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Story Time (Stranded On Blue Hill Ave 🔫)


Introduction To 16 Year Old Vie


If you're not familiar with the Boston area you're probably like what's the big deal? Well let me fill you in, Blue Hill Ave is a street in one of the highest crime area in Boston. It's not guns blasting every minute, but it's not somewhere you just want to hang around, especially at night, specifically for young underage girls (16). I should back up a few . . . let's get into it! So I was one of those rebellious, you can't tell me nothing, live free, doing me, hard headed teenagers. At the time I was very good friends with a girl named Kim. She was a pint sized feisty 19 year old badass chicky. We blended well because we were opposites, I tall, she short but our commonalities were our need to take control of our lives and set our own rules. Back in 2008 (seems like forever ago) I just broke up with my ex "P" because I got tired of him. Yes, just that blunt. He was involved in a lifestyle I didn't want to be part of and I was tired of it. Plus, I wasn't that emotionally invested in him so it wasn't hard for me to leave him.


His friend, "J-Eazy" also lived that rebellious streak and got kicked out of his father's house. The only place he had a place to stay at was at P's apartment, but like all pricks, eventually they ruin a good thing. He and P got into an argument, basically J-Eazy was a freeloader and P wasn't having that. J-Eazy got put out and chose to couch hopped on an associate's floor (I know it doesn’t make sense but stick with me here) named "Romeo." Don't let the name fool you, he was everything but a lover, if anything he lusted but we'll get into it later in this blog. At Kim's house, she tells me that J-Eazy invited us over. Annoyed, I firmly told her I'll pass. I know the kind of fuckboy this guy was and the last thing I wanted was to be forced to hang out with him and another fuckboy. Plus, J-Eazy had the biggest crush on Kim. He was obviously inviting us to come so he could hit on her and while his heartbeat flutter pathetic rhythmic patterns of rejection. Kim to delight in curving J-Eazy but that didn't stop him from simping, and simping he did. Kim voiced it would be fun to get out of the house and do something that weekend. I was completely fine with takeout and a movie. I wasn't dressed to the 9s plus I had no interest and hanging out with fuckboys. On her computer I was taking to P on AIM and he suddenly invites us over. I relayed the message to Kim. Kim knew P was my ex and that he would probably would be trying to get back with me and she'd be the third wheel. On top of that, we robbed P a couple weeks back (yeah, that's a story in itself and I won't be discussing it in this blog. Your girl was outchea) so she felt that taking P on his offer would be a trap.


Out of a possible trap from an ex versus J-Eazy, I would take the trap, plus I knew how to work P. P couldn't stay mad at me whereas J-Eazy repulsed me. He was just basic as they come with an ego that did NOT match his results in life. He was legit a leech and someone to NOT trust. He had a rat look to him like he was innately distrustful. Regardless, Kim and I waited for J-Eazy to come get us. Kim being my girl and promising me that this "Romeo" guy would be everything and more I turned down P's invite even though he had the takeout already prepared for me. Over two hours later J-Eazy and Romeo shows up. I wasn't in the mood to go to begin with but them being extremely late was an indicator of some insidious fuckery going on and I wasn't for it. I kept reminding Kim that P was more than willing to be a great host but she (including me, but to her call) choice J-Eazy. When J-Eazy arrived he was playing that lame card where be believed he was "that nigga" meaning he was Rico Suavo and acted as if Kim and I were yearning for his attention. I knocked him down a couple of levels and reminded him I could have been somewhere better but I decided to kick it with him and Romeo.


Romeo had a nice car, a Cadillac or BMW. He too wanted to floss like he was the head of a fortune 500 company. I knew that night was going to be long. On our way to Romeo's home I was hungry. I asked to go to Dunkin Donuts but it was almost midnight and they were closed. We pulled up at a Burger King. I ordered for Kim and I. Guess what the scrub J-Eazy asked of me? To pay for him, I rolled my eyes and dismissed his comments. In the dark car my money fell and I couldn't see it. I had a 5 dollar bill but it magically disappeared like some hocus pocus trick. Infuriated at this experience Kim jumps in and pays for the meal. J-Eazy has the nerve to accuse me of frauding because that's something his fuckboy self would do, leech. I snapped at him saying I did have my money and it fell in the dark car. I couldn't see where it landed plus Kim could vouch for me about the money, I didn't need to play anyone because I had my own. Fifteen minutes later we got out into a dimly lit street. It was eerily quiet for a city street. I seriously was out of my element and wanted to go home but we were far from home. Out of the car, I could hear J-Eazy being the snake that he is whispering to Kim that he believed that I secretly kept my money to make her pay. Kim responded it didn't matter because she had her own.


When Fuckboys Wanna Fuck . . . 


So do you remember Hey Arnold? Remember he and his grandparents lived in a boarding house that they owed? Yup, you guessed it . . . Romeo lived in a boarding house. The same guy who wanted to flex his car (wouldn't be surprised if it was leased), the same guy who wanted to stunt by showing off his latest urban wear (wouldn't be surprised if it was borrowed), the same guy who love talking about his street life (wouldn't be surprised if he was living vicariously through his favorite gangster rapper) was living in a boarding house. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to shade him or anyone who lives in a boarding house, my thing was and is, if you're going to brag have your ducks in a row. Don't be one of those people with expensive wants things but cheap needs, it makes you look immature and impulsive which accurately summed up Romeo. Inside the 6 by 8 prison cell he called a room, he was fixing his mack game. I being 16 and fairly inexperienced with males, I knew what the mack was but I didn't know that every time a guy invites you to "chill" that was code word for today's "Netflix and chill" which is code word for fucking. I learned the hard way. Romeo pulls out the hood classic beverage, Hennessy, he asked if Kim and I wanted a cup. I denied. I NEVER drank opened water, like ever. Something about the possibility of being raped or someone poisoning kept me solid on that rule even to this day as an adult. Plus, I saw that Moesha episode where her party date tried to date rape her by drugged her punch. Needless to say, I wouldn't want that to happen to me.


He pours himself a cup as well for J-Eazy, a leech like him would never turn down a drink so of course he accepted. Romeo sat on his bed while I sat on his computer chair. Kim stood up and J-Eazy sat down on another chair. Romeo offered Kim a seat but she had a smart mouth, she chose to stand up because, "I don’t feel comfortable. I don't sit on anyone's chair." Romeo trying to lighten the mood by play music. He grabbed the television's remote to flip the channels to Adult Swim that had an episode of Family Guy showing. I was far removed from entertained. That's when Romeo had the brilliant idea to show me pictures of himself, when I tell you this pompous midget was feeling himself way back before Nicki and Beyoncé, you wouldn't believe him. Like he legit kept a collection of pictures of himself like an Instagram Thot just to I don't know, "woo" women. I caught some of Kim's vibes, my petty bone was acting up. I decided to ask him questions I knew that were going to irk this short tempered short man. I asked him, "Why the "covers" (comforter) look the same in all the pictures?" I had some sincerity in the question, I genuinely wanted to know like did he change the bed sheets or did he only have one set of sheets but washed them periodically? Too short got upset and swerved my question. In a picture of a pair of White girls on his bed, I pointed to the screen and unthinkably asked, "Isn't that the same sheets on your bed." Kim piqued the picture and glance to Romeo's bed and smirked. "Romeo pissed swiftly commented that the picture was old; then he changed the focus to him and asked for a massage. Kim was kiking it with J-Eazy so he wasn’t asking her. From the appearance Romeo wasn't gay, so he wasn't asking J-Eazy, so obviously he was asking me. I honestly didn't want to. What do I look like? A masseuse? No ma'am but being that I was essentially on his home turf literally and figuratively, I had to cooperate.


I slowly walked over to Romeo on his bed. He was laying on his front, I instructed him to flip over. He took off his shirt and I molded his back like a piece of dough. He was into it, he thought I was into it as much as he was. After ten minutes of this bootlegged act, I stopped. My arms were getting sore. He then pauses in his jubilance to ask me why I stopped. I told him truthfully my arms hurt and that I didn't want to anymore. He then turns his head as if he was in deep thought. He sits up and tries to make a move on me a pushed back. He asked me what's wrong, I told him I wasn't trying to have sex. He looks at me bewildered like that my no wasn't in his plans or better yet, I have no right to say no. He gets silent, exhales and says, "I'm not tryna be rude but I'm tryna fuck. If you're not fuckin' you gotta leave." "I'm sorry but you gotta go." I was in complete SHOCK! Like he must be joking or trying to get a rise out of me. I asked, "Are you serious?" He's like, "I'm just saying, I'm not tryna be rude but you know." Dumbass J-Eazy jumps in and asks if I'm still hung up on P. I was pissed that he even brought up his name. A. Because P didn't even mess with him. B. Romeo didn't need to know I was with P. C. He purposely invited us over on some hoe shit trying to see if we'd be easy. D. Because J-Eazy's existence irked me and him trying to play psychoanalyst while I'm pissed isn't the move.


Romeo chimed in and said, "I don't know if you not over him. . . " "After you never know, you can be my girl but right now I'm tryna have sex." I yelled, "NO." I asked where the bathroom was. Romeo directed me across the haul. Kim followed me. J-Eazy asked why did she have to come and if he could. I shot him a look and didn't reply. In the bathroom I was panicking. I did NOT want to have sex with Romeo. Kim understood, she wasn't the type to force me into anything. She asked what was I going to do. I said, "I'm not having sex with him. I don't know what to do." Realizing the conundrum, we were in, I without a phone, she without one either, neither of us knowing numbers off our heads but our own, we knew we were stranded. We walk back into Romeo's dorm room and I told him flat out I'm not having sex with him. He then told us we had to go. I grabbed my stuff and walked out. J-Eazy followed us like the vermin he was (probably still is) and tried explaining if we would just have sex, if I were to just have sex we wouldn't be kicked out. I told him to go fuck himself. I told him that he set us up. That he knew that nigga wanted to have sex and called us over to chill but in reality he wanted to have sex.I also mentioned how much of a disloyal creep I thought he was by setting me up, his supposed best friend's recent ex up with an associate. J-Eazy basically said he didn't know but I knew he was lying. He was sleeping on that nigga's floor. How could he not know his intentions? J-Eazy attempted the pity card by stating he didn't want to rock the boat seeing how he had nowhere to go and he was a guest at Romeo's linen closet. I didn't bother responding to him. Once we made it down the hallway stairs I told him to never call us again. Pissed I screamed at Kim that if we would have went to P's house none of this would have happened. I could have been eating Chinese food and watching movies. Kim with the theatrics starts loosing her mind.


City Life


It's 2:00 AM now. The streets are a bit livelier. Cars lit up the streets because it was club night. Kim on some pseudo detective gadget shit tries to find out where the orange line is located by ear. We were NOWHERE NEAR the orange line but swore it was north. I didn't bother hearing her. She was from Everett. I was from Boston; I knew what I was talking about she knew where nigga's stayed. Big difference. The first car that stops in front of us was full of boisterous music. It was a White four door car and all I saw were a gang of rambunctious niggas. I knew they weren't going to help us. In fact, they probably thought we were hookers and was going to attempt to buy our time. Kim walks over to the car. I warn her not to do it because I knew by the profile they weren't about empathy. Kim ignores my warning and talks to them. I keep a close eye on her because she's literally 4'11 or 5'1 and if someone wanted to snatch her up it would have been and effortless task. They, as I called it thought she was a prostitute. When Kim told our story they couldn't care less. They drove off and I gave Kim the 'see I told you so' look.


The streetlight stopped at red and we see a huge, fresh off the lot black caddy pull up with a man blaring Jamaican music. He asked us where we were going. Kim takes the lead and approaches the vehicle telling him that we were stranded. I looked from afar because I knew we would have to survive the night outside until sunrise and hope to find our way back home. After Kim briefly gave a condensed version of our night, he told us to get in. I was scared. All the Stranger Danger rhetoric I learned over the years amounted to this singular point in my life and I couldn't just break that rule for a stranger with a nice car. Kim looked at me as if to say, 'Look are you coming?' I didn't want to but the guy said the light turned green and he has to go so if we wanted a ride this was our chance. I took the deal. As Kim and I entered the car I told her if anything seems off or funny we'd have to take the risk of jumping out the car. On some stop, drop, and role shit. I wanted to keep my virginity as sacred as I could. I didn't want her to leave me nor me leave her if this guy turns into an undercover pimp. 


Inside the car the man introduced himself as Reggie. He had a thick, like mucus in the lungs causing an asthma attack, thick accent. I assumed it was Jamaican. The Cadillac's interior was laid out. I mean plush smooth leather, a new and clear sound system. Clean and large, something you you'd only see in a magazine or in a rap video. We knew this man was paid. How paid? We didn't know. I complimented his SUV to which he accepted. Reggie disclosed to us that he was a plumber and made good money at that. He asked us why we were out so late. Because Reggie's accent was hard to decipher we replied in a lot of "huhs" asking him to repeat his questions as if we were deaf. Perhaps we were culturally deaf, because Reggie wasn't Jamaican but Trinidadian. Kim took lead in answering his question and explained our our whole SUPER Bad night. I threw in my 2 cents when need be. Reggie sympathized with us. Reggie asked why I didn't want to have sex with Romeo, I told him flat out I was a virgin. That night Reggie gave us some good advice that to this day I apply, he told us that we should always ask what people mean. We should have asked what "chill" meant and not just assume. I piqued the game he was dropping. Kim told him we needed men that are like him. Meaning men with empathy and deep pockets.


Reggie said he had nephew like him who worked in plumbing who would show a woman respect. I wasn't interested. I'm one of those people that once I go through something I need time to detox before getting into something similar, whereas Kim was the type like once you get burned, find a new stove. As much as we were opposites, in a weird way he complimented each other. Plus, she was a woman with a come up. She knew she had a body on her and that her personality drew in men who were either bastards or push overs. The crazy thing was the bastards were the ones she always came back to no matter how horrible they treat her. She held a candle for them, especially if they were light skin (Kim was dark skin and ONLY dated light skin guys). The pushovers honestly had a candle for her and would do right by her but she usually took advantage of it because she knew she could get her way, scheme and plot for her end goals. I didn't judge Kim, I admired her to an extent because she was self assertive and didn't apologize for getting what she wanted nor did she silence herself for other's approve. She was literally like a Zane or Sister Souljah book of the classic around the way girl, not as much sex though but Kim wasn't a prude when it came to that topic.


Sneak Creeping Or Tripping?


We were driving all over Massachusetts it seemed. We passed by this big house, Reggie pointed it out on the highway to tell us it was his. When I said this house was big, I'm talking mansion big, something you only see on television. I was consumed with amazement though we didn't go in. Reggie asked if we were hungry. Truthfully, I wasn't hungry but a bag of chips wouldn't have hurt. I didn't want to come off thirsty or greedy so I declined, but Kim, the junk food queen jumped on the offer. Reggie told us since most restaurants are closed at this hour that he'd pull up at a gas station to fill up his tank and we can get whatever we wanted to eat. We all got out the SVU. It didn't take a minute for Kim to race over to the chips. We agreed to not be piggish by grabbing everything our hearts desired. We each grabbed two chips, a drink, and some candy. Believe it or not, that's a typical meal for teenagers. When Reggie finished filling up his tank, he met up with us at the cash register. He paid for the gas in addition to our "meal." We walked out the station together to hop back into the SUV. Back into the city of Boston, Reggie asked us where we wanted to go. I told him anywhere I just didn't want to be outside. He asked if a hotel was fine. Inside my red flags were waving but I didn't want to seem ungrateful or suspicious. Reggie tells us he didn't have enough money for us to have separate rooms. We were going to have to share a room. That he didn't even mind sleeping on the floor or in his car. Kim, who sat in the passenger seat felt the same way as me, uneasy. We hesitantly agreed to the offer.


The first hotel Reggie went to Kim and I discussed if we were okay going to the hotel with him. Kim said, "He wants sex. He's a old man. He probably don't get sex and he see two young girls, he probably thinks we're going to do a threesome." I loved Kim's honesty but at the same time she had no sense of being sensitive. I would have been able to hear the same notion if she wasn't so forward with it but I couldn't lie and act like that wasn't a speculation of mine. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said she doesn't know. We sat back waiting for Reggie to return. When Reggie returned he relays that the hotels are all booked. I did an internal happy dance because I knew the awkwardness of sleeping in the same room with him wouldn't have to happen. Reggie drives off and tries another hotel. Just as I thought relief was here to save me, Reggie comes up with the bright idea to shock me again. This hotel had a lot of traffic. I mean really, just driving into the lot you could see many different cars loudly blasting music. At the time I didn't put two and two together, but the hotel was most likely a spot for hook ups. When Reggie left to ask for a room for the second time, Kim and I didn't say much. We directed our eyes forward. The GODs must have heard our prayers because Reggie came back once again telling us the hotel was booked. Kim and I were relieved to say the least. The sun started slowly peaking up through the pitch black sky only illuminated by city street lights.


Savior In A Caddy


Reggie asked, "Where did we want to go now?" Kim said to her house. She lied to Reggie, informing him that I was sleeping over her house and that it was okay to drop us off there. I didn't want to go back to Kim's house. For one, we lived in different cities. Second, I would have to sleep over then get back home plus my pockets were empty, I wouldn't have the funds to get back to my house. Reggie, the chauffeur for the night drove to Everett. By the time we got to Kim's house you could see early morning fighting to clear its route into the sky. This time it was navy blue with streaks of deep blue. Kim climbed out the SUV, he tiny legs struggling to settle onto the pavement. She looked at me as to say, 'come on.' Reggie handed her his business card and told her if she ever needed him, to not hesitate to call. I appreciated that. Not too many men I knew then and now that would care for us the way he did with no expectations of getting something in return, primarily or vaginas. Kim took the card and thanked him. I told Kim "Nah." "I want Reggie to drive me home." Kim in a form I rarely if ever saw her in had worry in her eyes. I could sense that she cared for my safety and the separation from me would make her worry if I didn't make it home safely. I reassured her that I'd call her when I get home. She nodded and regurgitated what I said, "Call me when you get home."


Reggie tells me to come to the front, the passenger side where Kim had sat. I was relaxed sitting in the back seat. I had a lot of room to stretch, plus there was space, lots of space if he wanted to be fresh and try me I could always scoot over or at worst jump out the car. I obliged to join Reggie. I waived to her as Reggie and I drove off. Reggie asked me if I knew how to get home from Kim's place. Honestly, without GPS, I had no idea. I didn't drive. I only knew bus routes and train stations. I replied, "No." Reggie drives to Sullivan Station and parks his car telling me we'd have to sleep in his car. I don't know if it was the fear of being raped or my brain went into captain mood but I told Reggie, "No, I knew how to get to my house from Sullivan Station." I took the 91 bus all the time from Central Sq. to Sullivan, I knew for a fact how to get home from there. Reggie who had his arms caressing the back of his hand shifted position and sat up to turn his SUV back on. I directed Reggie the best I could without using normal driving lingo like turn left, head north, in about two miles turn right. The way I gave driving instructions then and now haven't changed, go up turn her swerving my hand either to the left or right. The go in that street, whichever I was pointing to and that was that.


About 30 minutes later we arrived on the side street to my home. I thanked Reggie a ton. He said, "No problem." He also advised for me to take care of myself and to watch out for the type of males I entertained. As with Kim he gave me his card. Reggie watched as I walked inside my home before driving off. I never got to using that card. I held up to it for so long that I lost it. Kim told me her cousin found it and decided Reggie was going to be her meal ticket. Not sure how that turned out, but if Reggie ever stumbles upon this blog, I thank you a million. You could have been a dirt bag and taken advantage of two impressionable girls but you didn't. You gave me life lessons that I hold on to this day. I will NEVER forget you and the kindness you showed. Not only by taking care of Kim and I but restoring faith that a man can do for you without taking from you but you have to choose the right man. Watch what he does and ask what he means. Thank you Reggie, you are appreciated.


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Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿




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