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April 6, 2016



You know what it is, Tuesday Poems so I'm here to deliver the goods! Like always these poems come straight from my dome and as a matter a fact I do have a FREE ebook collection titled Straight From The Dome on the front Homepage as well as my first self-published ebook titled MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Check them both out. Hopefully you like what you read and if so share with all your friends! 


A race of babies that hate the melanin. Too busy hating and disagreeing to understand the significance. We can say love has no boundaries, but why do we hate what we see. Too ready to choose anything but what's rooted in seed.

We ready to dilute the gene but have you stopped to think, what if we create beings that hate what they see? 

A race of babies who hate the melanin.

Superiority complexes and hatred in their veins. A race that wants to take over all things. A race that will be used to manipulate us beings. A race who will not be able to relate.

Can you image no Black faces, instead yelling I'm not Black but biracial? Been on this planet for millenniums, now taken out by breeding outwards.

Lusting after something else. Adding spice into your world. Love has no boundaries, sure . . .

But where was love when chained, and hung?




Don't believe the lies they tell.

Don't jump on the hype they sell.

Black Men without your Black Women you are none.

Black Women without your Black Men you are done.

Stay Strong, Stay Black, Stay United, for tomorrow they find ways to divide it.




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