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Shuffling Through Options

May 24, 2016



I'm at the final stages of editing, this time, like all the other times I mean it. I feel like I've said that quite often, but at this point on my journey to self-publishing, I have two decisions left. What editor I want to review my work and what company I want to do printing on demand with. After two and a half years it has come down to two tasks. With a professional editor, I have the option of working with a live and in color person or an online editor. To me in this technological friendly world either option is fine but I would prefer someone live and in color because the communication is crystal clear. The online route would be cheaper, but the credentials and thoroughness are something I would be taking a chance on, of course, I would do my research, check references, and validate prior editorial material but in all, it is a leap of faith. To edit MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD I would heavily rely on confidentiality. Though my story is unique, and I don't believe it could be duplicated not only because there's more than English used as a language but my story just like everyone else's is unique to their personal experiences. 


I selected five online book editors that I like based on reviews, experience, and perfectionist while writing their credentials. Of that five there's three I like, not only do they have the above requirements but they have insight on trauma, nonfiction books, and/or affiliations with publishing houses. Although not a prerequisite for being my editor, those do count as extra brownie points because the more resources an editor has, the more access I have to those resources. Don't get me wrong; I don't expect an editor to be a sexual abuse survivor or a best selling author to make corrections on MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, but if that happened to be something they have on their checklist, it's a plus to me.


My conclusion is . . . to be determined. I honestly don't have a particular person in mind, but I'm shuffling through my options to narrow them down. I want to choose a book editor that is welcoming to my experiences as a survivor, as a second generation Haitian and as a rough around the edges type of writer. I want to find someone who can cut out the extra fat and buff out the cracks instead of rewriting my life into a pretty little bow. I want MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD to be viewed in the same light as any top author of modern times just more realistic, stimulating, and unapologetic. 


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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