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How To Keep Sane In An Insane World

January 17, 2016


The title probably startled you. Did the flashbacks from conspiracy theory movies or documentaries on youtube flush over your memory? Did you raise your blood pressure? Did you think of your bills and responsibilities that have you by the chokehold? Did you think of all the neglected children and poor people around you or globally that are dying of curable disease and imperialism? Did you think of White Police Officers murdering innocent Black Civilians? Did you think of all the sins you committed that are safely tucked between the fleshly walls of your brain concealing the person that you really are or the person that you were and a slip up would desecrate your image and disintegrate everything you worked hard for? 

Yeah that, what you just did, STOP! Stop overthinking about the things you can't control. Of course, it's not as easy as saying stop but you can control it. I'm not saying stop caring, NEVER stop caring. That's empathy and it's useful unless you're a serial killer, but seriously certain things are out of our hands. Worrying about them doesn't make the problem(s) any less urgent. Worrying like a paranoid schizophrenic only causes your blood pressure to rise, your head to hurt, stress to increase, anxiety to destabilize you, and just makes you feel plain ole bad.


So what's my advice? Well, my advice is to carefully plan and make every day a step closer to executing your plan. Kind of a conundrum huh? An oxymoron? I just said stop overthinking and now I'm saying plan. Yes, young grasshopper, there's a difference. Overthinking just to worry yourself gets nothing done. It just causes negative feelings to surface and I don't know about you but when I'm in a negative space I can't concentrate. I'm stuck on why I'm upset and what's worse is when I don't know why I'm in a bummer mood but I can't shake the funk. How can anyone get anything productive done mad? You're bound to slip up and make mistakes or careless decisions that might have dire consequences. 


Now that we got that out of the way, how does one plan? Start with something you can actually do as a singular person and from then you can add on. You're not going to be able to take on White Supremacy in a day. I'm sorry, the facebook memes and the countless of new members who think like you aren't going to create a dent within the system. BUT, what you can do is pull back your resources from racist establishments and create your own business. How about just pulling back your resources and purchasing from Black businesses? There's an abundant of Black own businesses online if none are in your area. Try Etsy stores, Negash (footwear), TILLIMONE (clothing), Bee Sweet Lemonade (lemonade), Memoirs Of A Forgotten Child (my book, shameless plug. I know.) and so on and so forth. Support! After you purchase from them you tell others of your experience (word of mouth advertisement is the most effective kind) and guess what? You just curved resources that were going into racists hands back into Black hands. From there take it city to city, state to state, country to country. Vuala you've made a crater dent in the White Supremacy system. 


Moral of the story? You can change anything with the right mindset. So get up, go out, and do something. Hyperventilating won't change nothing. Be Blessed Y'all.

Be Entertained. Be Enlighted. Be Loved. ✌

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