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Paint Your Truth (recap 2016)

November 23, 2016

If you follow me on social media you know for over a month I have been promoting an event called Paint Your Truth for sexual assault survivors that was supposed to take place on November 19th from 2pm to 5pm to the Hyde Park Library. Well last Saturday was November 19t and Paint Your Truth did take place! In this blog post I'll be briefly recapping Paint Your Truth as well as pictures of artistic expressions will be presented


On November 19th I made it to the Hyde Park Library an hour and a half early just to set up the room. The Hyde Park Library is a large Victorian style building and in the Menino Hall where Paint Your Truth was being held was a medium sized room. I spent each minute setting up the room to match the amount of people who signed up at the Eventbrite link as well as stray walk ins.  As a language artist I wasn't sure how to create an atmosphere for visual beginners who want to create expressive arts but I tried my best.




As 2:00 pm approached slowly people poured into the Meino Hall. I'm not going to lie, hosting my first event was nerve racking but I knew the intention behind Paint Your Truth was to empower people not to be perfect. I opened up by explaining Paint Your Truth and how I came up with this event." Paint Your Truth is an event for sexual assault survivors to express themselves through expressive arts. Painting your truth is painting whatever you feel is the truth whether it be people not believing your story, not having a voice to speak, explaining your emotions or whatever your truth may be." I thanked those who made Paint Your Truth possible by donating pain and other materials. After I mentioned MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD and my mission to bring sexual trauma to the forefront of society, I shifted gears with an icebreaker by playing Des'ree's Gotta Be song and how that song relates to my survivorship from there I asked people to introduce themselves and their favorite song and what it means to them. Everyone obliged and then I got to the nitty gritty of why we were all there on this Saturday, to paint!


There wasn't really a construct for the painting portion because I wanted the attendees to feel comfortable in their own right to do what makes them feel comfortable. The only "rule" was to start with the donated paint first because the were already used versus the donations from Blick. During attendees grabbing their supplies Councilor Andrea Campbell from District 4 strolled in and introduced herself. I was elated because I did invite her but I wasn't sure if she would show up. I invited every single city councilor and she was the only one who responded back and Hyde Park isn't in her district so her presence showed me she truly cared about this topic and event.


Want to see the beautiful paintings? Don't worry, I got you!



City Councilor Andrea Campbell and Author Vie Ciné

















And there you have it folks. All the Paintings from Paint Your Truth and some of the attendees. We painted and spoke all the way through Paint Your Truth with a YouTube Playlist of some of our favorite songs. Unfortunately, Councilor Andrea Campbell had to go to another event but we continued to enjoy the space of Survivorship! Time flew by as the creative juices were spilling and we had to quickly clean up because the Hyde Pak Library closed at 5:00 pm. In all, Paint Your Truth was a success and I would like to give a special thank you to those who donated: Paul Goodnight, Blick, Artists Craftsman, Star Market, Hyde Park Library, Paint Nite, Justin Sharp and Marissa H.


Purchase MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD now on Amazon Kindle: HERE or in the STORE page.


Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿



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