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Once It's Over . . .

May 28, 2016


Trials in relationships make or break you, and even when you don't feel like being with the person, you make it work. If you make it to the position of not caring, no fucks given, love lost nothing driven . . . 
Time to step back, and walk past, the bullshit crash . . . 
Brakes stopped, feelings de-attached. Hard to walk away for whatever reason you stay, no favors given when your heart isn't in it. 
Smiles we portray, hugs we embrace, images we paint, words we don't mean. All these charades, to masquerade, the truth that lays, in the depths of your space, that rings it's over, I don't love 'em. 
But for whatever reason, we press silent, on that snooze button. Hopin' that it's just a moment in time, that within time this feelin' will fly by . . . 
As if it's a headache or backache, but it's chronic, here to stay. Facing the mirror point blank, mask off the face, looking at yourself through the window of your soul, letting honesty overtake whole, to admit the inevitable, the way you use to love 'em as been gone, stays gone, and won't be home. 
Cross that bridge, and emerge yourself in that realization. Turn over to your significant other, and say those heart racing words "we need to talk" the words that can make the heart stop, the earth drop, the sun blocked, the body shocked, push through the worried hesitation from the look on the presentation, and say what's on your mental, 'cause holdin' on is dysfunctional. Nothing good will come from lying to yourself for so long. 
I'm breaking up with you might feel like a gun shot, tears running down like waterfalls, but continue, more to come, made it this far, no holds bar. Tell 'em what's really going on, unburden your chest from this stress you been hidin' all along. Truth of it all, you wanted out since day one, when things stayed faulty, they may feel salty, but what's been said, was laid down like concrete. Walk on what has been set free, tell 'em in purity, boldness nothing sweet, not harsh, don't defeat. Hopefully friends we could be, time will only tell, I must leave.





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