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January 30, 2016


Hello everyone, hope your week was warm and thoughtful! As I did last Saturday, this will be the day I choose to update you on what's been going on with me, my website, and MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. 


First, I want to thank my new subscribers. Thank you for subscribing, I hope I can provide you with informative content. 


Second, I'll briefly let you know what's going on with the blogs and what you might have missed. All my daily blogs are posted so you can go through them, share them, or whatever you like with them. They'll always be here so no rush. I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday on my youtube channels VIEIS_ME and Vie Cine, you can check them out there or here on the the Youtube & Events page. I'm also on Pinterest if that's your thing, I'm just getting into it. I call it Instagram but with collages. I don't hate it but eh. On my Twitter and Instagram, I post daily snippets from my book until the release date, February 14th aka Valentines Day so check those out. If you like them, share them with your friends. You can catch me on Facebook if you want to directly dialogue. I accept everyone's friend request, of course, if you're wearing a white hoodie with a confederate flag and the letters KKK I probably won't. But who knows, try me. 


Third, MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD is still coming out on February 14th aka Valentines Day 2016 on ebook! I'm so excited. People have been leaving good feedback on the daily snippets from the ebook, hopefully, y'all like it, perhaps love it? 


Fourth, please be safe out there, it's extremely cold, well maybe not extremely but I'm a May baby anything under 70 degrees is cold to me. But seriously, keep safe and if you can, please donate to Flint, Michigan. The tragedy and genocide that Governor Rick Snyder has allowed on the people is despicable. Not in this first world nation should this be tolerated or accepted, but then again in any nation, it should not be tolerated or accepted. If you're looking for something to keep you warm, support La Tanya Arnold's book Victory Over Shame: Only with the Lord!

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌




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