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Weather Or Not

April 5, 2016


This blog post is going to be about the weather. You might be thinking to yourself why the weather, that's such a basic topic. You're right it is, however, I don't know about you and where you're from but here in Massachusetts the weather as been bipolar, schizophrenic, and multiple personalities all in one. The most recent example was last Friday and this past Monday. On Friday it was unusually warm, I wanted some crepes from Sebastians that makes them like none other. Getting dressed I thought it's probably a little warm out, maybe low 60s, bring a light jacket just in case. Part of me was debating to bring a thick wool scarf or not and I decided to leave it behind because I wouldn't be out too long. I kid you not, I get outside and my body is roasting. Me being a May baby on top of that I have an indescribable affection for the sun and its warmth I knew summer had just swept across my big forehead and I could retire long jeans and my leather jacket at least for five or six months. By the time, I went to Sebastians, came out and arrived back home my back was sweaty. Outside people were wearing shorts (White people predominately because they don't need a reason to wear shorts). Jubilant? Very! And I spent the rest of the day in light clothing. 


Last Saturday I was traveling to my IT class (here's a link to that blog post regarding my IT adventures: Rainy and Nerdy (weekly recollection) and the weather was cold plus it rained. It kind of burst my high but I was like okay, a little drizzle and a cool breeze never hurt anyone maybe this is just a small setback, with rain typically comes cold wind so it's to be expected but don't freight warm weather will be back on for the rest of the following week. Now it's Monday and it's snowing! I'm like what in the hell? In January the weather peaked to almost 70, this is Massachusetts remind you not California. February we had weather that was 80 degrees, but to go from 70 something one day to snow in 72 hours is beyond ridiculous and I'm like this global warming thing is no joke or the HAARP machine is working overtime because why else would the weather be acting up like this? The extremes are baffling, to say the least, and I can't be the only native who sees this year's weather isn't something to roll off your back, although I 'm not going to lie and say I hated 70 degree weather in January when I love the sun but even I know that's strange for Massachusetts. 


Of course, if I had it my way I would have the weather be in the 80s the majority of the time and the lowest it would ever is in the 70s but I don't determine the weather. I guess this blog is somewhat of a public service announcement about the environment and whatever we, as humans are doing to it, has Mother Nature stressed out to the point that she doesn't know how to keep herself balanced AND for be to bitch about the cold weather.


Be Entertained. Be Blessed. Be Loved. ✌

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