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Is Sexual Assault Against Women "Not A Big Deal" If You're A White Male Predator?

August 27, 2016


I ask this question because recently in the media a few White men were given a slap on the hand, a second chance, or simply a get out of jail free card for sexually assaulting/raping women. White men like Brock Turner, David Becker, John Enochs and the list goes on were able to avoid prison time and the sex offender registry. When Black men like Brain Banks gets ACCUSED of sexual assault, he is convicted based on flimsy evidence and is sent to prison to serve his sentence. What we see when it comes to sexual assault as within other areas of crime pertaining to Black men and the justice system, Black men get punished to the extent of the law (sometimes laws get changed based on Black men's cases i.e. felonies and gun rights), but White men get to skate free after finding out the horrendous crimes are true or they serve a significantly less sentence. Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT, let me repeat NOT victim blaming or excusing rape, however, if the justice system is supposed to be fair, why is it when it comes to White men being the perpetrators of rape/sexual assault there's sympathy?


There's a misconception that Black criminality is worse and more dangerous in comparison to White criminality. Though the FBI stats show White men commit more crimes than Blacks as a whole and in the Black community, where there is a high volume of crime there is a high volume of poverty as oppose to those in the White community. The average offenses in the White community are White collar crimes (administrative, medium income, middle class neighborhoods). Politicians like Hillary Clinton was able to build on the prejudices of White America by labeling Black men who committed crimes as "superpredators" in the 1990s. Superpredators were deemed as a lost cause, they weren't able to be rehabilitated and needed to be sent to jail to forever throw away the key. Bill Clinton during his presidency was able to pass the three strikes law that disproportionately targeted Black men and created an influx of Black bodies into the prison industrial complex for nonviolent offenses or drug offenses. 


So what does this back story of Black male criminality history have to do with sexual assaulted women? When it comes to women and sexual assault, there shouldn't be an 'acceptable' race allowed to rape or assault because of socio-economic, racial, educational or whatever background. A woman's body being violated is a crime across the board and verdicts like the ones stated above give certain people to the idea that they're untouchable. That their crimes won't be taken seriously and thus, they get to rape or sexually assault again. How can women in our society feel protected and safe when they know the justice system won't stand by them? What kind of message is this sending to our daughters? As archaic as we think foreign cultures are when it comes to Women, we aren't far behind. If a White man can rape a woman and get to go home, back to college, or return to his regular schedule life, does that mean White men are invincible, and women are just overpowered concubines? 



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