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Sexual Assault Victims

January 19, 2017



Recently I have met many sexual assault survivors online who have found my story and related to me parts of their story. Thank you for being vulnerable with me and trusting that my intentions are pure. I want for each of us to speak our truths unapologetically whether male or female. This horrible experience binds us, but it does NOT define us. We are more than victims, we are OVERCOMERS!


If you don't know, I am a first time author. My book is titled MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. I write CANDIDLY about my experience of sexual abuse at the ages of seven and ten by the hands of two particular babysitter's children. The first a teenage girl and the other a pre-teen boy. As a Haitian American, I learned early that what happens in the home, stays in the home. I grew up thinking these acts were wrong, however, I couldn't tell anyone. If I did I would be unleashing a can of worms and thus, banishing myself from the only family I ever knew.


In my journey I have crossed paths with other children who experienced sexual abuse but because the topic is viewed as taboo and there wasn't a label to apply to the act, we kept our mouths shut. One in particular I dubbed Kindred. He had a kindred spirit, thus the code name and often times had a mean switch in the hips. I a likened him to RuPaul (the well known drag queen). Remind you, we were in the third grade when we first met "Kindred." Of course a young boy with feminine characteristic was new to us third graders and we just discovered the word gay, so appealed gay to any negative thought he had. Yes, we were juvenile and close-minded, but no we weren't vicious. "Kindred" found his place within the girls and we embraced him with his uniqueness. It wasn't until his sister told me why he was so feminine that had me stunned yet super empathetic.


To watch what she said click: HERE

As an adult, I found the courage to share my story because I realized I wasn't a lone sexual abuse adult survivor. Interning at a well known nonprofit agency in Boston that had a boys residential, I found out first hand how much child molestation and rape was so rampant. Reading their case files would drop any cold heart. These boys faced broken homes, poverty, drug addicted family members, incarceration, lack of basic needs and many of them, at least ten out of twelve had been sexually violated.


Watch my reaction to male sexual abuse: HERE.


When my internship was over, I rekindled my relationship with my half sister. She helped me realize that I should write my story to encourage other survivors. I protested against it but eventually agreed. For a book that I was adamant would only be 300 pages turned into over 500 pages, recounting all moments in my life and even the assaults.

I released MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD on February 14th 2016 in ebook format then re-released it in August of 2016. To my surprise, many adult survivors of sexual abuse shared with me that they felt empowered by me sharing my story and looked forward to seeing more of my work. Now, in 2017 I have decided to turn MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD into a hard copy book. The hard copy of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD will be available in the summer, thanks to the city for granting me funds to make this happen because this journey wasn't over night success. For me to be able to speak my truth took 14 years and additional 3 years to be able to turn my life into a book! To my fellow survivors, you are more than a tragic story, you are a survivor. You have overcome the worst and here you are, still standing, Still moving, Still speaking, unapologetically. If it took you until your last breath to say something, your voice is still valid.

Currently, I'm working on 101 marketing things but the top priority is to get this book trailer going! Every day I record a quick video on Instagram of pictures that will be used in the professional book trailer video, something like Draw My Life meets digital scrapbooking. To watch the updates and the message behind the pictures that will be used in the professional MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD book trailer, follow my Instagram: HERE.


I have already begun, catch up HERE. Also, I will be discussing the importance of speaking out against sexual abuse and the ways you can help bring an end to this issue on my Instagram.


If you Missed Last Week's Blog: Ding Dong The Pedophile Bishop Eddie Long Is Dead click To Read: HERE


Recently interned with Kreyolicious! A website that knows the what's what in going on in the Haitian Culture. Check out our discussion about child sexual abuse in the Haitian Community and how to stop child sexual abuse: HERE 


I'm planning an event for April which is Sexual Assault Month. I could really use ALL the help to turn this event into something spectacular. If you are in the Boston Area or live in Massachusetts or neither but want to help by contributing funds to this event please contact me via email at viecineisme@gmail.com.


New Subscribers will get a FREE ebook titled 10 Tips TO Detect A Pedophile.

It's a MUST READ for parents and caregivers!


Purchase MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD now on Amazon Kindle: HERE or in the STORE page.


Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿

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