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April 25, 2016


In continuation of April's poetry month, here's another throwback. I've always felt a powerful magnetic connection to the rain like Robitussin to pain it can just make everything better. Enjoy!


Should I sing Rain Rain go away, please come back another day? When honestly I want you to stay because the energy I'm feeling is visible through the wet drops you spray. Rain, the sensuality of this planet. Not only wet but cleansing, soft and like the unforeseen one. I embrace it, lost adjacent to the reality I face. Just a mini-vacation in my thoughts, drifting to another spot. Holding on to freedom of nothingness that caresses my body and rocks my brain to its bosom. Rain, the ever so lovely and powerful energy, soaks up the negative morphs it into positive and sprinkles it down with love and kisses. Rain, the only wetness I can obtain with no hesitation, understands my temperament. Rain, the only thing that can touch my soul, heal my woes, and make me feel whole without feeling closed to the possibility of hope. I've always loved the Rain, even as a child of sorrow. The Rain and I have a special connection that no one knows. So be my guest, sit and rest your feet on my chest Rain. Because I need you to pour your serenity of happiness on me.




Be Entertained Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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