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April 10, 2016


So by the title do you see me in some trench coat, fedora hat, shades and an untraceable Tracfone talking to a mysterious figure? Calm down, it's just a title but it is Sunday so you know I'll be recapping my Saturday Recollection of my IT classes. If you missed last week's blog, here's a link: Rainy And Nerdy (weekly recollection)


I wake up at 10:00 A.M. by my alarm and set it for another 15 minutes. I did it partly because I was tired but also I didn't want to be as early as I was last week. I can take being 15 minutes early and wait but 30 minutes I feel like my time is being wasted as well as scrub-ish like I don't have nothing else to do or anywhere else to be but wait outside like a lost puppy. At 10:08 A.M I decided to repost my daily blog on Facebook. By 10:18 I get out of bed in a lethargic manner to head towards the bathroom to complete my daily morning hygienic routine. By the time it's 11:15 I'm mustering up some energy to get my last few things together because I didn't want a repeat of the first day making it to my IT class. I grab my bag, coat, and slip on my combat boots almost rhythmically. I made it out the door at 11:38, I wasn't bugging because I had time but because of the MBTA's never ending repairing I wasn't sure if this Saturday the busses were going to fuck around and be on tortoise time. The shuttle comes and sweeps us passengers up to head towards Harvard Square. At Harvard Sq, the platform is so full you barely had space to stand without touching someone, and if you know me, you know I don't do touchy touchy. The train came a good 15 minutes after arriving at Harvard Square and the awaiting passengers, including me had to endure one of those struggle subway artists. Don't get me wrong, we all got a hustle and our aim is to come up. How can I knock someone's hustle when I've been pushing this book MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD like no other, however, subway performers usually than not are super loud and super obnoxious. There's one thing when the performer asks the audience if they want to here something or the audience asks for a song and they do their thing or it's a fair where it's expected for random people to perform but on the subway the trains make a loud enough sound, I don't need any added on loudness. 


I get on the train and my remark on Twitter about the passengers are an indicator of where you are instantly replays in my head. The tweet goes, the deeper you are in Boston, the Blacker it gets. The deeper you are in Cambridge the Whiter it gets. It's not a complain to those who might take it and run with it, it's more like an observation and the staunch differences in neighborhoods. The train ride to Ashmont was cool for the most part, by Downtown Crossing the compacted carts emptied out to a few people and the majority were Black. At Ashmont as every Saturday, I mention how cold the weather is and this Saturday was no different. I swear there's a conspiracy on Saturdays were HAARP, Mother Nature, or whatever else makes sure that Saturdays will be cold and cloudy. As I make my way to the Trolley platform I see my creamy orange love bug racing its way towards the platform. Like I've stated in other weekly recollection posts, the Trolley train is the only MBTA service I will purposely wait to ride on because of its quickness and the route it takes. It's like a tourist ride without the loud microphone and the crowdedness. You go over parts in Boston and other places that you probably didn't even know existed like the Plains while making it to Butler Station or the body of water while passing Milton Station. The artwork aka graffiti on the walls of Central Avenue Station. A simple urban nature-culture that's tucked away and the Trolley exposes them, maybe I'm reading too deep into it but I'll take the Trolley any day before the 28 bus. Plus even the train conductor is mad chill wishing passengers a good day, that doesn't happen on the regular red line, like ever. 


I get to Mattapan and walk my way up to the residence where the IT classes are held hoping today won't be the day I get hit by traffic because that Cummings Highway traffic is no joke. I get to my IT class and I have 10 minutes to spare. The monitors were prompted up in front of each chair and I was reminded that we were going to install Windows. Part of me felt like Spongebob in the episode Squilliam Returns when he had that 'system meltdown.' I reviewed my 20 notes and said fuck it, we're bound to go over this one mo' gain before actually performing the installation so don't sweat. After five minutes the class fills up to about 3/4ths and again the professor comments about the slightly empty class. The T-Pain-ish (read former blogs to understand my true life storyline) guy replies "Maybe they forgot there's class." The Professor cuts that remark down. We start off the class with the Professor going over the meeting after class. Earlier in the week, I replied to the email saying I might go but the location was far out of reach for me so that maybe turned into a no, especially since other students weren't going. The Professor reminded us of the importance to make these meetings because it involves our graduation as well as prominent people were going to be at attendance like the vice president of Comcast and the Director of Labor and Workforce. He finishes up with at the end of our graduation we should come back to do a resume and to practice interview skills. Why? Because if we aren't use to having any contact with Whites or are afraid of Whites we won't be able to get a job in IT where most likely than not we'll be outnumbered by Whites. Eye contact is a very important sign and if we can't look someone in the eye they'll either believe we're lying or scared. I heard him because what he was saying was true, but the weather and the tiredness in my eyes had to take a rain check.


We get into IT by discussing what a hard drive is and the difference between a solid state drive and a hard drive. As he was talking he mentions about data and how data is basically the fabric of technology. Data is electricity made up of protons and electrons. From the data and its manipulation is how you can track people down. He gives the example of food poisoning and how hospitals who are connected to each other in a network get the same information based on doctors visits. This is how hospitals are notified of outbreaks. He explains a trip he took to the doctor where a doctor reveals that he has cancer, in shock he didn't know what to do but in a few weeks the doctor recanted their diagnosis because they found out many men from the Caribbean have a low blood count and live perfectly fine. That there have genetic differences and this was found through data. It's not abnormal to see a Black person with higher blood pressure compare to their White counterparts. Research and data would be nothing if we can't preserve it and if we as avid computer users don't save our work we end up losing it, especially during a power spike. The Professor tells us a story about a woman who was given hundreds of thousand of dollars to design some theatre but she didn't back up her materials as well as unplug her computer from the socket and she ended up losing all her data and she had to pay an IT company, the Professor's. He fixed her hard drive for her by recollecting the data. She had to shell out 7 grand to get it back. So as IT technicians our jobs are to collect, preserve and manipulate data. One of the dire and if not done could be grounds to sue is to back up data at all times. 


Somehow we end up talking about big brother. Of course, we had our opinions and if you know me, you know I am forever with an opinion and if asked will tell. As a former military man, the Professor gives a glimpse into the military structure because many ITs come from the military where they are used to dealing with stress and talking to people in any type of way. The military discriminates and it's an open door policy, especially the higher the rank of officer. In the civilized world, discrimination is technically not tolerated but-chu know . . . The Professor tells us that the biggest holders of technology and data is the government that Ivy Leagues are in bed so to speak with the government and to not take this Apple privacy thing seriously because Microsoft, Apple, and the Department Of Defense sit down to converse about their dealings, after all, isn't it Google that does maps, in street view? You don't think the government knows about this? The Professor brings up Snowden and how Snowden knew about the leaks because he was part of the get downs. The Professor broke the game down as to politicians getting selected and the Diddy-ish (again former blog explains) says he's for Bernie. I respond, "He's not going to win." "They're setting it up for Hillary to win." The Professor jumps in by saying many students who are foreign are studying at MIT and Harvard for free, getting their own pads and expenses paid. Some don't even step out the home because they get private tutors. Why? Because the students are brilliant and probably one day s/he will go back to his or her country as a leader or an opposing U.S. funded coup leader. Many leaders have that Ivy League degree and they want to brainwash the students before he or she goes back to their country to repair it and if the student refuses to be a puppet, they'll kill him or her. I shout out, "We come for IT and we get conspiracy theories" but I wasn't in disagreement with him. This is a person who watched Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory and spent too many hours researching Illuminati and watching C rated facts mixed with fiction videos on YouTube about the wealthy who run the world so I believe. He gives an example about the Haitian boys who made headlines because they built a helicopter practically out of scraps. Big brother found them and sent them to an Ivy League school. This was done quick fast and a hurry whether the boys wanted to or not. When you're in high places you can evade policies and barriers like green cards. Every person in those positions have the discretion to give a green card in minutes if they want to and if you're smart, they'll forgo their policies. The Professor says something like, "If you're smart you can do anything, so have a brain." We chuckled for a few seconds then you could read the expression on each student's face like dun Dun DUN sound effect but we kept cool because let's be honest, we are Black in America the conspiracy was built on own blood, sweat, and tears. 


The Professor refocuses our attention to hard disk drive and the difference between solid state drive and for y'all who are wondering, solid sate state drives are smaller, more expensive and doesn't have a needle, disk, or heating issues etc. It only uses memory cards like what you have in your phone whereas the hard disk drive is less expensive, has a needle, disk and deteriorates over time due to heat. Heat kills the hard drive and isn't a reliable source when it comes to saving data. Computers that have good solid state drives are Lenovo. The Professor moves on to Sata serial and Pata parallel. He then gives us step by step instructions on how to declutter a computer to help it run faster, He lets us know about the defragmenter and the disk clean up on Windows computers. I jotted down his notes but I knew they were useless because I'm team Macbook all day because I don't have to worry about viruses, trojans, and whatever else. My apple support kicks ass over Microsoft outsourcing no help helpline. I asked the Professor how would his procedure go down for a Macbook and he lets me know that the way Apple software is set up it automatically makes sure that the internet's junk doesn't stay on the computer and that's what makes the computer slow, in this case Windows computers. That's why many people go against Windows to create malware because Microsoft is greedy (I would think this label would be fitting for Apple seeing their products cost an arm, leg, rib, eye socket etc). Microsoft restricts its market but only selects Ivy Leagues to use its products so it can make money off of it. Before the general public knew about the internet Harvard, MIT, and big brother knew how to use the internet. The Professor recounts a story when MIT students were walking around with Microsoft sucks shirts on in silent protest. Microsoft offered them a grant to reverse their criticism but MIT refused to accept it because of their conflicts with the company, Microsoft regifted the grant (several millions may I add) to Bentley University where they thankfully took the money and renovated their computer room to Pro Microsoft. Again we drifted off to Blackness, and you know I was all the way here for it!


This is another 'I don't know how we ended up talking about Blackness' moment but we end up talking about religious freedoms. The professor gives an example about neighbors he had living across the street who were into Voodoo. As you know I'm Haitian, Voodoo is a well known spiritual system in Haiti, pretty much globally. Highly respected and feared by many, HOWEVER, many Haitians don't practice Voodoo. Most often you'll meet a Haitian who is Christian from some denomination YET this doesn't mean they don't believe in Voodoo this means they fear it so to keep safe they choose the religion that came with whips and chains. The Professor who happens to be a reverend references a time when his neighbors were having a Voodoo ceremony making loud noises. He called the cops to shut it down and the cops basically told him ain't shit they can do. Here in America, there is such a thing as religious freedom. If they're not harming or making too much of a ruckus that other neighbors complain they ain't finna come from River street to dodge traffic for a slight noise violation at 1:00 A.M. The Professor spied on his neighbors and watched them run around in the cemetery chanting, he was obviously displeased but he couldn't do anything about it. He remarked in his country people who practice Voodoo have to do it late at night and if the Chief finds out about it those people can be kicked out the community. I had to interject. No not because, I'm not a Voodun Priestess HOWEVER I will always have high regard for Voodoo because you have Black people still living on their knees praising Jesus who never blinked an eye during the nefarious slave era (and in some parts of the world like the Middle East slavery is still acceptable) YET a Voodoo ceremony overseen by the honorable Boukman Dutty ignited the first torch to freedom from the venomous French! Can I get an Amen?


The Professor dismisses that the French were Christians, "They were Catholics" and Diddy -ish jumps up to rebuke that because they do claim Christians and truth be told they are the ones who started the cult. I bring up the fact that it's about a person's intent, "You have Catholic priests out here raping little boys and they're Christians." "Voodoo can be good or bad depending on the person's intent." He tells me that, there's levels to this shit *Meek Mill voice*. Seriously though, he did say there's different levels that were brought from different African tribes that were enslaved on Haiti. "Some people use Voodoo for good and they don't kill or steal and there're the higher levels that use Voodoo to kill, eat (meaning to kill a person in mysterious ways) or steal" the Professor elaborates. "There's bad voodoo like Rada and Petro " and because of the repercussions he chooses Jesus. I reply, "How can you choose a religion that came with whips and chains?" He explains that there are some people in the airport [in Haiti] who spray something in the air to make themselves appear invisible to TSA workers and it works! BUT once they get to America they're assed out because they have no papers and if asked how did they get here they respond I just walked through which is true. The Professor remarks that the 'first (rolling my eyes) Black president' Bill Clinton is waist deep in Voodoo and he practices it. The Professor challenges use to look it up and refer to Bill as a "jab." All the Haitian students laugh because we understand, and truth be told I wouldn't be shocked if Billary were evil Voodoo practicing, blood sacrificing, slave master acting jabs (monsters/demons). Diddy chimes in to support my angle by saying every religion practices magic from the Muslims who have the djinn (genie). The Indians with theirs and I supported with "Europeans with Wicca." He finishes off with Jews practice magic too that's why they're so wealthy. This brotha-man that I sit next to every class got caught up in the Voodoo invisible TSA story, he throws his two cents by saying, "It would work in the bank to take all the money." I lowkey cosigned him like for real, though, if you gon' sneak into a plane how about sneak into a bank. He explains that he's from Nigeria (I guessed Jamaica from his apparent accent), he tells the class that his family has Christians and Muslims. Nigeria is a country where both groups live amongst each other and some do practice Voodoo. Diddy-ish explains that he once lived in Liberia during civil unrest for a job. The Pan-Africanist fairy-tale fantasies flashed across my pupils because I yearn to travel to Africa another Haitian doing what I want gave me strength to travel internationally . . . for like 5 seconds. The Nigerian brotha explains security is really easy because he puts something on the floor that if someone tries to steal they will pick up a broom and start sweeping by the time he returns he catches the street sweeper and calls the cops to look him up. Quickly a BBC documentary based on Voodoo in West Africa flashes through my brain, specifically, the part where doctors have to knock on the door where they keep dead bodies with toe tags so they don't alarm the spirits. Many times they can hear and see things moving in the room, this was said by a doctor by the way. I was so elated like Spongebob at Weenie Hut Juniors, thoughts of Voodoo stories and videos took over my mind for a few seconds. The Professor wasn't intrigued by our Pro-Voodoo stance. The Diddy-ish guy said, "They don't want us to practice our religion but they all do they same thing." I add on, "It's to keep us oppressed and underneath them." He concurs by saying, "Even in the bible at certain chapters there's versus talking about magic." "We need to do our research." The Professor sends us to break but we spent the majority of our time talking that break was over before it began. 


After the break, the Professor's wife returns to teach us about PowerPoint. She asks us how many of us know how to use it. I raised my hand half way up. Now I know how to create slides, add words, change the formatting, start the slides, animations, pictures etc. But don't ask me to make a presentation for the AT&T board members. I ain't no pro. She gives us some tips on how to create a successful presentation like don't talk too fast, don't have too many words on a slide. Remember your speech or have cue cards. Don't turn your back to the audience etc. She tells us today we'll need to create a PowerPoint presentation, nothing fancy. It can be about anything but it has to be somewhat detailed to show that we understand how to utilize the software in addition to staying on topic. Cool, I got this except I didn't have Office installed and apparently neither did six other students. The Professor's wife had to grab the CD-ROM to pass it around for all the computer to have Office so we could get started. Once I had Windows installed I got started on my presentation and do you need to ask what it was on? Of course, I promoted the hell out of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Shoot, any promotion I can get with my tight funds are HIGHLY appreciated even if it's for class. So I get to asking interview like questions that I knew well enough to answer off dome. I threw in the some stats to show why child abuse is so prevalent yet so secretive in the Black community. My neighbor, not brotha-man Nigeria but know-it-all adviser. He's all up in my presentation tryna correct me like I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know if he's one of those super hands on people or if he just thinks he's always right but I had to let him know stats means statistics and no I don't spell it wrong, hence no red underlining. I get to five slides in and the Professor walks in to the room to remind us about the raffle tickets he's doing for this mega screen that has Roku. He hands all 18 of us five booklets. Each one booklet had five have raffle tickets for the price of five dollars. Buy five you pay twenty bucks. I wasn't knocking him because it all goes back to the school, but I was kind of like eh who the hell am I going to sell to? By 3:45 P.M. the class was wrapping up their presentations to email it to the Professor's wife. While people were doing that I was adding my social media handles, not forgetting the website because every good promoter knows that contact information is crucial. As 4:00 P.M. approaches I emailed the document in a quick, fast, and a hurry to herself and myself. After I was done I stated by goodbyes and headed out to the spring teasing weather. I'm so anticipating short short season.


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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