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Why Erykah Badu Supporting Kodak Black Is W R O N G

May 6, 2017


As I have stated in previous blogs like Rape Culture & Misogynoir we have a predatory culture of abusing women. We saw this during 2015 when evidence of R. Kelly's rapes and monetary bribes of his Black girl victims. The publishing of this evidence was years of documented court findings and victim's testimony of R.Kelly's predatory actions (Click HERE to read the lengthy Village Voice article). Without examining the evidence, Black men automatically denounced the information and deflected to White child sexual predators like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski as a twisted and skeevie way of saying 'If White men can rape girls and get away with it than why cant Black men?' As if rape is NOT a crime and that the system was being unfair as to how they treat Black sexual predators versus White sexual predators. No where in the conversation when the Black girl victims were brought up positive things were said about them. The few times Black men mentioned the Black girls it was to victim blame or call them “fast” “hoes” “sluts” and the like. Their stance was they girls knew what they were doing and that by nature Black girls are sexually promiscuous and developed physically so they're not innocent. NEVER MIND a grown man had sex with them. NEVER MIND that one of his victims was urinated on during a filmed sexual encounter. NEVER MIND R.Kelly married well known deceased R&B singer Aaliyah when she was 16 (side note R.Kelly wrote a song for Aaliyah called “Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" Click HERE to listen to the song). Black men totally overlooked the evidence and the character of R. Kelly to perpetuate this Black male victimhood character and evil Black female narrative.

Watch my video addressing R. Kelly's rape allegations



A few months later Erykah penned an open letter stating her views of young girls wearing short skirts in the presence of male teachers. Her beliefs were that young girls needed to wear knee long skirts to not entice a man. (Read Erykah Badu's open letter HERE.) At the time I supported Erykah's views because as a Sexual Assault Empowerment Author, my aim is to keep women safe from predators and if that meant covering up so be it. But the more I read and the more I analyzed the status quo of women and society's confines I realized nuns get raped, babies get raped, elderly women get raped. The place where rape occurs the most is in male prisons, however, we teach our daughters to dress decently when the aforementioned shows the same conclusion happens, RAPE. The problem isn't the clothes, the problem is the predator and that is hardly ever addressed as frequently as the clothing of the victim.

Watch Are Women The Niggers Of The World by ArchDuke 

In 2016 Kodak Black, a popular Floridian rapper was accused of sexual assaulting a woman. My ears perked up to this information because I had previously shared my opinions of Kodak when he was filmed in a studio recording one of his basic mumble rap songs when he was heard saying, “I don't want no Black bitch, I'm already Black.” That sent social media into a frenzy on colorism. Black women were calling out Black men perpetuating hate and unfairly categorizing Black women on beauty standards based on something so trivial as skin tone. Of course I made my commentary on it which you can watch Kodak Black & Black Men FUELING COLORISM HERE.


When the sexual assault accusation was revealed I didn't jump to conclusions of any side. I awaited for the details to come out. But from what the victim had said about Kodak as to how he forced her into sexual relations, my empathy went out to her. Meanwhile Black men were ready with the defense league pointing out how Black men get falsely accused of rape all the time. Although I speak from the victim's perspective and make it my mission to address rape culture and solutions I don't ignore false rape accusations. I don't find it excusable or justifiable to lie about rape seeing how it affects so many people across all barriers. When people accuse others of false rape it is used as a reason to dismiss rape altogether and for real victims it reaffirms to them that no one will believe them so why tell their truth. Why go through the process of getting justice when you won't even be taken seriously. That's why rape is one of the most under reported crimes. And if we factor race, 60% of Black women will be sexually abused by the age of 18. So for these obvious reasons I did my due diligence and reserved my judgement until I saw facts.

Recently, Kodak Black was found guilty of violating his parole which will cost him a few years in prison. The 19 year old rapper isn't unfamiliar with incarceration since he had quite a few run ins with the law in his short lifetime, but this time was stranger than the last times. A hashtag #FreeKodak appeared. EVEN AFTER THE OPEN CASE OF KODAK SEXUALLY ASSAULTING A DANCER WAS MADE PUBLIC. Read a BET article detailing the sexual assault case
HERE. Fans of Kodak, which the base of them are Suburban White kids, Urban Black males, and a handful of Black females all were making excuses for Kodak. Primarily Urban Black males and a handful of Suburban White kids. Their loyalty to Kodak and what he represents was stronger than the fact that this man sexually violated a person. This not only disgusted me and many other Black women on social media who are often mislabeled as “Shea Butter Twitter,” “Black Feminist Twitter,” “Bedwench Twitter” etc whatever they can think of to assassinate our character to dismiss out point of view that they disagree with.


But what really set me and other Black women on social media overboard was when Miss Baduism herself commented under an article with the hashtag #FreeKodak as if Kodak Black is a political prisoner with trump of charges to slow down a social movement. Move over Assata Shakur, make room for Kodak Black. The same Kodak Black that raps songs that add on to the Black male stereotype of being thugs, criminals, miscreants, super predators etc that Black men often complain about especially in the media that misrepresents the average Black man's character. When Hillary Clinton called Black males “Super Predators” in 1996 (watch video clip HERE)



it was brought up during the past presidential election season to seize Black support for her campaign for presidency but when a Black male actually acts like a Super Predator there's massive support from Black men. This Super predator Kodak Black taps into classism and in every other songs tells its listeners that he can either kill or rob them if they're males. If they're females he can trick money and have sex with them. Kodak Black is FAR from a positive role model for Black American Males but you wouldn't know it by his online support. You would have thought he was the second coming of Malcolm X or to a lower extent Tupac.

For those who are absolutely dumbfounded as to why Erykah Badu was dead wrong for vouching for a Predator like Kodak Black, let me make it crystal clear for you, BECAUSE KODAK BLACK IS A PREDATOR. Would you keep a deadly, poisons, highly agitated animal in your home next to your children? No you wouldn't, but you would want one free to roam the streets to prey on the neighborhood? So he can create more of that Black on Black crime reality that Pro Blackers love to deny? Erykah Badu has two adorable daughters and yet she finds it appropriate to vouch on the behalf of predatory Black men? 



In the words of Kanye, “How Sway How?” Does she think her daughters are exempt from being preyed upon from men like R. Kelly and Kodak because she's a celebrity? Do we really want to open the can of worms that is Hollywood/Music Industry pedophilia that famous child actors and actresses spoke about? I think not. She, her daughters, I and every woman is vulnerable to sexual predators regardless of status and fame. Am I saying I wish sexual assault on Erykah's kids? No, but I wished sister girl would find her way onto the right side of the argument instead of caping for predatory men. I don't know if this is her way of staying hip amongst the youth or to direct the circulation of some of that millennials dollar her way but CHILE, YOU ARE DEAD ASS WRONG.


Speaking of being dead ass wrong and status and fame, let's break down the psychology that would allow Black men to support a sexual predator with anti-Black women views like Kodak Black. It's simple, it's called infatuation. See, many Black people live through Black Celebrity. This case was coined and pointed out by Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell. They have defined the psychosis that has covered the common sense of the average Black person. Black people are told to idolize, compare and vicariously live through Black public figures they do not know personally. The average role model for Black folks are people in the media who are wealthy and famous for sports, film, and music. This has been propagandized so much that Black folks on average believe there is no difference between a celebrity and themselves and when a Black celebrity is under scrutiny we must rally around him or her, (especially if it's a he) to show solidarity. As if this multi-millionaire celebrity needs the non-tangible support of Black folks to continue to practice classism and elitism that they do already. Hence why Black men can rally around Kodak Black who is found to be a sexual predator and make excuses for him as if the collective of Black men are getting persecuted. They speak of Kodak like they know him personally as if just a few minute ago they got off the phone with him confirming their lunch date. As the old saying goes, “All skinfolk AIN'T kinfolk.” Just because someone is Black does NOT mean they have good character or are for the best interest of Black people as a whole. S T O P Caping For Predatory Black Men. 

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As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister."


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