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The Importance Of Keeping RECEIPTS (part deux, the finale)

September 18, 2016

Inside the apartment, I rush to get my duties done seeing I only have ten minutes. Lying Linda tells me there will be guests coming and that I need to change the sheets. My brain working on overtime tries to complete the kitchen first. Bust my ass to the bathroom, and then do a weird half sweep on the kitchen floor. In the middle of the kitchen sweep Lying Linda tells me it's 11:00 and there's a guest coming at the 15 minutes location. I give her the meanest look like 


I look at our shared google doc and see there was NO mention of an 11:00 check in for a guest. So I Speedy Gonzales my ass back to the 15 minutes location which is 30 minutes from where I am now. I had enough time to grab my bag and call Uber. I Uber arrives at a jiffy, and I had to remember to grab the keys and shut the door tightly behind me. I rush down the stairs hop in an Uber, and when I open the door, I see some woman in there. I'm looking at her like



I didn't have enough time to complain, so I hopped in and told him I was in a conundrum and needed to get there fast! He tells me this woman needed to get to her location first. I'm like umm no, I need to get to the 15 minutes location now. He gets frustrated and agrees. Then he takes the slowest speed. I'm like BRUUUH I gots ta GO. I ask him to speed it up. He gets annoyed as if I'm asking him to break the speeding limit or to do something special for me. He sees that my aura isn't for the bullshit. He gets to the 15 minutes location, and I see the guest waiting for me. I introduced myself and took him to the apartment. I again called Uber to come get me to take me to the 30 minutes location. Inside the apartment, I finished sweeping and changed the bed sheets and headed my busybody self back home to create a YouTube video.


Thursday I realized that I had to get up earlier to accurately finish cleaning both apartments on time which I knew I wouldn't get paid for, but at the time I wasn't sweating it because it wasn't a big issue and I did oblige to the contract. I basically had to take the L like Lyga (DJ Akademiks term). I headed over to the 15 minutes location and paced myself. My goal was to be done in 15 minutes. 15 minutes turned into about 25 minutes. I then headed over to 30 minutes location. I did my duties and then left. At my house I started thinking, planning Paint Your Truth event and combination with working for Lying Linda wasn't going to work. As much as Lying Linda's bootlegged Airbnb was part time, it took FULL TIME of my schedule and the running around to get guest as late as 10:00 pm wasn't settling well with me. Plus, winter is around the corner, and I was NOT going to waddle in the snow that could be flurries or blizzards to go get someone 30 minutes away or even 15 minutes away from my home.



Let's speed this up to Saturday, because this is where the real shit flies. Saturday morning I meet Lying Linda at the 15 minutes location. Lying Linda informs me that 30 minutes didn't have sheets so I wouldn't need to clean that location.  She asked me if I could paint on Monday because the paint she chose, the landlord didn't like and now she needed an extra hand. I replied, "I'd have to check my schedule." While cleaning a guest clogged up the bathroom and there wasn't any toilet paper. Cleaning supplies habitually ran low with Lying Linda and her bootlegged Airbnb. I cleaned the bathroom and skipped the toilet because that wasn't in my job description. Lying Linda looked at me as if I was supposed to get the plunger and get to pumping. I responded there are no gloves and that she needed to handle it. After cleaning, Lying Linda and I sit down to break down the payment as well as what she likes and doesn't like about the past week. Remind you; I had to bring up the fact that, uh you owe me money. They way she was thinking was every month she was going to pay me. Meaning, I should work for 29 days for FREE and on the 30th day I would get paid. 



Yeah, monthly like your bills. As if Lying Linda was an established good reputation nonprofit. I wasn't having it, and we agreed for a month she'll pay me weekly and from there biweekly. We somewhat obliged for biweekly, but I really wanted weekly. Lying Linda asks me to help her push an amore into the living room that turned into a shared two bedroom. I told her it wouldn't fit because the space was too small for it to move. Lying Linda being the pushy person she was. She pushed and pulled scraping the wall, and finally she noticed the amore was getting scratched up, and the wall's paint was chipping, but no progress was being mad. We get to the shmoney part, and she breaks down the copy of the contract and says I'll be getting $212 bucks. I'm like 


This don't look right! I did not stress myself and defined my calves to make $212. I have what they call, "resting bitch face"/"no filter"/"no poker face." My disapproval was apparent. I took the extra copy of the contract Lying Linda gave me and walked out with her to get my money. I took my money counted it because the shock effect hadn't settled. Walking away I def was tipping towards I'm finna quit rather than umm, we'll work it out.


Sunday, around 7:00 pm I text Lying Linda and told her I couldn't make the 10:00 guest pick up from the 30 minutes location but the 7:00 pm 15 minutes location I can do, on top of that I couldn't continue working for her. Lying Linda acknowledged my text by stating thanks for letting her know that. Monday arrives, and I text her about payment. She tells me to send my PayPal email address to her. I then respond with my email address, and I wait. A few days later I text her asking if she forgot to deposit my money or if she lost my email address. She texts me that she'll get to it. A few more days pass, and there's no deposit. Again I text her like



She then replies that I quit on Saturday and didn't pick up the guest. I screenshotted Lying Linda's and my conversations throughout that Sunday that confirms I was working for her. No response. Heated like a tea kettle I decided I would take my plight to the local police department. I get to the police department, and they told me I would have to take it to small claim court because "They don't handle money disputes, and if that were the case they'd get thousands of calls." One officer on the Mike and Molly tip wrote down the district court's address and how to get to small claims court. I thanked them. Feeling disappointed with a few drops of vindication, I text Lying Linda that I went to the police department and on Monday I would be going to the police station. Lying Linda's phone miraculously starts working, and I'm like 



Now Lying Linda wants to talk over the phone. I'm on the train now and hate hearing people having full blown conversations on the phone, so I definitely didn't want to be one of them. I let her call ring to voicemail. I get off the train figuring out when I get home I now need to calculate if the $212 Lying Linda paid me was accurate and how much she really owes me. At the cribo, I get my handy dandy calculator and get to adding multiplying and figuring out the total sum. I call Lying Lind back and tell her my results like



Lying Linda already had her world's smallest violin prepared for me to what? Feel bad. The typical White people tears saga and I'm like as a "double nigger" Black and woman AND a psych undergraduate, my heart strings are tougher than leather. She starts off my slick dissing me by saying, "You broke the verbal contract by going to the police." I'm like bitch come again? We did NOT have any contract that disobeyed me from contacting the police or making anyone aware of what's going on. I don't know if hiring me was the equivalent to purchasing me on the auction block but trust, I could, and WOULD buy by freedom. Fired up, I went in stating she miscalculated as well as she tried to scheme me out my money. She responded with the typical, 'Black woman why are you so ANGRY angle.' Gradually it shaped into 'poor little White girl' my boyfriend isn't around, and I'm so stressed, and I was going to pay you. I had cut her lies off because she clearly stated she I quit on Saturday and didn't come pick up a guest that night so she wasn't going to pay me. Though initially I told her my PayPal which she admitted she owed me for Sunday. So the back and forth of the bullshit wasn't sitting well with me. I shift over to the concrete facts of payment, and I begin to break down the payment. She swerves me into another lane where she says she's going to pay me, but the bank isn't depositing her money. She needs to wait a couple of days blah Blah BLAH. Again I tried the amicable route and said okay, and we hung up.


I write down perfectly how I came to my numbers using the amount a month per task divided my the days in the month times the number of apartments times the days I worked. After all the throwback grade school calculation I discovered not only did Lying Linda miscalculated but she didn't factor the paint prep in addition to the amount she owed me for Sunday, September 4th. I take pictures of my page full of equations to her. She texts me hours later if her phone was tweaking or if I sent her something. I told her to check her numbers because her numbers weren't adding up to mine. Lying Linda texts back she'll look at the digits later on. 



I wake up to Sunday (today) with a text from Lying Linda telling me to check my email. I do, and I see a document attachment titled financial breakdown. I see a random 70 and the same bullshit analysis from the document she originally handed be the Saturday she paid me. I took the initiative to type my finding and plug in the method of how I came up with my numbers and sum. I send the document back to her to which she LIES and tells me that the price for the cleaning was monthly for all three apartment locations. Since I could only do two she wasn't going to pay a the rate of the full monthly agreement. She brings up laundry saying that was apart of the job description and because I don't have a car that was a burn on her blah Blah BLAH. At this point, I'm mentally greasing up my face and tying my hair back because she's begging for an ass kicking. Real talk. I take pictures of her job description. I also took a picture of the price she placed on monthly cleaning that DID NOT state per apartment. Completely over her WHITE LIES. I emailed her the cold words, "I'll see you in court" in addition to other words like 



SO the moral of the story is RECEIPTS count for EVERYTHING. Trust and believe if I had no receipts which Lying Linda hoped I didn't; she wouldn't have paid me, and I wouldn't be able to argue my stance that she undercut me for my 6 days of working. As honest and 'play by the rules' you may be, other people have no problem batting their eyes and taking advantage of you. Even though they know, you're doing selfless work in trying to get the conversation started about rape and healing. People like that are energy suckers, and they hope you won't detect their bullshit. Let me also say, beware of people's janky ass businesses. If someone half ass does business then you shouldn't be surprised, they'd screw you. Any real business owner or aspiring entrepreneur will tell you that their business is their baby. They take it very seriously and treat their business like they would a human baby. Someone who doesn't like research into the field of business like Lying Linda are for the scheme. Whatever they're doing is a way to make a quick buck. Possibly expand or move on to the next scam but never fully understanding the ins and outs of their business and NEVER going legit. I'm not knocking all under the table work or new businesses that don't have the funds at the moment to register with their state, but I am saying is don't have first class ambitions when you're trying to skimp on coach fares. Starting small is always preferred but don't add on more to your plate when the material you're using to hold is fragile. Don't play catch up like Lying Linda who supposedly had the business for a year but now decided to paint the walls or skipping on laundry days or not providing adequate sheets for beds or not having a full stock or supplies to clean the area. No one should be able to read your business for the filth like I'm doing to Lying Linda's bootlegged Airbnb. People like Lying Linda make it hard for real entrepreneurs like myself to get customers to support our businesses because new business have the negative connotation of being JANKY!


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Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿


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