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Kodak Black & Black Men FUELING COLORISM

August 15, 2016

I really don't want to make this blog because I'm so So SOOO tired of this conversation, but it needs to be covered because truth be all the way told, it's not going anywhere . . . At least not anytime soon. Over the weekend I made a video about Kodak Black's video of him playing his record. On the record, he said, "I'm already Black I don't want no Black bitch." This set the internet ablaze, and Black women came together to drag Kodak Black through the filth. If you follow me on YouTube, you definitely watched my opinions on the topic that has over 400 views. If you haven't seen it, I got you.



My whole point of the video is to express that this behavior isn't anything new from Black men. Black men have perpetuated this fuel between dark skin women and light skin women for DECADES. Black women, in general, get along great. It's when conversations like this or men come into the equation; that's when heated debates and animosity shows up. I also made mention of rappers who make it their mission to state they want every and anything that isn't Black. They "prefer" someone who doesn't look like their mother, often than not she's a brown to dark skin woman. The same Black women who had their backs when they weren't famous or rich. The same Black women who played "ride or die." I made it a point to say as Black women stop being a sacrificial lamb for these men. Stop giving them access to your womb. Stop protesting and marching for these men who have no problem having great disdain for you and putting it on record for the WORLD to hear. You wouldn't believe how many Black men put on their Superman capes to support an ignorant, stereotypical, mush mouth rapper. I being opinionated as ever had to clapback and check their colorism comments but at the end of the day, these Black men screaming I'm Black, and I'm proud until it comes down to choosing a Black mate. These same men will call Black women in an interracial relationship bedwenches but out of the race, Black men are the ones who father biracial children who Black boys with two Black parents will choose over Black girls with two Black parents. The irony of it all is Kodak has a dark skin Haitian mother, he is dark skin himself, yet prefers someone who doesn't favor his mother. 




Before you think I'm bitter, I'm mad, I'm hurt, I'm insecure and whatever adjectives you THINK I am. I wasn't upset in the least. I had no ambitions of dating/marrying/procreating or whatever else with Kodak. This goes for men like Kodak in the rap industry i.e. Lil Wayne, Yung Berg, Yung Thug, A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, etc. I remember a while back, 2000 I believe after Nelly swiped a credit card between the butt cheeks of a Black woman in Tip Drill that caused Black women to unify in condemning the rap industry. Black women demanded respect for video vixens and an apology from Nelly. The rap industry, backed into a corner made a public statement addressing misogyny in a very belittling and dismissive manner, but they understood the message loud and clear. Since then gradually we started seeing less and less Buffy the bodies and more Melissa Fords to now just anything that doesn't look Black or women who appear very racially ambiguous. The solution for denigrating Black women was to remove them, but wait; the worst part is these racially mystifying women AREN'T degraded. They're sexy without being objectified or positioned as prostitutes. These women can go from girlfriend/wives to Playboy bunnies without looking like a cumbucket. Yet when it's Black women, they're either play things or completely removed from sight . . . Thought I would just add that tidbit.



Before you say oh, it's rappers and thugs what do you expect VIE? No, I've heard this "prefer" excuse from Black men who are average. They aren't famous or rich, just everyday Black men. They cloak their colorism with "prefer" to excuse their prejudice that comes from racism/white supremacy. If it weren't for slavery, colonization, Jim Crow, etc., there would be no "preference due to skin color." If anything it would be due to regional or tribal preference. But of course, that was overlooked. But why should I be shocked? Black people did "invent" the paper bag test, blue vein test, hair test, etc. and created schools based of skin tones like Jack and Jill. Oh, don't forget societal ladders and organizations like the Boule and sororities and fraternities all based on hue. This ingrained belief of dark skin is inferior and light skin is superior comes from the disease of the mind called racism/white supremacy. To value a small segment of the population based on their lighter skin and demean the majority of the population based on their darker skin and categorize the lighter skin people as beautiful means that the lighter skin people have an advantage. That their White genes have given them access to beauty. Their White genes enhanced the beauty in the Black population because White genes determines how attractive someone will be because dark skin is inherently ugly therefor why Black genes need to be mixed to be seen as somewhat attractive. 




Did I just blow colorism out the water? I sure did. Now I'm not saying light skin people don't exist, and all light skin people come from White genes because that would be dismissing the San people in South Africa with almond eyes and caramel colored skin. However, the vast population of Black people are brown to dark skin, not light skin. When Black people are speaking of "preference" for light skin, they're not speaking of San people. They're speaking of biracial people or Blacks who somewhere along their family lineage have had some European genetic mixing, probably due to rape from slavery. So you're probably asking yourself, okay VIE what's your point? My point is, let's be legit. Stop fronting like we're a united front when we don't even like the image that stares back at us in the mirror. Hence why our children can't pass the doll test, and there's no mathematics or science associated. This is a generational failure we impose on ourselves, yes it's not our fault in totality, but WE continue to buy into our low self-esteem by buying bleaching products that make a billion dollars annually. We continue to put light skin people as a representation of our beauty when the majority of us don't fit into that pseudo-European standard of beauty. We continue to denigrate ourselves when we choose our slave master's children as our spouses to create children who will be placed above ourselves and the mother who produced our melinated selves. Melanin on fleek? Apparently when it's off Black.




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