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Korryn Gaines & The Lack Of Protection

August 4, 2016


So by now we've all heard about Korryn Gaines, the young Baltimore mother of two who was killed by the Baltimore police in her home due to an arrest warrant. Yes, an arrest warrant could be the death of you and I, of course, if you're Black like her and I. Social media has been going into a frenzy because ridiculous and senseless killings like Korryn Gaine's aren't unusual. Last year we had the Sandra Bland mysterious murder dubbed a suicide by hanging inside of a Texas jail cell by Texas police. We had one of the youngest people to be murdered by the police, Ayana Jones due to a raid, and get this; it was the WRONG house. Little Ayana was gunned down in her bed asleep. 


As the story with Korryn was and continue to unravel, videos of her and pictures flooded the Internet as well as commentary from many folks. Some in defense of Korryn's behavior in one of her videos while interacting with the Baltimore police during a traffic stop and others chastising her. Regardless, Korryn was turned into another slain victim of White Supremacy and to honor her, her name was turned into a hashtag. As the police pieced together their story for the media, they mentioned Korryn holding her son, Kodi and a shotgun while live streaming the whole ordeal. They stated she had a shotgun in one hand and her son who's five years old in the other. According to the Baltimore police, Korryn threaten to shoot if they came inside. The police disconnected the live stream because supposedly Facebook users were encouraging Korryn to not comply with the police. Shortly after the Baltimore police came inside the home with bullets blazing, and to their account, she too pulled the trigger. The problem for some folks is that Korryn was a petite woman. She weighed less than 130 pounds. A shotgun in one hand and young child in the other would be physically impossible for Korryn. To pull the trigger required two hands to assist her, but how, if she's holding her baby steady? Not to mention the weight of the gun would cause her to fumble easily. Korryn was murdered on the scene and Kodi was hit with a bullet. The police were able to take Kodi with them for medical treatment while Korryn's lifeless body spilled cold blood. A traumatizing event for anyone, let alone a five-year-old son. 


Another issue floating around yesterday and even today, August 4th, 2016 is the question of why did the boyfriend, Kareem leave Korryn to die? The Baltimore police stated after murdering Korryn, that they found Kareem with their daughter away from the home. Kareem revealed to the Baltimore police that he was able to flee from the scene through a back window but made no explanation as to why he left and why he didn't take Kodi. Many social media users, particularly Black women were angered by the discovery that Kareem escaped with his life and his child in hand but didn't feel the need to stand by his woman to defend her, but chose to instead let her die with her son (a child by another man). Many women believe that Korryn had no protection by the man she loved and had a child with due to his selfish actions. 


Ironically yesterday on Instagram I posted a video about a topic I was going to record, edit, and upload onto the VIEIS_ME YouTube Channel. The topic, FuckBoys. Watch below (Comment, Rate, Subscribe & Share) ⬇⬇⬇



The purpose of creating this video was to outline the red flags and psychopathic ways of certain males for the Gen Y women. Of course, the topic wasn't all inclusive, but as the old saying goes, "If the show fits wear it." One of the red flags were Fuck boys will trap you with a baby and not provide, build, or protect you. I see this often with Black women that we will give our love, respect, space, wombs, etc to men who do not deserve it and at the end we only get burned by it. Am I saying Korryn was sleeping with a psychopathic Fuck Boy? No, I don't know her boyfriend or his character but what I do know is that he chose to flee when his woman needed him the most. He also chose to take his child and not THEIR children (they became a blended family when he came into Korryn and Kodi's life). That is a MAJOR RED FLAG. A man who is willing to lay on top of you, pump babies into you but won't protect you is some you need to AVOID at all costs. As with everything going on in Black oppression by the hands of the militarized White Supremacy police state, we'll discover more details soon. Hopefully, they're truthful but let Korryn's death be a learning lesson to Gen Y girls. In your time of need while defending yourself from the racist police, is the man you're laying down with will have your back or will he run like a thief in the night? CHOOSE BETTER ladies! 


Source: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-korryn-gaines-tuesday-20160802-story.html


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