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Move On

May 16, 2016


This blog is about moving on. I know I made a post recently about Forgiveness and the power of relinquishing past hurts, trauma, and grudges. This will be a part two to that blog.


Moving on is hard to do but it's something we got to choose because this between us two ain't working.

Tired of working on something that's not worth fixing.

Putting energy that's never respected holding on to something that doesn't exist, so I gotta kick rocks and keep it pushing.

Wishing on a star is for youngin's and dumb broads, grown ups toss it up and charge it to the game and I swear I wasn't playing any but you know how it goes, we know how it goes, I tried but hold . . . up. Wait a minute, can I see my future without you in it? Final answer is . . . yes.

I heard once, truth hurts and lies kill, and somewhere between honesty and sensitivity I delivered you a soft death because I hate talking to you, but I love who you are.

I want you but I can't stand you.

I fucking hate you I want you dead. 

You're the best poison that I've ever swallowed and now I want to purge you. Drink charcoal to expunge you.

We've intertwined too deeply that you've marked me. Where you begin and I end is impossible to leave this.

I have to let go parts of me that know parts of you.

Who I was before I was we, who I've become because of we, and hold on to being me.

Scarred but not done, I rebuke your presence in my heart, because it's time to Move On.


BE Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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