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Spirit Of Destruction

April 25, 2016


This is a poem I wrote for survivors of sexual abuse, but any form of abuse. I'm here with you. Speak Up. Speak Loud. Speak Truth.


Workin' on my memories, open doors of what I rather keep as mysteries. Remindin' myself I'm makin' history, for all the ones haunted by enemies. I swear I can lead people to the hurt behind the eyes, the smile that disguises the pain inside. And for the countless millions, who sigh in agreement, this is for you. The twisted light secret is soon to be exposed, no hand covered in cloak. The red dyed bloody hands spilling the innocence taken by humans, will be presented for the world stage. And I the author will guide, you the reader of what's it like to be the keynote speaker. Oh too real for the ones who remember. No blame will be distributed unevenly, no guilt will hold no validity, no person will dodge accountability. I will be the chosen voice to speak for the mute, see for the blind, and hear for the deaf because what I am about to unleash on the universal stage is an evil spirit with intentions to do harm on purity of ignorance and violation of the innocence. The worst of it is that we all know what it is, we all heard of its name. We warn our children of its danger, yet and still it runs rapid in plain sight, no hills to block the freight. Sheer horror because it has no face, body, origin, or timing. It comes and goes, leaving a devastating line of destruction. It's in each family, though none speak its existence, and for that it has the power over so many. That is why with my story, the life I have been challenged by, I am casting the power, influence, and evil out. No more lives to be ruined. No more innocence to be stolen. No more gate holders to guide its nature. I, Vanessa, Whitney, Ciné will slay the dragon.





Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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