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Who Do You Call On When The Government Breaks The Law?

January 26, 2016



When the government breaks the law like Governor Rick Snyder in Flint, Michigan or Tyrants in foreign countries who take Western bribes. When Eastern governments bow at the feet of corporations, who do you call on when the government breaks the law? In some states, the Governor is the only one who has the authority to charge the Sherrif to get him or her removed but what happens when the Sherrif and the Governer are in bed together? What if the city councilman plays golf on the weekends with the Mayor? What if the District Attorney and the Police Chief are cousins? You see the picture? When you see how intricate the web has been twisted and interconnected it's harder than just voting or protesting to get these people out of office.


Recently in the news, we've heard and seen pictures of lead poisoning in the water of Flint, Michigan residents. The water is so disgusting and unclean that the water looks an opaque bronze color. This story hit the news earlier this year but what isn't so openly spoken is this has been going on for the last two years. These residences have been bathing, cooking, drinking, washing, and whatever else in this toxic water. We've seen pictures of rashes these people developed over the years because of this water. People have patches of their hair missing, oh and did I mention that it's a Black city, well majority Black.


I made a post last week on my facebook saying,

"Jan 17, 2016, 1:28 am If you think about it, what's going on in Flint Michigan is like Katrina in Louisiana. What they both had in common? In both situations, Black people suffered the most by water. Katrina killed by too much water, asphyxiation, drowning. Flint killed by too little water, thirst, dehydration. Moral of the story: You can only live three days without water." 


I made the post because I saw the connection and hidden attack in plain sight to ethnically cleanse certain areas. Yes, I did say ethnically cleanse. I don't mean the genocide between the Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda back in the 1990s. I mean 21st Century, democratic, civil, ethnic cleansing in the form of crisis or gentrification, two of which Black people are facing heavy whether they are economically prepared or not. For most Blacks it's the latter. Back in 2005 Hurricane Katrina tore through Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, a majority Black city at the time near the coastline. Many Blacks were told to leave everything they knew for shelter elsewhere from this powerful category 3 storm. Some Blacks were stubborn and thought because they survived hurricanes before that they could survive Katrina. BUT many Blacks couldn't leave if they wanted to because they were TOO POOR. So what did that mean for the poor people? That meant death. Dozens of people were left to die and prepared themselves to die. After Katrina bodies were found all over the streets floating with the water and somewhere found with bullet wounds, and not from suicide. The people who survived Katrina were labeled refugees and looters as if they came to this country on a boat. 


Today you see the same thing going on in Michigan. Rick Snyder is doing everything he can to separate himself from the reproach. He has been caught on record saying the water was okay to drink even though it wasn't transparent and had an odor. There are speculations that he knew the dangers of switching the water from Lake Huron in Detroit to Flint River and still continued to make the switch to "save money." There are email exchanges between him and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services regarding the switch and the ills Flint River had done to the residents of Flint. Rick Snyder refused to release these emails to the public but because of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act he essentially had to. These residents will have long life permanent health issues that will affect them, particularly the children. Families have already demanded Rick Synder to step down as governor as well four families have filed a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit against Rick Snyder and thirteen other city and state officials. Other people believe he should be charged with a crime and thrown into prison. Besides health problems, these residents will need to get new pipes in their homes that the Flint River's water had corroded. That'll cost thousands of dollars to do. So again I ask, who do you call on when the government breaks the law?


Black people have been facing attacks on us since The Good Ship Jesus (a slave ships) and we haven't dealt with these attacks seriously. We partied, made sure our outfits were on fleek, hooked up with the sexiest person, bullshitted and tricked off our money on just about any consumer goods. We are living in the times where the poor are getting poorer while the rich are circling their wagons and making sure that they stay rich, they stay in control, and they stay in power. Mark Zuckerberg (the facebook creator), do you ever see him the latest fashions? Do you ever see him with a gold chain? Do you see him riding around in a luxury sports car? I think if I'm not mistaken he owns a Volkswagon and he's a billionaire, billion with a B, several billion actually. What about Bill Gates? Carlos Slim? These people have enough wealth to buy our families up in wholesale for the next generations to come and shape the society we live in but the average Black person's biggest dilemma is if our butts aren't big enough and if he has a fresh fade. These three men I mention have connections to call on and blackball. These men have money to influence votes and pay for campaigns. Meanwhile, Black folk are trying to pay off student loans (guilty), mortgages, car loans, phone plans, and child support. While our money is tied up in unnecessary things you have business people who tied a portion of their money in government officials to make laws and policies that enable these business people to continue doing business whether the business helps or harms the population at large. 


One 'mo 'gain I ask, who do you call on when the government breaks the law? We know elected officials pander and whore out their beliefs to the highest bidder and will say or do practically anything to get a vote. Ask Hillary Clinton to do the Nae Nae but ask her about the millions raised if not billions for the Haitian survivors of the earthquake back in early 2010 and she has no comment or smooth move. These politicians, yes even Bernie Sanders are here to do whomever's request that has the biggest influences and deepest pockets. Before Rick Snyder was Governor of Michigan, he was a businessman. He was a venture capitalist, business executive, and accountant. He worked for major companies like Coopers & Lybrand, Gateway, and Avalon Investments Inc. You know what that smells like? Money and after his elected position is over whether it be his term is up or his titled is pulled, he'll go right back to where he started while people are still parched and dying. That answer is no one. You don't nor can call on anyone when the government breaks the law, but what you can do is aggregate your money to make sure you elect politicians who will do YOUR bidding. Without the money, you have to select what's been presented and they'll just be a Rick Synder with different variations of carelessness and disdain for Black lives. But with money you can not only select the candidate, elect the candidate but punish them if they try to harm you with the funds that you've aggregated. That's how money works, ask Microsoft was the money well-spent funding democratic campaigns?

Be Entertained, Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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