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April 17, 2016


Yes, another one. We the best *DJ Khaled voice* Nah but seriously, this is another blog post on my nerdy IT adventures, if you follow my blog you already know what it is and if you haven't, have no fear because VIE always got you. Here's a link to last week's blog: Nerdy CointelPro Black This blog post will be posted early. Today I woke up at 10:15 A.M. It was one of those, I don't want to get up but my eyes are awake situations so I decided to close my eyes until I officially boot up. Around 10:18 I get up to practice my morning hygienic routine. For some reason, I knew I was going to be off my square. I don't know if it was because I was feeling kind of blah when I woke up or because my hair was going to be an issue but whatever it was I knew time wasn't going to be on my side. Stoked that I got skull candy red wireless headphones yesterday, I've been on a surround sound of ratchet trap/throwback conscious/alternative music vibe. In the bathroom I'm brushing my teeth to Rihanna's Work and picturing how I should dress for class. In my room, I'm debating between doing my hair first or face first. If you know me, you know I'm not a makeup person, no shade to those who are. I just prefer a more natural face with some mascara and eyeliner. But because of my stress hives and acne flare ups I'm not always so proud to walk around with hyperpigmentation scars so my liquid foundation has to do and it does. I spritz it with water on my brush and apply it to my face. Why water? I don't like the thickness of it and I don't want to look caked up. To me, makeup is adult face paint and it's easy to go overboard clownish or "melty." Adding water hydrates my face and gives me face less of a "dry cake face look" plus a few hours can pass by and my face won't look greasy by using this method. My oily skin exudes fish fry and no one wants to look like freshly baked cheese pizza.


The last task was my hair, for those who follow my YouTube Channels (VIEIS_ME and Vie Ciné) you know that my hair was in genie locs, I love love LOVED genie locs UNTIL I took them down last Saturday and found out my braids were sheltering pseudo locs. Needless to say too much shedding and pulling for my taste. Protein treatment for the rest of the month to gain back my jubilation. What I've been rocking now is a wash n go (natural hair lingo for defining curls on afro textured hair). When I first became natural wash n gos were my go to style. Bantu knot outs were cool but I discovered wash n gos and that was that. I don't know if it's because my hair lost its training, I switched my hair to more dry styles, or because it grew or because I branched off to more extension styles but my hair has been on an ongoing three years strike against wash n gos. Whatever product I have bought (and I've wasted money on many) my hair has been like ehh nah bruh. Swerve. I had given up hope until I went on YouTube and a natural hair vlogger made a how-to video on how she defined her natural 4c hair texture by using her own method of a wash n go. I wasn't for watching it until I was like fuck it, why the fuck not. Watched it and I was hooked. I went out and bought a jug of eco styler and a container of Cantu (I adore their leave-in) Coconut Curling Cream. Long story really short, I mastered the concoction last Thursday, however, I can't seem to keep it defined post drying. That's what I ran into today and every natural knows, when in doubt water! This is what I needed and it popped the girls  . . . and the white product. Me knowing me I would have no shame walking outside like this but because the weather is janky and you never really know how fast product will absorb (I have low porosity hair) you don't want to take that risk thus I went searching for the blow dryer. Roughly 15 minutes later my hair was mostly dry and I snatched a pair of acid washed high waisted pants and my crop top long sleeved shirt to wear then quickly plucked my leather jacket off the hook, tossed my bag over my shoulders and slid on my combat boots. I hit the door at 11:35 A.M I can feel the small voice inside my head wanting to bark at me for being late but I put it on chill because what's done is done and my hair will always be a priority to me.


I walked to the designated area for the shuttle buses and I see no sign nor a crowd of people waiting to get to Harvard Sq. A little strange I thought. I glanced to my right and saw that people were making their way to the train station so I was like yaaas! Wanting desperately to do a little happy dance but get my composure intact. I walked into the station and waited for the train, luckily for me I missed the train by a minute and had to wait five minutes while the Alewife train kept coming every two minutes. The monitor read Braintree 3 minutes but in reality, it was like each minute lasted up to three minutes, meaning the next train was going to arrive in 9 minutes. Thoroughly enjoying the heck out my headphones I couldn't stop fixating on my Samsung Note 4's clock because times a wasted waiting for a damn train. Finally, the train pulls up and it reads Braintree. I'm like fuck to the fuckest level in this fucktastic galaxy. I boarded the train regardless because the last time I got on a train on a Saturday they were all going to Kendall and shuttle buses were shuttling to Park Street, in my Scooby-Doo mind, I'm thinking this must be another clue on how to piss VIE off. Playing mind fuck with the MBTA I ride my happy ass off into the underground. We pass Kendall and I didn't hear anything about a shuttle so I knew at Downtown I would have to get off and wait for the Ashmont train. At Downtown Crossing, I get off expecting a long wait for the Ashmont train and surprisingly to me it was a two-minute wait. I boarded the Ashmont train and the rest of the ride was cool. I arrived at Ashmont to find, yes, a shuttle bus. I'm like fuck, I knew a simple ride was too much to ask for. Of course, there was going to be some fuck up because if it's not the red line it's another line or the Trolley.


A smooth, on schedule, clean, well ventilated, noncompacted ride is WAY too much to ask for. I slid up in the shuttle bus and rode it all the way to Mattapan Station. Quick, fast, and a hurry I made it to my IT class. I had seven minutes to spare, shocked that I wasn't late like the first day I took my regular seat. The hair fairies were on my side because I def thought CP time was calling my name. Class started on time and again the Professor asked where are the students to which the six of us looked around as if we could spot what he couldn't. Today our assignment was to install Windows. There are two types of installations. Clean installation and an upgrade. The Professor begins to write down all of the processes to do an installation of windows. Soon after he says F12 my brain goes 'Goodbye' like AOL mail. It wasn't as if what he was saying was just so complex if anything it was simple-ish. The problem was too many steps compounded with revisited new information so I'd be on delete partisan and the Professor would go back to don't forget F12 and then CD/ROM (beginning steps). I'm like what, how, when, where, who why, huh, totally confused about what he's saying plus there were 10 (four students came late) voices talking at the same time. My partner, Nigerian brotha man was actually giving me good tips and game on how to go about reaching out to media outlets for my book. I was soaking up all his information versus the Professor's teaching because my baby (MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD) had to come into the world correct not on some fast food restaurant toilet seat. I want to make the necessary preparation for my baby because I have big dreams for my seed. The Professor hands out each group of two a disc for each of us to practice installing Windows on one computer. The first try brotha man and I totally had no idea what we were doing. We ended up in the system hard drive or something and the Professor scolded our behinds but we weren't the only ones not getting it or made missteps.


After getting into the Windows terms and agreement box page we pretty much understood what to do from there. Always ready to help left side neighbor intervened. I get it, he knew how to go about the steps fairly quickly, however, telling us what to press isn't the same as brotha man and I finding it out by ourselves. It curves the learning process if we're not learning. We made it to the processing page and after ten minutes the monitor presented us with a screen for us to input the product key. Since we were students we had no product key available with us. The Professor begins writing the product key down and we begin to copy it. He warns us to not copy the product key and a student asks why was he writing it down. We all laughed then, I don't know if it was due to nervousness or what but it was something that we all did in sync and the Professor tells us to not write it down because CompTia has a contract with Microsoft and if they find out any student had taken the product key to use it for him or herself that would be an automatic failure and that person would never be allowed to be an IT technician. In addition to that, the person will face five years of person and a $15,000 fine. The Professor on his Pro Black shit (which I love Pro Black shit) admitted if a White guy got caught doing something like that he gets a slap on the wrist but because we're Black we'll pay the consequences and be the escape goat. We all nodded in agreement. The Professor further explains that if a personal sincerely didn't know about the law because s/he never took an IT class then s/he'd would get a slap on their wrist with a $20 fine and be forced to take classes on why stealing is wrong.


For some reason, I laughed because I knew he was dead serious but the thought of having a class to teach someone not to steal was kind of redundant, like duh! Obviously don't steal. He then proceeds to let us know there would be no class next week (woot-woot) and that on the week following there is going to be a student appreciation party. He tells us that we have the option of pizza or Haitian food. Lately I've been a fiend for pizza HOWEVER, the Haitian in me said, 'You better pick Haitian food!' brotha man wanted Fu Fu but that wasn't an option. The Professor asked us to raise our hands to vote for Haitian food and like 80 to 95 percent raised their hands. I raised mine in the sky like I had a pressing question and I couldn't keep calm. The Professor chuckles seeing Haitian food was an easy win. One guy asked if Haitian Food is spicy. I answered, "Yes." If you ain't ready for the spicy don't try your life. the Professor replied he can ask for a nonspicy side for the gentleman who proceeds to tell us his doctor's orders on spicy foods. The last thing the Professor mentions is that the following week we have to come in once a week outside of class to do some work with him. Each of us can choose from a four hour block on specific days. Since y'all know I ain't got a job like Tommy, I decided why not push it through in the mornings, come back home and pound out the last very insignificant yet significant parts to my book before bringing it to the press. I chose Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. The Professor reminds us to "throw him an email" before just showing up because he might not be at the IT establishment otherwise. Looking at the clock read 2:30 P.M and the Professor says to us, "If you done you can go home early." The whole class perks up. He then reframes the question by saying, "If you and your partner done, you can go home." Knowing me and brotha man were just about done will the whole installation hoopla and we got the gist of it, we opted for leaving early. The small voice in my head reminded me to ask if anyone had a business so I could exchange business cards like I did with brotha man earlier in class while he was passing on the knowledge. I handed Diddy (prior blogs will explain) and T-pain (again prior blogs will explain) my card. Come to find out Diddy has an interest in movies and T-Pain he's an entrepreneur with his hands in multiple venues. While as for me, I succeeded in doing what I said I needed to do in last week's vlog on the Vie Ciné Channel titled Lack Of Connectedness Black Businesses. Along with being Black and Nerdy, we as Blacks need to connect about business. 


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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