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Erykah Badu & Artists Who Do What It Do

January 27, 2016


To start this blog off, I want to definitely say I love the soul of this woman! Everything she says is soulful and sincere. Her music is a reflection of her thoughts and her spirit. I adore her femininity and her roots that she doesn't hesitate to plant firmly in Africa. Now to the music, I love her voice. I love her earthy melodies whether they're words or sweet rhythmic patterns. Don't act like you ain't never heard of Tyrone, and that you need to call him to come over and help get YO' shit! That song had everyone clapping and shouting because we've all been there at least once whether his name was Tyrone, Ahmad, Jim, or Lee you felt it, you felt her.  And how can I forget, "Tea and Incense can turn into Colt 45 and Newports if need be." 


Erykah! *in my Patti's Pie guy voice*


I was listening to be the latest mixtape of hers, But You Caint Use My Phone two weeks ago and she put me in a space I hadn't been in a long time. A space of peace, similarly to when I was exploring old school music in my early college years and stumbled upon Digable Planets (also was going natural then). Butterfly, Doodlebug, Ladybug Mecca, oh, how I love thee . . . but anywho. I was cleaning and felt so in love. In love with myself. In love with peace. In love with the future. In love with the here and now. In the present of just calmness and satisfaction. I put her mixtape on repeat and exited the world. I couldn't be bothered with pettiness, evil, negativity, or just plain old yuck. 


Fast forward I was listening to Mack Wilds's interview with The Breakfast Club, my favorite radio show outside of Jam'n 94.5 Morning Show (you aways gotta shout out your hometown, it's a given. Plus I met Pebbles before in person. Real nice.) Y'all remember Mack Wilds formerly known as Tristan Wilds, formerly known as Michael from The Wire? You know, that fine brother who was a junior boxer who was slanging rocks? Yeah, that guy who also was on 90210 the revamp (side note I kind of remember the old version. I didn't watch the revamp because I always forgot it was on but most people did). He recently was promoting his latest activities including being in Adele's video Hello as the leading man (he's been the leading man in a lot of videos) and as I was listening to him and all his fineness I thought about the song Hello.


There's a point, bear with me. 


I've heard the song before and I couldn't get into it. Like I sat there and heard it from beginning to end. I've seen people get that feeling of climax listening to the song, that release of energy, the feeling of connectedness. BUT, I couldn't. I thought of watching the video and I saw Mack in it and still didn't feel it (but I did like the nature and slow sepia scene). I tried looking up the meaning behind it and it didn't do anything for me, if anything it was like *insert Waka Flocka okay meme* it didn't clear anything up. I posted on facebook, "I like Adele's Hello but I can't feel it like everyone else." One of my facebook friends responded, "I like Erykah's." I'm like, *insert cheesy face* "With Andre? I love that and Phone Down!" She responds, "Yassss." Then, of course, I had to elaborate, "I dig that before the song was over and all the other tracks. Last weekend I was playing her songs just to unwind but Adele's Helo it falls flat to me. Usually, a song makes me feel something. With Hello, it's like eh. It's good but no feeling, I tried googling the meaning behind the song and it didn't help at all. It made it worse." She finishes with, "I don't care for it." 

Then I realized ain't nothing wrong with me. I like what I like. I don't have to like a song that wasn't meant for me. I don't like Sam Smith's Stay With Me (it didn't grow on me naturally it was kind of everywhere and annoyed me so I never gave it a fair chance and I probably won't because it just irks me). A Great Big World's Say Something (same reason as above). Before someone says it's a White thing, can't nobody, I mean NOBODY tell me jack shit about Celine Dion! I got her international tours on DVD and her music videos on DVD at the crib. So nah, it's not a White thing. It's a like thing. It's an authenticity thing. What's wrong with advertisement today is it over bombards the consumer with a song and hounds them down. They can't breathe without hearing the song, on some mind control type thing. For me, it does the opposite. I rebel and can't stand the song and pray to GOD the song and its season hurries up and dies. The thing with Erykah is she or the radio producers don't over bombard you with her songs, you just feel it and it's not just Erykah. It's a lot of artists. You just feel them, neo-soul artists, old school R&B, country, pop, and even underground rap artists you feel them. There's a difference between hearing you and feeling you. I hear these artists but don't feel them. There's a connectedness that you almost can't explain but your soul gravitates to. The Isleys Brothers's In Between The Sheets? Maxell's Sumthin' Sumthin' (mellosmooth)? LeAnn Rimes's How Do I Live? Wu Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M? Digable Planet's Where I'm From? Natalie Imbruglia's Torn? Dido's White Flag? Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles? S Club 7's S Club Party? Utada's Come Back To Me? Emeline Michel's A.K.I.K.O? Kendrick Lamar's Alright? J.Cole's Love Yourz? These are just a few songs that I feel/adore and not just hear. I get lost in the feeling. Many record label's can take a note or two of the past, let the art speak for itself not the overbearing push of marketing. Thanks.

Be Entertained. Be Enlighted. Be Loved. ✌

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