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The Problem With Nicki Minaj's Silence On Child Rapist Brother

August 2, 2016

I know, I know, long time no post! I've been busy with the release of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD ebook on Amazon Kindle, as well with so many tragedies in the media I really had no heart to type anything down. But now, I'm bizzack to hit you all with a new blog. Yesterday I did an impromptu video on Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani being accused of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter on the VIEIS_ME YouTube Channel (Subscribe). I advise you to watch the video before reading the rest of this blog because it gives key insight to where I'll be going with this topic. 



I heard of the claim about Jelani raping a young girl early this year, but I chose not to do a video because I didn't want to jump on sensationalism without facts. Unfortunately, celebs are always getting lied on, and even their family members get mud slung on them in the process. If you follow the VIEIS_ME YouTube Channel you know, I made three videos about Afrika Bambaataa molesting boys back in the Zulu Nation before there was evidence. It might seem like hypocrisy to you, but to me, the way Ronald Savage spoke about his abuse I knew it to be true without evidence. As a survivor I felt his pain and no, he wasn't acting. Fast forward today many victims have come out, and the Zulu Nation came out and apologized on the behalf of Bambaataa and his actions. But for Jelani, there wasn't a direct statement from him or his rep. It was something thrown in the media and no one knew who this girl was. Last week the topic resurfaced with more details, and now we found out the girl isn't some random nobody, it's Nicki's step-niece. Yes, Jelani's own 12-year-old stepdaughter but not only that, his semen was found in the little 12-year-old girl. He had a one in a billion chances for a match and his DNA matched. Again, Nicki hasn't spoken about it, and neither has Jelani. 


My take on the whole situation is, sexual abuse is the dirty secret that won't stay in the closet. What I mean by that is, avoiding speaking about it doesn't mean it's less prevent or less damaging. Nicki is a huge star, the fact that she ignores this issue speaks volumes. Yes, Jelani is her brother, but she is an icon to these little girls who follow her every move. She has a HUGE female fanbase. They look up to her and imitate her. The name themselves the "Barbz." For this accusation to come out and be (for legal reasons I'll say "allegedly") true, it's a smack in the face of women empowerment. Nicki has made her stance to promote female empowerment. In her career, she chose to be sexually provocative and to stand toe to toe with male rappers on her record label Young Money as the first female rapper. As a woman, she never felt like holding back or changing her flow up to appease anyone even if it caused controversy yet when it comes to her brother abusing a little girl; she's silent. I know Nicki didn't abuse anyone. I know Nicki can't speak for her brother.  I know it's family and personal, but Nicki is a brand with a heavy concentration on female leadership and to not discuss something that affects many females, mainly in the Black community is very telling about where Nicki stands on certain topics.


This isn't a Nicki slander post, but more of a Black thought post. In the Black Community, many girls are faced with sexual assault. Stats show that by the time Black girls reach 18, 60% will be sexually assaulted. In my person experience, I am in that 60%. In my career, I've met many of those in the 60%. Am I saying Black people are rapists? No, what I am saying is this topic needs to be discussed because this is an epidemic within the Black Community regardless of gender. Now I can't say Nicki was a victim of her brother or if she's covering for him but her actions show that she supports him. When the first wave of this story hit the media, Nicki took to Instagram to take selfies with her family. She was subtly showing solidarity, and that's the problem. Let's say for example Nicki was sexually abused by Jelani and because of the family being immigrants (Trinidadian), religious beliefs, and image wise they chose to keep Jelani's predatory ways a secret . . . is that not a form of solidarity with the predator and revictimizing the victim (hypothetically Nicki) to keep silent? Is that not a way of saying we support and protect the prey and banish the victim? Is that not the same as saying your voice doesn't matter? Now imagine a 12-year-old seeing those Instagram selfies of her super star aunt and her attacker. 


Often in the Black community, we excuses for behaviors that are inexcusable because we love our family, even if our family is killing us softly, robbing us, and raping our children. Is the love for our family members stronger than the love for our children? These types of actions coupled with "What happens in the house, stays in the house" teaches the child(ren) victim/s that they don't matter, and their family will always choose the adult abuser over them. To a child it feels like their body betrayed them because someone used it without their permission but on top of that, their mouth betrayed them because now the family disowns them for speaking their truth. It's double the impact that no child can process, losing control of your body and losing the trust in your family. These are the types of reactions that lead young girls to act in one of two ways, promiscuous or asexual. Both coping mechanism for avoiding the trauma of abuse and the aftermath. I'm not saying exile your predatory family member(s) to the hills but what I am saying is loyalty SHOULD BE as strong as the actions of the beneficiary. We need to stop excusing predators.


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Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏿



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