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April 9, 2016


This blog post is mostly going to be for me because the closer I get to my final reveal I feel pressure to get my checklist crossed and do last minute rundowns. Today I had to go to the public library to open the word document for MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD because Macbook Pros and Microsoft Word don't work well even the Mac version of Word. The software in itself isn't made with apple software in mind so there are certain things that Macs will not be able to do. Most libraries utilize Windows PCs with Microsoft Office software. Long story short in an hour I completed one and a half of my three tasks and during the final edits. I ended up messing up a copy of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD which I'm counting my blessings that I even had the idea to create a duplicate and not use my original copy as the sole copy.


My whole aura was off today and I felt myself gravitating toward self-pity and stress. I don't need the worrisome and headache from something that gives me joy so I had to get myself out the funk because I know me well enough to know that if allow myself to sulk, I will sulk myself deep into a hole. In general my moods run my entire day, maybe because I'm a Taurus but mostly because I'm bipolar and I know my moods can fluctuate so I'm mindful of it because I know life is a rollercoaster and I shouldn't allow my emotions to get caught up in the rides. So you're probably asking yourself, what did you do Vie? And my answer is, I brushed it off after an hour or two and moved on to studying my well neglected CompTia A+ notes (if you follow my daily blogs, especially on Sundays you know that I recap my CompTia A+ classes and the adventures that follow). I couldn't fix one of my problems and freaking out wouldn't help any more than not so I chose to keep calm. Don't get me wrong, keeping cool is hard. It kind of feels like hopelessness because if you're like me, we're problem solvers. We need to figure out a way to fix something and if we can't it'll press on us like an obsession until we become compulsive. Truth is, my final reveal can be pushed back but like I said when I have a set goal I work tirelessly to execute it. This isn't my normal reaction to projects though, if something personally affects me, I'm 200% in. If it's someone else's project I'm as committed as the person it belongs to. 


I guess you're now wondering how does one "keep calm?"


1.) Breathe. I know so cliché and simplistic but honestly breathe. Inhale and exhale. What you're stressing about in the grand scheme of things will not break you. You can't think clearly when your mind is scrambled. Take a step back to reevaluate what the deal is and how you're reacting to it. 


2.) Can you change your conundrum right at this moment? I mean let's say your computer crashed and it's 2:00 A.M. You huffing and puffing, banging on the keyboards, and cursing will it change the fact that your computer is down? Probably not, so why are you raising your blood pressure for nothing? 


3.) If no, meaning you can't fix the issue within the next ten minutes, ask yourself when is the next available time you have where you can solve your problem. In the case of the crashed computer, probably in about six hours when the closest PC shop is open for business.


If yes, think concisely what you need to do and how long will it take. Maybe your roommate who knows about the internal components of computers because she's an IT tech and happens to be up watching Netflix can help you. Probably you can get her to look at your PC if you make her breakfast in the morning. 


4.) Figure out the next steps you'll need to complete your overall goal or perhaps you'll need to strategize for the slight setback to finish your overall goal but ultimately you're still breathing meaning you're good. Keep calm, and be great!


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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