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April 7, 2016


This blog post will be about, yes you guessed it, planning. We all had to plan something whether it was a party, schedule, or life. Planning is the art of executing something before its actual due date. In my daily routine, I find myself constantly planning something. Though my schedule is flexible I have three things I do instantaneously after I wake up, and all three have to do with social media. As you know I create daily blogs and I publish them around midnight if not midnight. Usually, people are sleeping at that time except the Artsy type and the fatigued. I happen to be one of the Artsy types, you can find me awake at 2:00 in the morning posting links to my blog, YouTube Channels, ebook etc and again as soon as I wake up. 


In May (fingers crossed) I plan on releasing a paperback version of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. But with self-publishing, and publishing, in general, there's major preparation you have to do to execute the mission flawlessly this includes finding a print on demand company, how much it will cost you, what's the style and format you want to go with, hardcover or soft cover, is your book copywritten etc. If you're like me, a one-woman team it gets pretty hectic and you often find yourself discombobulated. This is where planning like a GOD comes into place. For me, I have three calendars, plus a primary email (I have multiple emails), an alarm clock and they all work in sync to remind me of what I need to do and when I need to do it. My alarm is set for events, and daily rituals like exercising and blogging. My calendars tell me what I need to work on in the future, what I need to work on, piece by piece daily and when it needs to be 100% completed. My email is the middleman between my phone and laptop. For example, Instagram is for posting pictures, so if I want my followers to know what I posted on my website or the latest blog, I email the link and some hashtags to myself, my phone receives them. I copy and paste the message as well as crop a screenshot of my blog picture and post it to my Instagram (vieis_me). This may seem like a tedious process, and trust me it is but it works! I would love to have a team that spreads the work and I'm not consistently glued to a screen but the way my student loans, bank account, and access to capital is looking like . . . it's not possible at the moment.


You see, with consistency people start watching what you're up to and they become drawn to your message. Some even like what you're doing so much so they support it financially. As an entrepreneur, I stated this before all you have is time, and time is very valuable. You don't want to waste a second and when someone (including yourself) doesn't respect it that's an insult. So to help things go smoothly you plan! Of course, things don't always go as planned but that's life, but knowing you put your best foot forward and covered all the bases gives you reassurance to readjust and recalculate. That's life, going and failing, and tweaking until that fail switches lanes to success. Very few people are lucky enough to execute their plan, goal, dream, or vision in one random shot. Most people will have to plan to make whatever they're selling/doing successful and though many people have books detailing how to reach success, success isn't a one fit all format. Your road to success will be designed especially for you even if you and a friend or competitor are in the same market. Life is what you make of it and planning is dire, those who plan can execute, those who can't stay in limbo.


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened Be Loved. ✌

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