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Human Rights: Woman Is Synonymous With Bitch

December 26, 2017



We are in our third installment for December’s topic of the month which is human rights. Since this platform is for a Black women we will discuss how human rights or the lack thereof affects Black women.


The title of this blog piece is bold to say the least but it’s true. From the culture to every day speech when the word bitch is spoken people will picture a woman before they picture a dog (a bitch is an accurate term for a female dog). When asked of the race of woman people if honest will say Black.


From the days of early Hip Hop to television casual dialogues between characters a staple word we hear often is bitch whether it’s in singular or plural form i.e. bitches. We hear it so commonly we aren’t offended anymore and call ourselves and our fellow sisters bitches. But of course we have parameters on the word bitch like, ‘my friends can call me bitch but you can’t call me bitch.’


We play up the word bitch and make it cutesy like ‘what up bitches!’ It’s all fun and games until the words we speak and their spirit attached to those words (every word has a definition whether positive or negative) become our labels that the world addresses us by. The word bitch means female dog. Female dogs are known for being temperamental and when a woman expresses feelings other than happy (because we are not allowed to show a multitude of emotions like men) we are referred to as a bitch instead of moody. 


When he’s mad at you you’re a bitch 


Click HERE to watch Poetic Justice (Getting Acquainted)


When he’s showing love you’re a bitch


Click HERE to watch Busta Rhyme’s I Love My Bitch


When he praises you you’re a bitch


When women are at the height of their beauty we are used and abused like bitches. We are taken advantaged of and are told the more abuse we endure is an indicator of how loyal and virtuous we are as women. We give our energy, our love, our womb (sometimes to multiple men), our money, our time, our benefits etc. We spend years in toxic one sided relationship even when they escalate into domestic violence. In many cases these relationships end with women dying in depletion of their self worth by the men they love just like bitches. “To maximize profits, female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time between litters. When they are physically depleted to the point that they no longer can reproduce, breeding females are often killed.” - ASPCA Click HERE for more information. 


But in other cases women won’t experience a physical death but an emotional and mental passing. On average women are treated as targeted objects for the manipulation and use of the man (men). Just like bitches who are abused and then abandoned on the streets. When women are no longer viable to the man she has spent years dedicating her time and energy to she becomes is discarded with a simple, “It’s not fun anymore.”


Click HERE to watch Cam’ron’s Breakfast Club Interview


Like bitches who were once family members and due to whatever circumstances they end up on the streets or worse shelters that but them down due to no one wanting them anymore. “Millions pets enter animal shelters every year. More than half of pets in these shelters are euthanized because shelters are overcrowded and pets cannot be placed in homes.  Your puppies and kittens could end up euthanized or suffering in the streets, or end up in these shelters.” “On average if you combined LA County Shelters, almost 200 Dogs are euthanized every day.” - The Dog Rescuers Click HERE for more information. 


It’s no secret men love bitches and women. As the old saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” As well as the saying that goes, “The man is the head but the woman is the neck that moves the head.” But do men value and honor bitches and women? Not as commodities like “foreigns” (a term for women of mixed race or non-African lineage background) or designer breed dogs. Men for the most part feel entitled and ownership over women as if women are in existence for the sole purpose of getting chosen by a particular man. GOD forbids she says no, she’s a bitch. But not only a regular bitch but a feminist man hating lesbian bitch. She may face ridicule, cat-calling, harassment and physical threat to her being. Like designer bitches who are smuggled in some of the worse conditions with complicated health problems for buyers who adore the aesthetics of the bitches but not the essence of the bitch. “A similar phenomenon is happening with so-called “designer dogs,” such as Labradoodles and cockapoos, who can be sold for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting people who know nothing about the breed. Says one veterinarian, “People just see a designer breed and say, ‘I’ve never heard of that dog, but it sounds cute.’” “While investigating what he called this “multi-million dollar industry,” Capt. Aaron Reyes of the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority reported finding “puppies stuffed in speaker boxes, screwed into the car door panels and wrapped in blankets with their little legs taped to their bodies and stuffed under seats.”(11) At Los Angeles International Airport, 30 puppies were found in a shipment from South Korea. Twenty either died or had to be euthanized after the arduous journey.” - peta Click HERE for more information. 


When will men stop using the word bitch interchangeably with women, but better yet, when will women stop adhering to the word bitch as if it’s our definition?



On this platform we speak about sexual assault, mental health and healing. If at any other time you felt isolated and thought you couldn't speak about your truth know that here is that platform to Speak Up. Speak Out. Speak Truth. If you need to speak to someone who knows sexual violence and mental health disorders contact me for a private one on one conversation with me. I answer questions, give advise and provide coaching. Want to get started now? Click the picture above or HERE


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I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné 


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister." 


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