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Are We As A Society Losing Compassion?

January 31, 2016



Are we as a society losing compassion? Something to ponder on. I ask this question because when I'm on social media reading some of the comments on posts, I see people who get off on making people feel small. A group bullying mentality that is evil, something like Miss Trunchbull swinging Amanda by the pigtails (Matilda reference). It's like we enjoy cruelty when it's happening to other people but when it's us, we're hypersensitive. Something out of the writers of Spongebob Squarepants when it comes to Squidward's torture porn. Remember we're the generation who believes in A for effort, no really, we think participation awards are mandatory and celebrating a win is bad sportsmanship. I think it's highly hypocritical and cowardice of this generation to go in merciless on other people but whine when it's us personally. I remember back in my middle school days I took a lot of crap because if I didn't there was perceived repercussions by other girls, like Lifetime's Odd Girl Out mob mentality and ironically yet not surprisingly they all were as hard as a cracked egg. 


Why Have We Become The Generation Of Bullies?


My guess is we were sheltered and to some extent we still are. We as 90s babies never had to struggle or find our own way. We had the internet that allows us to travel interplanetary with a click of a mouse. We had video games that told us how to play instead of going out and making up games and socially interacting. We had our parents hovering over us and making sure each hair securely stayed in place instead of allowing us to go through adversities, fall, scrape our knees, let us cry about it, then come with a band-aid, a kiss on the cheek and say try again. We don't know what's it like to walk miles for an education. We don't know what's it like to search the streets for food. We don't know what's it like to drink dirty water by choice because there isn't a choice. The most we've experience is Ma cutting off the cable bill and having to use the antenna to attempt to get a clear picture on the television screen. I'm proposing adversities molds a person to have compassion because you know. You understand. You have a common reference that you tap into before making a decision. Before acting out a behavior. Before saying something.


Did you know most sociopaths can blend well with the outside world, they live for disguises. Now, I'm not saying 90s babies are sociopaths or they're fake but I do believe because we as a whole haven't experienced anything that bonds us together as a generation and we have a group mentality, it's easy for use to disregard people's humanity which is sociopathic in nature. Then to evade blame, we turn into innocent victims which is also sociopathic in nature. We might find it humorous to "drag him/her" or "read him/her for filth." Someone we may not like or just to be a part of the in crowd, but we hardly think of the person we're dragging until they end up like Massachusetts native, Phoebe Prince who committed suicide after years of bullying from her peers. No one stepped in to stop it. No one stepped in to stand with her. No one said enough until she decided her life wasn't enough. She's not the only one though, there's many victims of suicide.  


So My Question Then Becomes What Do We Do?


Simply stop! Stop being bitch made. Yeah, I said it, stop being the person who throws rocks and hides their hands. Stop being powerless by standing behind a group of hateful people. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth and mean what you say, say what you mean. And if you absolutely are going to dish it, please make sure you can take it. No tears, no rebuttal. Eat what you prepare for others. We need to learn compassion. What? Yeah. We need to learn the gift of forethought and when consequences surface to not act irreproachable with afterthought. There's no consolation prize for driving someone to suicide. There is, however, laws for participation but it doesn't come with a trophy. Whatever happened to MYOB? Whatever happened to if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all? Whatever happened to treat others the way you would want to be treated? Those sayings aren't for kindergarteners. They're cosmic karma laws and the laws of humanity that we lost along the way of adulthood. As adults we hide our disgraceful comments behind the "shade" and call it jokes but all jokes contain some truth. You don't have to like everyone, you don't have to like what everyone does, but you must give them the human decency to live in peace. No one has the right to disrupt that.

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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