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Memorial Day Black Thought . . .

May 31, 2016


Yesterday May 30th, 2016 was Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that was selected by the federal government to honor people who died while serving the country's armed forces. The last Monday of May is considered Memorial Day. On Facebook (Vie Ciné) I saw a bunch of memes by Blacks stating that Memorial Day isn't for Blacks and how this country, the United States doesn't love or fight for us as we do for them. That lead me to ask, "What does Memorial Day mean to Black people?" No one answered my question. Then I was notified of a post I commented on months back about a Black military teenager, Lavena Johnson, who was found with acid burns, beat up, genitalia mutilated, hair ripped from her scalp, bullet holes, bruised, black-eyed, broken nose, pulled teeth, etc and the military told her parents she committed suicide.


Then I thought of the famous Tuskegee Airmen, a group of Black men pilots who aided the U.S. Army during World War II. Not only were their lives in jeopardy every single day but they faced massive amount of racism and prejudices on the daily basis. In that era, it was common for White folks to tell native people not to interact with the Blacks because they have tails, you know, playing into the racist lie that Blacks being ape-like or half monkey. Blacks and Whites had separate units solely based on race, and they weren't given the same roles because Blacks were perceived as remedial. Blacks came out of World War II and were told that they would receive the GI Bill, that came with benefits for fighting for their country were barred from actually obtaining those benefits or given phony reasons as to why they wouldn't be given what they earned. Whereas Whites were given the opportunity to build generational wealth and even move on to the suburbs or open businesses with these set-asides and grants. 


Most recently, we remember Christopher Dorner. I guess you could say he was something like the real life version of Dan Freeman from the 1973 film The Spook Who Sat By The Door. Christopher Dorner was ex-military though they say once in the military you're always seen as military whether active or inactive. Kind of like being president, you'll always have the title president even if you're not the current Chief Executive. Christopher Dorner like Dan Freeman were both in the armed forces. Dan Freeman as a trained CIA agent, one of the few Black men who were chosen and passed a rigorous course to be used to infiltrate Black communities and push on a White Supremacist agenda. Christopher Dorner was trained as a military man and was highly favored with many years served. Dan Freeman took the opportunity to invest in the Black community by training Black Chicagoans combat so they could ultimately take over the city and permanently take back their control. Christopher Dorner took a position within the LA police department, the same LAPD that has an infamous reputation for racism against Black people, including vicious police brutality. In the department, Chris found out that being ex-military didn't matter because he was Black first and was treated like dirt.


Higher level personnel falsified reports and bragged about the injustices they committed on Blacks to Chris. Chris became disgusted by the department's tactics and shared his views to his supervisor. This marked him as a "dead man walking" and the department did everything they could paperwork wise to force him out. Eventually they got their wish and fired Christopher Dorner. This unleashed a guerilla warfare type of revenge by Chris on the LAPD that sent shockwaves across the country. Chris wasn't just a mad Black man with a gun; he was a mad Black highly trained military man with weapons and a reason. This caused the state of California to go into a panic, and the clock was ticking to find Christopher Dorner dead or alive, emphasis on DEAD. Black men across the country were mistaken for being Chris because you know, all Black people look alike. Some people pointed at rap legend LL Cool J as being Chris Dorner. Christopher left a few manifesto clearing up why he was on the hunt for revenge and how he as a Black man who served his country was now seen as a villain, a terrorist, a BLACK man. Something out of Birth Of A Nation (the original one, not the Nat Parker indie film). So scary that you'll need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband 'cause they're . . . you get the point. 


The media went into a frenzy, contacting his family members and ex-girlfriend to get a few extra drops left from this juicy story. The focus wasn't on why Chris was doing what he was doing but why he went against the system. Ultimately in less than a month Chris was surrounded in a log cabin, and the police set it on fire and declared Chris to be dead. The media and the entire country took a sigh of relief knowing that the big, Black, ungrateful, deranged villain was dead. These three examples are just a microcosm of the system of White Supremacy. Blacks are good enough to be used for the White Supremacist agenda, and when that plan is complete, they are tossed aside or deemed as hostile, violent, aggressive, etc. basically uncontrollable subsequently useless. So again I say, "Why are Blacks in the military? This country doesn't love you!"


Please leave your comments below in the comment box on the blog tab about this piece. You don't have to agree with me. Did you celebrate Memorial Day and if so how? If you're Black and celebrate Memorial Day, why?



Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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