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Lies In A Pretty Smile

April 22, 2016


Day in and day out I sit analyzing the predicament of these families, these teachers, and this organization. I come to the realization that the banner of hope is a disguise of reality and the likelihood of coming up in the American dream is actually an American facade. The likelihood that this organization can uproot you out of poverty to skip you into the sunset of riches is a lie. All these programs have loopholes and fine prints. How can we as a "support system" help you when we can't help ourselves. Some of these teachers live in the very same projects that you do, but for some reason they have the magic key to prosperity? The lies that mask a smile. A young child coming up in the world where the dollar is worth a hole lot less than my parent's youth and now I'm supposed to make a living plus the salary is nothing? Like my soul sister Tanya said, "Nonprofit is really nonprofit." When did social work and psychology become a euphemism for poverty or volunteering? I gots bills of my own, visions of my own, LOANS of my own, and I'm supposed to turn around, lend a helping hand, extend it towards the yellow brick road of wealth for you but not for me? Fuck Daht, in my Kendrick Lamar voice.





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November 9, 2019

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