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Black Hypocrisy

June 2, 2016



This topic is about Black hypocrisy. After having an interesting conversation, we somewhat stumbled across certain topics that validated my initial thought. Many Black people "talk that shit because it's good shit but they're not about that shit." What I meant by that is there are many YouTube revolutionaries out there that talk about White Supremacy and what we as Blacks need to do to conquer it. Some go about having a revolutionary uprising, others talk about killing Whites, and the vast majority talk about an African utopia but at the end of the day no one is willing to bust a grape. Case in point, this marital law conversation. Many people talk as if they could or have the ability to take on the U.S. government. The same government that's recking havoc in the middle east. The same government that has the most weapons and funding than all the other military forces combined!


People talk as if they can walk up on a tank, some drones, and military guns that can clean wipe the head of shoulders with their rifles and pitchforks and they could go to work. The fantasy of a battle keeps these YouTube videos flowing and the hype of "going against the system" alive but do people understand the bloodiness and sacrifices people make and continue to make in battle? The pleasures of Twitter and reality television don't exist. Going to the store for water doesn't exist, hell electricity doesn't exist! Shows like The Walking Dead and movies like The Purge do a great job giving viewers a one-sided Hollywood glitz version of how chaotic war is. How upheavals and social meltdowns look exciting in an hour but then you get to go to bed and clock into work the next day. No one is ready or really wants to go back to 1861 and hunt for food, hunt for shelter, hunt for SURVIVAL. You can't happy meal your way to freedom. People talk that talk, but I don't see in mass numbers people pulling away from the system. Whose going to stop paying taxes? How about say fuck a job and start living off the land? Maybe collect rain water? Oh, right, NONE in mass numbers. 


Another example is Zimmerman. Many Blacks talk as if they're ready to blast their whole chamber into Zimmerman yet Zimmerman is freely walking around this country. He's been to gun ranges, had meet and greets, and even signed up to be a part of a celebrity boxing match HOWEVER none of these "Pro-Black" revolutionaries are on his ass but as the well-argued stance of Black assault goes, 'if a Black person stepped on another Black person's shoe then the Black person with the smudged kicks would attack the clumsy Black person' (side note only in racist U.S could a person become famous from killing a Black boy.) Kind of like how 50 Cent has all the balls and trolling strength to flex his muscles and celebrity on other Blacks (Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Fat Joe primarily Murder Inc, Vivica Fox, Meek Mill, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks basically all of G-Unit, Black women) yet when comedian Chelsea Handler commented on her experience dating 50 Cent in a not so flattering light 50 Cent has absolutely nothing to say.


When White media portrayed him to be the stereotypical menacing Black Gangster 50 Cent had nothing to say. When 50 Cent accused a White young man working at a Cincinatti/Northern Kentucky airport as a janitor of being on drugs 50 Cent quickly apologized after the backlash from social media. 50 Cent like many Blacks have vitriol for other Blacks but are silent when it comes to White vitriol. We tend to "talk that shit" but aren't going to back it up. Another example, Ferguson and Baltimore uprising in 2014 and 2015. Ferguson was the city where Mike Brown was shot. Baltimore was where Freddie Grey's spine was broken and then died under police care. Black people nationwide and internationally were outrage. People took to social media, the streets, and any place where they could get attention to speak out about White supremacy and police brutality. Fast forward today; Ferguson is back to normal, and so is Baltimore. All the burned businesses, gangs waving the white flag, people gathering the community to change the city's police force and city councilmen yet present day NOTHING has changed. All the threats and clear space for actual tangible change to occur, NOTHING transpired. Talking that shit but not lifting a finger to actually change shit.


To sum up my point, Black leaders who came and went as the Black population stood idle. We all know of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton. They all spoke for the empowerment of Black people and even gave out key points for Black people to become self-sufficient. Marcus Garvey was deported out of the U.S. in December 1927. Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21st, 1965. Fred Hampton was assassinated on December 4th, 1969. These men and many other Blacks that I hadn't mentioned lived and died for Black people, they have given their lives to the improvement of the Black existence under White racism. They have given speeches, instructions, and created movements to get Blacks to MOVE and after all of their deaths, Black people dwindled in progression and went back to trying to integrate into a system that hates us.


Older Blacks continued pushing the mantra "go to college and get a good job." Unemployment for Blacks then AND now is double what it is for Whites. Many young Blacks are coming out of college (like me) and can't get a job, or the jobs that are available are remedial and pays what's considered an insult to their student loans. Today you see this group of young Blacks revolting against the system but for how long? The Black Panthers were able to revolt for a decade. We as young Blacks have no ties to the system because the system has no set asides for us. We don't have affirmative action jobs to come to after college. We don't have a retirement fund we're building up. We don't have business loans and programs that are tailored specifically for Blacks. We are literally banished from the system but at what cost? Are we willing to march, plead, and beg for jobs like the Blacks of yesteryear and become docile when we get some trinkets? Will we take an unprecedented stand and build our 21 Century Black Wall Street that will barr us from being picked off by the system because we created our OWN system? In the words of Black Sheep, "The choice is yours." 


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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