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Swagger Jacking Hip Hop (Post Malone and Others)

June 26, 2016


This blog is based on the video DJ Akademiks made about Post Malone and White Hip Hoppers who want to ride the wave of the culture but don't want to be part of the culture or identify with it. Kind of like when White people say, "I didn't own slaves!" However I have generational wealth, three vacation homes, a cabin in the woods, a trust fund, a system called White Supremacy and some land in Italy all because of slavery but nothing was given to me I had to work hard! The synopsis of the video was White rappers love the benefits of the culture but not the culture itself. They want the money and fame that came from the Hip Hop platform but when achieved they want to distance themselves from Hip Hop and transfer the benefits onto a new platform, a platform they couldn't stand on and get the recognition from without Hip Hop. Hip Hop was used as a mask to hide their true intentions. They weren't Hip Hoppers and lovers of the art. They are lovers of getting instant fame by way of Hip Hop then dispose of her later. 


I have a video response which isn't a response but a solid agreement with DJ Akademiks. I find it really caucasian of folks to steal a culture, remix it, make it a degenerate version if the original then try to exclude it from inventors. No longer are the days of Digable Planets, Brand Nubians, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest (R.I.P Phife), Fugees, Pharcyde, etc. etc. etc. Now with the new wave of Hip Hop we have male chauvinistic behavior, misogyny, low key homosexuality, braggadociousness, materialism, crime infestation, drug addiction, money hungry mush mouth rappers who really have nothing to say unless it's all negativity. In 2014 there was a subtle push to boost White rappers as the new face of Hip Hop. Hip Hop has always had White faces even from the beginning of its roots, just to name a few White rappers: The Beastie Boys, Marky Mark, Vanilla Ice, Eminem, Paul Wall, Brother Ali, etc. Some of these White rappers came and stayed other came and left. The difference between all the White Rappers I mentioned compared to a Post Malone and an Iggy Azaelia is that those mentioned earlier wanted to be a part of Hip Hop. Period. They had to come into the culture correct or seek the exit door because fans of the art weren't going to let anyone come in and make a mockery of our expression. 


Today you have many White rappers who use the platform as a form of a "get rich quick scheme" after their failed attempt to make their fir choice art valid. Before Post Malone was singing/rapping about "White Iverson," before he had boxer braids, I mean cornrows, before he had gangster grills, Post Malone was an ordinary White boy making videos in hopes of grabbing attention by making a fool of himself. He didn't yet grow out his hair, but he did have the goofy look down pat. The music he made wasn't getting the attention he wanted and this is where "White Iverson" was born out of. From "White Iverson" Post Malone was able to perform across the country, stand with celebrities like Justin Bieber and even given the opportunity to go on Black platforms and share his thoughts on music as a Hip Hop artist. The turning point for Post Malone was when he declined to be a part of the XXL Freshman 2016 cover. The excuse was "Tired," he was too tired to fly and be a part of the photoshoot, but DJ Akademiks was able to call bullshit and break it down. In an interview at a radio station Post Malone denied calling himself a Hip Hopper. He didn't want to be labeled in the category and wanted to broaden his music identification to Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and many other genres . . . But not Hip Hop. Yet it was Hip Hop that made Post Malone relevant not Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and whatever else. 


This is what made me give Post Malone a serious side eye and an eye roll because it's not his fault. It's OUR fault for giving these no name, no interest, no skills White rappers a platform into the culture without checking their intent. This is no different when Eminem got caught dissing Black Women in his early pre-rap super stardom career. Benzino leaked that information and just like when White folks get caught doing something racists there is a crowd of civil rights Negros to crowd around the racist bigots, old Hip Hopper Russel Simmons came out to defend Eminem saying he was young. As if being young and racists go hand in hand like woman and vagina. But then again this is Russel Simmons, who brought to us Harriet Tubman sex tape . . .  But I digress. We as Hip Hoppers, mainly Black Hip-hoppers dismissed Eminem's racist ways and excused him. Eminem isn't the only White crossover artist who got caught with racial slurs in his mouth, beloved Justin Bieber was filmed as he cracked a Nigger joke. Usher and a parade of Negros were ready to take the hits for Justin because after all, he was young. Remind you, when Justin Bieber was discovered, he was in his early teens. He was able to skate through that controversy to make music like "Sorry." A song with a Caribbean feel minus the Caribbean artists, minus the Black girls, and no mention of where the inspiration from the beat came from. 


This is no different when "First Off I'm The Realest" Iggy Azalea came on to the screen with her "Blackcent" and enhanced butt. The media forced fed her to us while we sat there confused and slightly sick. The preppy junior high White kids and the social media crazed Black pre-teen kids stared at her in amazement. The Iggy craze went so far as deeming her the best female rapper and we Hip Hoppers finally had enough. Nicki Minaj came out to speak her disdain but in code of course by taking shots at Iggy during the BET awards, vaguely insinuating Iggy didn't write her rhymes. Iggy was later called out for performing poorly on stage and having the gall to steal a whole bar from Kendrick Lamar but remixing it a tad to not be called out. Sadly for her assumption, she was called out. A Twitter user tweeted Iggy to ask what she was doing for the Black Lives Matter movement; Iggy responded in typical all lives matter manner fashion with dismissal. Social media, specifically Black Twitter went in on Iggy and dragged her by her silky Sunny D colored hair to school her about Black oppression. Again, Iggy gladly tipped toed over the topic to convey she had better things to do. Another social media lesson that went over Iggy's head was when the legend Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest had to give her an informal history of the culture named Hip Hop. Where she AGAIN, glanced over Q-Tip's gem dropping to make the conversation about her. T.I a big supporter and the person who signed Iggy to his label kept eating so many L's that he had to drop her from the label. 


I know, VIE, it's just a coincidence. These artists aren't racists. Well, we're all a little racist, well they were young. We all make mistakes. Post Malone doesn't have to be Hip Hop. Hip Hop isn't just for Blacks. I know, I know, however, NO. Yes, Hip Hop is inviting to all. We don't discriminate people due to race, class, or gender. However, Hip Hop is not a Backpage hoe you pay fifty dollars to to smut out for your liking and discard when done. She is not turning tricks. She is not something to objectify and demean. She is not a circus freak to humiliate, prod, and disrespect. She is not a Nigger or a Bitch. She is not a tool to be played with. Hip Hop is an expression of the Black Soul. She is me, she is you, she is us, she is we. She binds us through our blood regardless if we are separated by land, culture, ideology, religion, class, tongue, etc. She is from the eternal, rooted in the most melinated continent, under the soil. Hip Hop is the mother. Hip Hop is nature. Hip Hop is the GOD essence. She is beauty. She is smart. She is wit. She is sassy. She is elegance with a side of hood. She is boastful, full of attitude. She is confident mixed with arrogance and always humble. She is unapologetic. Hip Hop is the human condition we face in this current reality. Hip Hop is the good and bad and everything in between. Hip Hop is love, aspiration, and thriving. Hip Hop is the swing of the hips, block parties in the summer heat, rap battles for the beasts. Hip Hop is first love and first heartache. Growing up and manifesting. The ups and the lows. Making love and making hate. Make ups and break downs. Celebrating every milestone in this thing called life. So I take it personal when people want to front on her like she ain't shit. Like the Black experience ain't shit. 


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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