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Rape Apologist Culture

September 1, 2016


Don't let the title scare you. Rape apologist culture is a real thing, and I will break it down in this blog. A Rape Apologist is:


1.) A person who passively watches, listens and comments about rape/sexual assault as if it's not morally or criminally wrong. 


Ex. For example, Brock Turner was given a slap on the hand because of the judge; Aaron Persky believed Brock made a mistake and didn't want jail to scar him. Totally and completely dismissing the woman he sexually assaulted in an alley while she was inebriated. That situation is a clear example of a Rape Apologist because even though the judge didn't say to the survivor of the sexual assault, 'Hey ma'am next time don't be so drunk, and this won't happen,' he didn't need to. His actions and the reasons for why he gave handed that verdict says it all, but if this was his daughter in this situation can we say the judge Persky would have made the same call? I would beg to differ. 


2.) A person who makes excuses for someone else who raped and/or sexually assaulted another person.


Ex. For example, the image above is a woman who is supposedly passed out but that's not the issue. The issue is the comments from men who had NO PROBLEM voicing that they would rape or sexually assault her while she's not able to give consent. 


This is the problem within the greater society that a woman's body is up to a man's discretion and if he feels the need to touch, hold, or completely rape a woman he is in his rights to do so. THIS IS FALSE AND CRIMINAL. When we make excuses for people's beliefs, comments or passively agree by not correcting this behavior, this creates a predatory culture. Hence why in the media we see many White college males getting away with rape and sexual assault because judges dismiss the trauma and life-changing outcome that these men have inflicted on young women. How can we say we care about women when we fail to protect them but not only that, we show them their hurt is invalid compared to a man's freedom that's in jeopardy due to his predatory decisions.


Here's a video on the VIEIS_ME YouTube Channel that explores this topic deeper. ⬇⬇⬇


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