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Vie Ciné At AFAB Exposing Childhood Rape

May 26, 2017

As I stated in the last blog I had the great opportunity to speak at AFAB (The Association of Haitian Women In Boston) roundtable for BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center). I had completed BARCC's Survivor's Speakers 8 week course that aids sexual assault victims to put their stories in concise thoughts to eventually become expert Public Speakers. Click HERE to watch BARCC Chronicles. AFAB was started in 1988 to empower low income Haitian women to overcome violence, specifically physical violence but over the years AFAB has included sexual violence too. I plan to work with AFAB in the future to empower the Haitian Community shed light on sexual violence. Just like other communities sexual violence happens in the Haitian Community but we shy away from it and its affects because the taboo of sexual assault and sexual assault victim but as we all know not speaking about something doesn't mean it goes away. As I documented in 72% Of Haitian Girls Have Been Raped sexual violence is not an anomaly in the Haitian Community whether in the U.S or in Haiti.  To watch me share my story at AFAB live Click below.  




On this platform we speak about sexual assault, mental health and healing. If at any other time you felt isolated and thought you couldn't speak about your truth know that May is a month dedicated to you and your truth, believe that! If you need to speak to someone who knows sexual violence and mental health disorders contact me for a private one on one conversation with me. I answer questions, give advise and provide coaching. Want to get started now? Click the picture above or HERE.


If you Missed Last Week's Blog: Rape Affects Your Mental Health Click HERE

Have you checked out the book trailer for MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD coming this summer in hard copy? Today we're at part 31. I discuss picture day and settling into a new school. Click
HERE to watch.

vieis_me Instagram page for snippets from Tuesday's livestreams at 8pm eastern on Facebook Page Author Vie Ciné where we discuss whatever you want to. No subject is off topic from sexual trauma, mental health, celebrities, politics etc.

Miss the last livestream? Click
 to watch snippets HERE.
MEMOIRSOFAFORGOTTENCHILD Instagram page for exclusive reads from and updates for MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD.

I'll leave you with a personal quote of mine, "It's imperative that these acts of wrongdoings do not continue unchecked for it is our children who pay the highest cost." - Vie Ciné


As Iyanla Vanzant says, "I am not my sister's keep, I am my sister."


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Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿



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