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BARCC Chronicles Week 3 (Sexual Assault Public Speaking)

I participated in Week 3 of BARCC's (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center) Sexual Assault Public Speaking workshop called Survivor's Speakers. If you missed BARCC Chronicles Week 1's blog, I got you: (http://www.vieisme.com/single-post/2016/10/20/BARCC-Chronicles-Week-1-Sexual-Assault-Public-Speaking).  If you missed Week 2's blog, I got you: (http://www.vieisme.com/single-post/2016/10/27/BARCC-Chronicles-Week-2). As with the past two BARCC Chronicles I'm here to give you this week's recap.


This week was A LOT deeper. I came to the workshop late but quickly got into formation with the group. The host was illustrating the Socio-ecological Model that has four levels, Individual, Relationships, Community, and Societal. Within each level is an understanding how sex is interconnected with ourselves, the information we learn over the years and the community at large. For example, the notion that drunk sex is okay even if the person isn't passed out could be a behavior that's learned in the community or societal due to living at a Frat house or movies like Superbad. After the discussion we were given a worksheet with emotions, thoughts, and beliefs stemming from sexual violence. We were told to pick out the phrases that apply to us and to our trauma. For everyone in our nine group, we found most of the phrases applied to our situation.


The host then asks us to stand in a circle and she would read a couple sentences from the worksheet and if they resonated with us we'd move into the circle. We damn near all moved into the circle when each phrase was read and it made us feel like we weren't defiled and alone. One woman remarked that the activity didn't make her feel satisfied, on the contrary it made her feel like she was part of being "fucked up" so to speak, (no disrespect taken) because her trauma was validated by other people who knows what trauma is like. She would have rather it just be her. One question in particularly that struck me was the question about sex, or the lack thereof after a sexual assault. An older male and I both attested that that effect didn't happen to us, on the contrary we repelled sex.


In the video below you'll understand why sex was deemed disgusting to me and hear me read my story of sexual trauma and how I healed. Oh, and did you read I Was In Love With A Psychopath? You can read it on Amazon for $2.99 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M34YNOA. It's a thorough read about how an innocent encounter can turn into a deadly finale. Nothing but a true testimony! Don't miss out on this information about personality disorders aka wolves in sheep's clothing.


Watch the complete video below about BARCC’s Chronicles Week 3 plus Boston Empowerment Author Vie Cine's Story about Overcoming Sexual Trauma: 




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Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿 



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