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Meek, Double, Triple, Quadruple LL's

January 21, 2016


This post is going to be a little different. I'm going to be writing about Meek Mill the rapper from Philly who's known for his hyper cadence in raps as well as his rapper girlfriend Nicki Minaj. What can I say, Meek Mill as we all know from last year, started a beef with Drake (a rapper) over the fact that Drake a Canadian rapper was a featured on his song called "R.I.C.O" and he didn't advertise Meek's new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money on his social media account. People also hinted at the fact Drake's verse was better than Meek's on his own song that low-key fueled the beef. After Meek hinted, well more like tweeted that Drake doesn't write his own raps, it started a discussion on and off social media, does having ghost writers to help write your raps make you less of an artist? The general consensus was no. Most rappers are in the studio with a bunch of people and when creativity is flowing, there's bound to be people who add their own opinions to the track and, therefore, the rapper has "ghost writers." When the reference track for the song "10 bands" by Quentin Miller came out, who was the alleged ghost writer, it did sound similar to the finishing track by Drake. Yet, the general public didn't care. Then Meek claimed Drake got peed on by T.I's (another rapper) friend who was inebriated at the time of the alleged golden shower. Again people brushed off Meek's allegations that once again turned out to be true. 

Now the actual 'Hip-Hop' 

Drake dropped his first rap diss towards Meek called "Charged Up" which addressed Meek's claims and was lukewarm to most people who listened yet the memes launched at Meek on social media in a humiliation increased. Meek's response, "Baby lotion soft." A few days later Drake dropped "Back to Back" a part two to his diss to Meek and left most fans in awe. Charged Up was deemed as a good punch. Back to Back was deemed as decapitation. Drake cleverly dropped the diss track using the cover art of the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series and defeating their opponent the Philadelphia Phillies. In the diss track Drake claimed Meek was going to make him buy bottles for Charlemagne (Tha God) who has been one of Drake's harshest critics. Low and behold, Drake actually sent Charlemagne six bottles of Dom Perignon champagne (six because Drake's album at the time was named 6 God. 6 because Toronto's area code beginning with 6) with a card attached saying, "Let's Be Friends." All eyes were on Meek Mill for a response, yet no response. Then Meek responded with, a "Z" as in snoring. Social Media trolls antagonized Meek with charged emojis and quoted Drake's lines in both raps to get a diss track from Meek Mill. He turned the focus to himself and his girlfriend instead. People saw this as a weak attempt to save face but then Meek continued to tweet responses to Drake's diss tracks with his "Twitter fingers" and his overall thoughts on Drake were disparaging. Rappers, entertainers, common folks all had their comments on the Meek Mill vs Drake beef. Many were neutral, some said Drake had "bars" others blatantly said they thought Meek would have won it. Days later Meek drops his response to Drake with a diss track called "Wanna Know." Most people thought it wasn't as impactful as Drake's disses towards him, specifically the Back to Back track. Drake simply laughed off Meek Mill's attempt with a meme . . . of him laughing. Meek continued taking shots at Drake on social media and on stage at Nicki's tour the Prink Print (admirably paying homage to Jay-z's (another rapper) Blue Print).


My opinion, it's sad, on a basic it doesn't pertain to my personal life nor effects me in any way shape or form level but still sad. It's like a bad movie to see Meek talking L's over L's over Ls. Most recently, he took jabs at 50 Cent (another rapper who is known for his shenanigans and VERY petty ways) with a track titled "Gave Em Hope." 50 Cent took the opportunity to pounce back at Meek Mill. If you don't know 50 for his rap skills, you definitely know him for his pettiness and if you know him for his pettiness than you know he doesn't stop until he ruins your self-esteem. Meek wasn't spared. 


In life in general, you have to back up whatever you say and what you mean. This is no different in the entertainment world, specifically in Hip-Hop which is heavily dominated by males. Meek to the average Hip Hopper represented a dark skin, masculine male from a relatable American hood with street credibility. Essentially, the top dog who embodied what rap was and what many want it to be now. Drake represented a new area, a creative energy in Hip-Hop never seen before and he did it without any of the strips that Meek had. Drake is from Canada and represents it to the fullest, chiefly Toronto. Drake was born to his Jewish Canadian mother and his African American father. At the age of five, his parents divorced. He was raised by his mother in an upper-class neighborhood and over the years he developed a strained relationship with his father who Drake sometimes visited in Memphis, Tennesse. Drake soon realized his passion for acting and pursued it. Drake landed a lead spot as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, a Canadian teenage drama. Meek, however, was raised by his Black American mother and his father was shot during an attempted robbery when Meek was five. Meek endured Philadelphia poverty with his sister and his mother who struggled to provide for them. He was a shy kid who hardly spoke but as he grew older he became active in the rap battle scene. He then became locally known as a member of a rap group he formed and began burning CD's with their raps.


Meek Mill has the story that most Black American Hip-Hoppers could relate to, not only being raised in poverty by a single mother, but he came with the grittiness that Hip-Hoppers like. The energy, the stories, and 'hood love.' Whereas Drake, it took him awhile to shake off the name Jimmy and he had to dodge the meme's of his character Jimmy from Degrassi who became a paraplegic in a wheelchair. People almost instantaneously drew to Meek compared to Drake. Drake had to win over the affection of people with raps and the dropped a melody. Drake sung on his records. Now he isn't the first rapper to sing on records, Missy Elliot did it before him, Lauryn Hill did it before him, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony did it before him and the list goes on. But what Drake did do was bring his truth, his emotions, and laid it on tracks. The closest thing in Hip-Hop to what Drake brought to the table was break up songs like "Otha Fish" by The Pharcyde and "California Dreamin" by Dream Warriors (also Canadian duo rappers) or a song dedicated to mothers "Dear Mama" by Tupac. What made Drake different made him stand out, he wasn't afraid to put how he felt about his experiences on a track and let his emotions cover his pen. The element of hypermasculinity/cold-heartedness was broken by Drake's subtle notes. He let you know what he thought AND how he felt. Women flocked to his side while men secretly bumped his music trying to avoid ridicule to their masculinity by admitting they liked the "Singin' nigga." Of course, Drake was bum-rushed with meme's calling him emotional and it started the phrase 'in your feelings' but Drake brought back humaneness to Hip-Hop. You didn't have to have a screw face, super bass in your voice and a trillion tattoos with a bald head from the hood to be good or legit. You could be a light skin guy with a Gerber baby smile, from an affluent neighborhood in Canada, with a soft harmony and still get your point across. This made Drake universally appealing to pop music and expanded his brand. It didn't hurt that in early 2015 Drake hit the gym, grew a beard, and got a tapered low cut fade. I always say facial hair will increase a male's sex appeal by at most thirty percent and luckily for Drake who already has a huge fan base, the beard helped him add a few more. (Don't forget MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD is coming out February 14th 2016!)

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌




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