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Human Trafficking: Black Women Trapped In Sex Slavery & Nobody Cares

January 5, 2018


Let me first start off by saying Happy New Year to all my subscribers. I hope this year is full of goals that you are motivated to accomplish. From my end I hope this year encourages you to speak your truth with the power of healing. You deserve nothing less than that! January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking month declared by President Donald Trump. For the month of December on this blog we discussed Human Rights or the lack thereof for women; so for the month of January we will be discussing global human trafficking and slavery plus its impacts women and girls. 


Last year in the news we were hearing a lot about the modern slave trade in Libya where migrant workers from West Africa are being tricked into slavery byway of the assumption that they'll be smuggled through Libya to eventually land in European countries for employment. Instead these migrant workers who are often poor with little means or contact with their potential employers are sold into slavery; at auctions bidders can purchase a migrant worker for as low as $450 dollars. Afterwards migrant workers who are now slaves are forced to work for their owners and pay off their traveling fees from when they were smuggled into Libya. Since slaves do not earn money and are brutally physically abused they hardly are able to pay off their debt. The reality that most slaves face is trade. They will be passed around and traded between owners, possibly for the rest of their lives. 


Click HERE to read CNN's article 'How to stop the slave trade in Libya and beyond'


The expose CNN did to reveal this sadistic practice in the Islamic word caught social media by storm seeing all these men caged up like animals, flesh opened with dried blood and swollen wounds caused outrage. Rightfully, so right? Slavery bad. We in United States declared this on December 18, 1865 after the triumphant defeat of the confederacy during the Civil War. However, the Arab Slave Trade is older than the United States itself. In the Arab World selling and purchasing of Africans is still common practice and in recent time countries like Mauritania banned slavery yet slavery still occurs under corrupt government officials and poverty-stricken people looking for their daily bread. When stories of East African women getting tricked to travel into Islamic countries for employment as domestic workers but in reality, unbeknownst to them, sex trafficking victims.  


These women are isolated from their families, their passports are taken by their employers, they don't speak the language, they aren't given money and are held captive by the family. The family has all the control over these women and the law is no help. The law has little interference or laws protecting foreign domestic workers and frequently turn a blind eye on the very obvious slavery happening in their countries. These women if lucky plan their escape for months; sometimes years while enduring inhumane treatment. For some women their will power and self determination to save themselves seems so unrealistic that they commit suicide.  


Click HERE to read article: Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia


Click HERE to read article: Killed Beaten Raped: Migrant Workers In Saudi Arabia


Click HERE to read article: Ethiopia seeks full investigation into suicide of maid beaten in Beirut  


Where was the outcry? I ask where was the CNN undercover expose? Where was the twitter activists to tweet their hearts painful reaction? Where was the intelligentsia with their think pieces on misogyny, racism, xenophobia, poverty and religious terrorism? Oh, there was none. We saw a few articles go around. A couple commentary here and there. Some reaction but for the most part people kept it pushing because after all Black women and girls don't matter not until it comes to some cause, march or numbers for solidarity that don't benefit us in any way, shape or form. Statistically speaking there are more women and girls in slavery and sex trafficking than boys and girls. This blog post isn't a tit for tat or comparing who has it worse in the pity Olympics but this blog post is to reveal how we as a society pick and choose which issues we focus on. Usually it's not in favor of women and girls. We do not care about reciprocation and the intrinsic right of women and girls to pursue happiness. And time and time again we fail Black women and girls with our laxidasical approach of the Black women's plight when it comes to their human rights. 


Click HERE to watch my video: Do Black Men Empathize With The Black Women's Plight?




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I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné 


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister." 


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