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Are We Really Sick Of Slave Movies?

June 5, 2016


Y'all I know I'm late with this blog, but I wasn't motivated to bless y'all with thought provoking content. Yes, I'm a daily blogger; however, I want to give you something to ponder on not something to just glance at. I saw a video on YouTube by a vlogger named Kendro, (TheKendroShow) and was giving her very insightful opinion on Roots the remake that was shown over the Memorial Weekend. I watched her video and agreed 100 percent. Before seeing her video, I also saw two other videos by YouTubers Thought Crimez and LovelyTi 2002. Everyone had the same concise view that slave movies tell a very significant time in Black history, HOWEVER, that's not all there is to the Black experience. Black people have the longest and richest history of any race on the planets due to us being on this planet the longest. This is my comment on Kendro's video:


I'm watching and typing lol. I never get your notifications! Love that you spoke on this topic! I 100% agree. I do want slavery seen because most people including Blacks think slavery was just a bunch of whippings and lynchings, not too many people understand that it was economical like any other modern industry i.e. big pharma, tech, automobile, music, etc. Slavery was very lucrative and risky at the same time. Most people don't know about breeding farms, sex farms, experimentations, black codes, etc. However, I don't want slavery sitting in my subconscious. The subconscious brain obtains everything, and the last thing I want to do is sleeping, eating, thinking slavery. I said this on Twitter; (VIE_IS_ME) I will not let roots sit up in my subconscious, no ma'am. The only slave movie I saw all the way through was Goodbye Uncle Tom. That shit was sooo deep. I think you can see it on YouTube. It wasn't so much typical whippings as it was psychological and economical. We are more than slavery because we have an extensive history being we are the first people on this planet. I do think it's "funny" that now all these slave, civil rights, biopic are coming out. Part of me thinks Hollywood is lazy and lacks innovation but also part of me thinks it's a way to be like Negros; you've advanced, yes you have Mike Brown and Sandra Bland, but you could have been strange fruit on the tree. Play your position and skip all this police brutality talk. Plus Hollywood's first depiction of us was in the racist film Birth Of A Nation. Roland Martin pulled out all of Snoop Lion's follicles with that read; I had to agree to an extent. Yes, the Jews tell their story and their motto is never forget, but they have the platform to do so so of course, young Jews will never forget. The Jewish dollar stays and circulates in the community 23 times before leaving. You can easily find a Jewish doctor, loyal, mechanic, teacher, etc. to help their community. They have a thriving community. The manage themselves and their religion and their image all these things Blacks don't have or currently aren't in the position to do. Snoop's only juvenile response was to go at him with ad hominem attacks which I wasn't for. If Snoop can sell trinkets and be a crip, gangster, rapper, porn director (which shocked me for 2.5 seconds then I was like, Yeah I can see that) and whatever else why can't he direct a Queen Nzinga movie. The things is, which I made a blog post about called Black Hypocrisy, Black people talk this shit but don't want to do anything to change the system or sacrifice their good standing. People love to complain because it's easy and free. Everyone who feels some type of way about Hollywood's depiction of Blacks won't make their own movie but will go on Instagram and twerk and make hood comedy sketches to go viral yet impactful historical or just great Black cult classic films like Poetic Justice, Love Jones, Do The Right Thing, these negros ain't putting nann dollar up in to make. Just like in my BeYonce & BLM & Waves of BLACKNESS video, everyone was on some yeah Beyonce, you tell them, we is Black, and we is pretty but fast forward now she's on tour telling about her husband's infidelity while our Black asses are still getting attacked by White Supremacy. Her video was symbolic, and the actions afterward were self-serving. People are picking up that the average Black person wants more and wants to connect with Africa so they're dumping half Black shit on us like texturizers and fake dashiki's to capitalize on our "awakening" which I still believe is a fad because most people aren't making tangible moves like that, like the Jews. I don't believe Snoop even cares about this Pro-Black shit; it's just trendy right now like locs and shea butter. He's trying to capitalize on "Pro-Blackness" like any other corporation. Once another wave emerges like permanent jherry curls and instant light skin cream, Most Blacks will be on some other shit. I saw Hidden Colors, great films absolutely, I think most Blacks who looks at films like Hidden Colors with a critical/disdain eye have the same mentality as Massa Charlie, so there's no point. Kind of like how "Good Black Men" use the same talking points as Fox News when describing "thug niggas" because they're salty that they weren't chosen back in 1987. I follow Jouzey on Twitter (a popular YouTuber), and she said she wasn't asked to recap Roots when someone asked if she would recap it. So this blogger you're speaking of could have gotten paid to "speak their mind" in a favorable light. I don't know just my opinion. If you read all this girl, thank you.


Yes, I know I write a lot, it comes in handy being a writer and all, but I hope y'all got the gist of it. People complain, particularly Black people but aren't really about to go out there and make a change. Like the old saying goes, "If you're not a part of the solution you're a part of the problem." It's easy to chastise and critique something you personally haven't invested time or energy into. Yes, I'm happy that our stories are being told, am I ecstatic about how it's being told? No. I understand people are tired of seeing docile, "we shall overcome," turn the other cheek movies but that's where films like Hidden Colors and the upcoming Nat Turner: The Birth Of A Nation (by Nate Parker) is shattering that facade, and yet you still have some Black complaining calling these films Hotep shit, like the old saying goes, "You can never please everyone." Instead of complaining why don't we try to see where we went wrong in history or try to connect the ills of the Black community with slavery so we can break the generational strongholds like incest, rape, and molestation?


You can't expect someone else to do all the work for you to make sure you're seen in a flattering light, and you don't support them. That's asinine. It's the same argument with ratchet television, people complain about it being on yet you and I both have Love & Hip Hop saved on our DVRs. Stand on your square or shut the hell up! People love to argue because it's free and easy. If the narrative is to broadcast you in a not so flattering light, why would you rely heavily on those people to depict you favorably? HELLO, the objective is to display you in a negative narrative! Like I said in the comment section of the video, the first depiction Hollywood had of us was in the 1915 filmThe Birth Of A Nation (the original). They purposely wanted to portray Black people in the worst light ever, and it isn't until recently Hollywood began to paint us in a better light, but we still fight stereotypes (maids, token negro friend, thug etc) and racists assumptions (poverty, uneducated, scary). The roles are STILL limited, and only a certain segment get a callback. The distinguished actors and actresses and the racially ambiguous i.e. Zoey Saldana playing Nina Simone in the Nina Simone film. So if we want content that directly imitates our likeliness, we need to make it happen, captain. 


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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