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Why Is Female Abuse Funny?

October 15, 2016


So, I was scrolling down Facebook like most people in their mid-twenties, and I saw a meme where Batman is slapping this woman in the face. I stopped and stared at this meme not because it's my first time seeing a meme like that, but how nonchalant I have always reacted to memes like this or memes of Ike Turner threatening a woman to be funny. I decided to take that meme and save it because that would be the topic for my next blog, and here it is. Why Is Female Abuse Funny? Now this meme is depicting physical abuse, but my question was for all types of abuse. Why is it in society that it's okay to emotionally and mentally abuse a woman? Why does society make it okay for girls/women to feel insecure or incompetent as the status quo? What is it about the rebellious woman that makes men angry?


I'll answer you because women in 2016 just like women in 1816 were seen as unruly property, and it was the duty of men to control them. This is what patriarchy has taught and has managed to keep up for centuries. For the unruly women of those times and today's time the punishment for being an unruly woman meant punishment, whether it was rape (in some countries raping a woman as punishment is legal). Physical abuse, (in some countries hanging, beating, and/or stoning a woman is acceptable.) Mental mind games, the lesser of the aforementioned cruelty but the long lasting invisible scars are oh so evident. Emotional abuse, where a woman's mind has been twisted into believing without this man, she is nothing. Now that I have given you the types let me give you the reason.


Because patriarchy says it's the right of men to lead (excluding historical royal families that ruled with a woman and man as well as some societies that are headed by women) and women, have to submit. Even the most popular religion has told us that women came from a man's rib, women are the downfall of society, and she must submit if she wants to be labeled as good. This creates the air that not only must you have contempt for women but you must enforce your manner in which you want to correct her for being innately bad. So any type of harsh punishment whether deserving or not must be enacted if you want her to stay in line. After all, she knows no better, Eve bit the apple, and we've been fucked ever since.


To women, these sentiments create an environment where we not only distrust ourselves or the ability to lead ourselves and think for ourselves, but we are in direct competition of one another. We live to fit into the long list of dos and don't that men have created for us under patriarchy because we live to be the golden calf. So what if we bite our tongues, starve our waist, paint our face, repeat rhetoric like a parakeet. The goal is hardly brains; it's always beauty and the more of it you have, the better your chances are of getting a man. For the girls worried about brains, she has to, what else are ugly girls supposed to do? At the end of the day, the prize is getting a man, and if he's taken than side chick it is because eventually, I'll get him one way or another. My sister, she's just an obstacle, fuck her feelings. This is why by middle school the catfights increase, rumors spread like wildfire; friendship dissipates, and shallow cliques form like walls to block out anyone who doesn't try to fit inside the norms. All the while boys watch on the sidelines laughing or pick sides to encourage the bullying. Both groups of girls tearing each other down hoping to catch the eye of some boy that makes her feel special about her growing pains that today she doesn't even remember.


This type of inharmony is why you have phrases like "Bros before hoes;" "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks," "I don't love these hoes." But that's not the disgusting part, put it on a funky track beat, and you might catch yourself a Grammy. All the while women skip over the lyrics because the beat is smooth not realizing that dancing to their demise is dancing with the devil. But if you dare to speak your mind, pave your own path, or focus on you then you're a rebellious woman. Don't you understand your worth comes from what's between your thighs, if you can cook, how pretty your face is, and if you can be a full-time maid without the benefits and surely you can't be serious about reciprocation? As an unruly women, we are far and a few but if you happen to meet women like you keep each other solid. Don't take the abuse. Don't recreate it to a happy ending with a bow and a plastered smile. Speak your truth unapologetically. Unruly women, you are the enemy, because you're a terrorist to patriarchy and its norms.


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Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿​

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