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April 19, 2016


Yes another throwback poem from a couple years back. I'm not sure what I was going through or who I was hinting at but I'm sure this piece is relatable. Enjoy! 


If they say communicate is a two-way street, then why is it my driveway is empty, but your driveway seems to be plagued with runaways? I tried to get out what I meant to say in my own special way. But I don't think you heard me, quite possibly you may not even be a fan of me.

But I'm here.


Say something to alert me,

Something I will recognize,

Something mesmerizing,

Something validating.

You have me listening to love songs, and break up songs, back and forth, one after another, I think my station is BIPOLAR. Building fantasies, still in this reality staying stagnant, most likely this is a phase. My name isn't Miss Cleo, so certainly reading minds isn't my thing yo. Maybe ego, or insecurity I need you to let me know that I'm not going through this alone. Open up and tell me what you mean because talking to you is like pulling teeth. It shouldn't be this complicated, I'm feeling nauseated, just conquering this poetry piece, I feel faded.


I said you weren't relevant enough, I guess I was wrong because I find myself


Wondering what are you doing . . .


Who you doing it with . . .

And if you're thinking of me etc.


I wouldn't say I caught feelings because I rather protect myself than to express emotions and self-doubt. Whatever it is just let me know.






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