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April 14, 2016


When you think of the word Nerd what do you think of? Urkel? Carlton? or Mark (Foster)? What if I told you nerd is empowering? 
That getting your geek on is striking. 
That being a smart arty is alluring.
The smartest people run the world and you're captain in the running.
You see, intellect frightens those who lack ambition, those who gossip about meaningless things.
Those who can sit a lifetime in front of a screen. Those who haven't realized their dreams. Those who live a bleak existence. Those who are in the matrix of instant gratification.

Don't feel ashamed to be more invested in technology, science, math, engineering, or astronomy all those things matter over who said what in the tabloids, I swear to you bro. Those are toys to entertain the slowpokes.
You and I are off to explore what's out of reach for the commoners. Other beings outside of this galaxy, I promise antisocial in a badge you should wear with dignity because you can't be bothered with makeshift drama. The typical is atypical and the need to find knowledge fuels your thirst to not be a follower. 
So go 'head with you bad self lost in your books. 
You're fire with your gadgets, technology at your fingertips. 
Fierce with your equations, solving for X breaking the boundaries for the brainiac coming up next. 
You did that with those experiments, the world is yours, closer to a cure each failure you endure. 
Slay those pages in your notebook, make a best seller, tell your story beau. 
Construct the world you want to live in engineer what you believe in. 

Don't stop being a nerd, for this is an honor, be bold.



April 13, 2016

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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