQUALITY"


What I was basically stating is that homosexual men who have no sexual interest in Black women have the nerve to be dictating to Black women what they can or cannot do with their vaginas, the same vaginas that these men have a 50/50 chance of infecting with a deadly sexually transmitted disease and because Black men regardless of sexual preference KNOW to the core of Black women’s programming that we MULE to the death of us. We are the biggest social justice warriors. The biggest allies. The biggest protestors. The biggest captain save a hos, especially for Black men. Our loyalty runs so deep for everyone else but ourselves, that our loyalty often becomes our own downfall, our Achilles heel.



I was dragged by my translucent baby hairs but baby girl isn’t scared to voice her opinions and she was for sure was heard while pulling disgruntle twitter users in the mud with her.



The crisis of HIV is in the south of the U.S. but HIV/AIDS is an epidemic worldwide. It affects every nation on this planet. Gay men in Atlanta (the mecca of modern Black U.S. culture) specifically have a 1 in 2 chance of contracting HIV as oppose to White men who have a 1 in 11 chance. If Black women want to date bisexual men, they’d have a better chance of dating and sexing a White bisexual man and live to tell the story. How does the truth become “biphobic”? It doesn’t. It shows the dishonesty in gay Black men that Walter Lee Hampton II talks about often in his videos, he living as a gay Black man in the LGBTQ+ community. Knowing that HIV pillages through the gay community why would these men want to bring it to the heterosexual Black community through Black women? Why isn’t the focus of the narrative HIV and not “biphoic”? Does this vitriol of a difference in opinion happen to other races of women? Let’s explore more.



I believe the backlash and dishonesty about HIV stems from the American façade of comfortability. You have gay men and straight women actually excusing this behavior of transmitting a deadly disease to an unsuspecting person. They are acting like HIV is like sharing the common cold in December. If we were in a court of law this would be called attempted murder. In the U.S. we are privileged enough to have the reality of the world sheltered from us, the citizens who know the reality that many foreigners experience are those who are immigrants. In places like the Phillanies HIV is taking people out in mass numbers. Small villages aren’t equipped to care or treat their dying patients. They don’t have the most up to date technology or medication to help their patients. The best they can do is make the reality of death more comfortable and warn the public about using condoms. 



HIV was formerly called GRIDS (gay related infectious diseases). Initially people believed only gay people had HIV and it was a curse by GOD because homosexuals were living in sin. People were so scared to shake other people’s hands or breathe the same air as one another because no one wanted the GRIDS, no one wanted to die. Soon scientists narrowed down how people contracted GRIDS now known as HIV (human immunodiffiencey virus) and qualed people’s nerves. In the meantime though people infected with HIV were taking a cocktail of medications called antiviral medications to help manage HIV in their system to prevent HIV from turning into AIDS. Today many U.S. natives are taking one pill medications daily that not only helps regulate the HIV but allows them access into the space of “undetectable” status. Meaning if they take their medication daily they won’t be able to pass HIV to a HIV negative person. Plot twist, these medications can cost as much as $2,000 USD a bottle. That’s about rent money in metropolitan area Massachusetts.



Black women as a collective are the lowest wage earning, biggest single mother being, smallest median wealth having, poor health living, gentrified fighting, no generational wealth inheriting, stress enduring, poverty escaping, social justice warrioring, Black men caping, mental health evading, White supremacy/racism conflicted, least respected, most unprotected group in the U.S. have NO business putting themselves in a risky situation like HIV. We LITERALLY cannot afford to. Our existence at its current state says our lists of concerns are TOO DAMN HIGH and we don’t have room to add the expensive killer HIV. It’s not “biphobic” or shaming more than it is weighing our options and playing it safe to our BEST result. Life isn’t fair and neither should the access to our womb be too. These people who overlook the reality of this deadly disease and deflect to “biphobic,” love is love, and HIV is treatable are people you CANNOT trust. These are the people who really embody the saying misery loves company. Whether they are living the HIV positive life or know someone who is they know how devastating it is to learn that you’re positive. The denial, grief, anger and even suicidal thoughts that come with learning about one’s HIV positive status and still these folks insist that we should gamble with out wombs, finances and wealth away based of EQUALITY. As stated above, if bisexual men is your thing, get with a race of bisexual men who have a lower chance of passing a deadly incurable disease. 



Insert the early 2000s hysteria of DL (down low) men, the same DL men who were transmitting HIV to unsuspecting Black women because they weren’t being honest about who they were (gay, bisexual, men who sleep with men) having sexual relationships with and their lack of condom use. 



Another thing that stuck out to me was that these twitter PSAs from homosexual Black men were directed towards Black women. Not women in general or the dreadful, “women of color” irksome phrase, but BLACK women. Somehow these homosexual men feel entitled to women they don’t even want or find sexually arousing. But because they know out of all women, Black women are the easiest to convince and most likely to mule for the approval of the male gaze that they’ll spit this life or death rhetoric to us. Why wasn’t this PSA message given to all women? White women could use a little bisexuality from the male point of view in their lives. Remix Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It and Girl’s Gone Wild to He Kissed A Boy and He Liked It, Boy’s Gone Wild. What? White women are above bisexual men? Wouldn’t that make them “biphobic”? 



And since we’re on this sexual fluidity talk, I was @ a lot by bisexual Black men with the narrative that they don’t find me attractive (not surprised and honestly grateful for that) and that everyone has a little bisexuality in them. That my man is my man is your man heard it was their’s too. On some Sza, The Weekend track mixed with R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet. Some suga suga in our tanks. I find this bite back commentary funny and a slap to the face of the LGBTQ+ movement. For as long as I can remember, LGBTQ+ folks have been fighting a plight of being margalized/oppressed/humiliated/attacked etc and now you have younger LGBTQ+ folks and their supposed allies saying everyone is a little gay, de-legitimizing your cause because everyone is gay. If that’s the case then LGBTQ+ folks have no real cause to stand for and are making a fuss for attention. Are these the folks you want representing your plight?



In conclusion, date who you want. Sex who you want. Always wrap it up. Get tested regularly. Yes heterosexuals get HIV too. And no… Black women should think smart about who to love, mate and marry with the best results for a better deal in this thing called life and this means excluding bisexual Black men. Do you want to gamble on a 50/50 chance? The house always wins and can your vagina survive the lost?


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