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October 12, 2016


Author Vie Ciné is a Sexual Trauma Empowerment Advocate; she makes it her purpose to help survivors reach their highest potential by facing their past to experience a better future. Journey Through Healing is a transformation guide Author Vie Ciné put together for survivors of sexual assault who want to be Overcomers. Overcomers are people who live their lives by a free mind, sincere spirit, and purpose. Author Vie Ciné hopes to create a community of Overcomers that will illustrate that sexual trauma is something they've experienced but not the label of their existences that they are far more capable of doing or being whatever they choose to be and the misconception of "sexual assault victim" will shatter. They determine who they are.


How empowering is that? To have transformed from Victim to Overcomer? To rebrand your existence without asking for permission? The reason behind that is because only other Overcomers will understand this Journey Through Healing. This is why I decided to build a community of people just like you so we can all rely on one another because we’re in the same place in life, a place that’s searching for metamorphosis. In our daily lives, we’re so bombarded with the status quos of life; we neglect our own health to the point that we believe our well-being doesn’t matter. Our hurts, pains, and trauma(s) are often disregarded then we feed into the lies of our angsts being unimportant, so we struggle to fit into a group that doesn’t understand us. That doesn’t acknowledge us. That doesn’t love us. I’m here to let you know you no longer need to feel alone, disrespected, misunderstood and whatever other negative adjectives. You have found a community of people who understand you and values you. In this community, everything that is shared and learned is kept within the confines of our community. 


As with all communities there must be rules to keep everyone safe and accountable. No one has the right to enforce anything on anyone. Everything is entirely optional. Yes, there will be times Subbies are encouraged to break from their norms and join in on discussions/healing methods, but if a Subbie isn’t ready, we as the community will understand and let that Subbie know when s/he is ready we’re ready. This kind of community we’re building won’t be found anywhere else. No Facebook group, website forum, comment section, etc. will be able to compare to the work that we’ll be doing and the healing we’ll be feeling. I see greatness in you that’s waiting to be tapped into! Every new Subbie will get a FREE ebook! Are you ready to join the community and overcome trauma? 

Purchase MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD now on Amazon Kindle: HERE or in the STORE page.


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿​

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