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The Universe Is Listening

May 6, 2016


The title of this blog post sums up what this blog will be about. When you are passionate about something, anything, and put your energy, time, focus and undivided loyalty to it . . . the universe matches your commitment. If you've been following my blogs and excerpts from MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, you know my purpose is to #readtoheal What I mean by that is, MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD is about me overcoming trauma that was embedded in abuse from my childhood upbringing. If you follow me on social media, specifically you've subscribed to VIEIS_ME and Vie Ciné YouTube Channels you KNOW the weekly topics of discussion relates to the Black experience and abuse. Abuse is a broad stroke so let me break it down, sexual abuse. What I've encountered in my 23 years of life is that I'm not alone as a survivor and I have (and continue to) come across many victims than I do Black women who were never violated. Through our conversations I picked up on certain keywords, attitude shifts, and scared stares. All signs that are dead giveaways to, yes, we share the same commonality of being child victims but we get to choose as adults if we want to stay victims or be survivors. We have the option of taking our mission to heal victims who are lost in their trauma.


By following me, you know I've been working on MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD since 2014. This book is my purpose and legacy. No amount of college classes, a BA degree, jobs etc can amount to the feeling of bringing life to your vision, your baby, your soul. Currently, MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD is formatted, edited, and spell checked. I have been through this process multiple times just to make sure on my end that I did everything in my power to make MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD perfect. On this website, www.vieisme.com the ebook version is available on the store page. The goal is to have MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD in paperback but not only that, to have it in local, regional, and international bookstores, media outlets, and educational institutions. Between self-edits and my goal lays the dilemma. MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD is good enough for me, the author who experienced every letter in the 566-page book HOWEVER to my future readers, does my story make sense to them? I don't know and for the past two weeks I've been searching for self-publishing resources who provide reviewing services. I don't need an editor in the traditional sense because I've edited to the T. I want readers who purchase MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD to be able to connect with my words while they #readtoheal because not only am I speaking in past tense and future tense but I also describe personal thoughts at the time and use Haitian Creole words because during particular moments the conversation changes languages.


This conundrum has somewhat put a damper on my route but Wednesday I was given the suggestion to open my business registration in Delaware due to the state having an easier process when it comes to getting a business legitimize as well as low fees. I looked into his advice but didn't comprehend what business type would best fit a self-published author on top of that the fees were the standard price as Massachusetts fees if not higher so I didn't find the benefit in registering with Delaware yet I didn't stop there. I did a quick google search about registering a business in my city and come to find out there was an Entrepreneur Program. At the moment it was well over 8:00 pm and the offices of the business was closed. I woke up Thursday as normal, and for writers, that means before doing anything even brushing our teeth we crack open our laptops and review or post our writing material. For me that meant posting a link of my weekly YouTube videos from both Channels. Post a link to my daily blogs like the one I'm typing right now and post excerpts from MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Since I'm my own marketing team and assistant it takes me about an hour and a half to get this done on various social media platforms, tedious, I know. Rewarding? I like to think so.


After posting and reposting, I got up to practice my hygienic routine and then I was back at it with my laptop. I called the resources I found the other night. I spoke with a joyful woman about the Entrepreneur Program, from what she explained and from what I needed the program wouldn't serve me, however she pointed me to the direction of the art council. From the website, I found a plethora of resources I didn't know my city provided! From there I started calling, emailing and website browsing to narrow down what exactly I needed and what exactly could provide. Now my midnight hour has a guiding star because the universe heard me and put me in the direction to make my goal a reality. Not a vision that plays in my head on rewind but to see MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD on bookshelves, in public libraries and in classrooms. I am a staunch believer in karma and magnetic forces. What you put out in the universe will greet you whether it be negativity or your dreams. The universe hears you so what are you waiting for? In the words of Outkast, "Git Up, Git Out, And Git Somethin." In the words of Vie, "'Cause I'm getting mine."


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌


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