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When White People Meet A Pro Black Person

March 31, 2016


To preface this blog, this isn't going to be a race versus race piece. Today I made a post on Twitter that read, "You can't choose to be "Pro Black" the universe did that when it blessed you with melanin. Loving your Blackness is another conversation." I noticed a couple of people unfollowed me and trust me, it's cool. I'm not so worried about being liked or followed, I'm more into getting my thoughts and products out. I went through my followers list and saw that the few White people following me disappeared and I kind of laughed to myself because I think White people get offended when you're a Black person with a healthy self-esteem about yourself on some 'how dare you actually like being Black and bring up Blackness in a sick white supremacy society!' 


Now, I'm not the most "Pro Black" symbolic person who carries an RBG flag everywhere, pick locked in the fro, bean pie eating, dashiki wearing, open toe sandal collection having, 'kill the cracka' screaming person BUT I am Black and I will talk about Black issues. Shameless plug but not really, I have two YouTube Channels. Vie Cine is all Black everything. VIEIS_ME is all mental health and sexual abuse everything. I'm a young Black person who's on the come up that can relate to the average Black youth struggling to find themself and their way in a system that wasn't made for him or her hence the creation of Black Lives Matter. However, being Black and liking your Blackness doesn't mean you hate White people or any race for that matter. That's very limiting in thinking, egotistical to be quite honest. To think every waking moment Black people as a collective are wondering what White people are doing, is too much of an accolade. Truth be told we're still trying to get over the mammoth sized hump called by several names like slavery, Jim Crow, racism, coin intel pro, drug infiltration, mass incarceration, Special Ed, poverty, etc but simply in two words, white supremacy. As a collective we as Blacks aren't checking for White people as much as they are Blacks with the aforementioned and, of course, this isn't all White people but you know . . . 


When you are a Black person and I will use myself as an example, that talks about Black issues or carries yourself in a non-Black/apologist manner. Non-Black meaning wearing your hair in a fashion that is similar to Europeans, always showing a wide smile, speaking in a high pitch fake valley girl accent and solely talking about American history or White pop culture. In other words the "safe Black friend" aka an off brand European. The "safe Black friend" that doesn't disturb your reality of it's all about me and she doesn't bring to you the awareness of the brutality this country has inflicted on people who don't look like you. Let a Black woman walk in comfortably to her workplace in her natural hair state with an African print dress and speaks with assertiveness not combative, harpy, or disrespectful just self-assured. In about three months she will not be in the workplace anymore. Why is it that Blackness offends White people? Almost every major holiday is a representation of White dominance in this country yet and still cornrows offend you (on Black people), RBG flags make you gag and saying Black Lives Matter boils your blood. I notice when Blackness can be capitalized for the benefit of Whites then it's not so threatening to Whites who live outside of middle America like Hip Hop, dancing, clothing, sports, inventions etc. But let a Black person say For Us By Us and see if he owns his craft until his death and has 100% of the rights to pass it down to his children. Anything that represents self-sufficiency and Black autonomy is a scary thought to Whites yet Whites despise Blacks, not enough leave Blacks alone just enough to oppress Blacks.


This leaves me to believe that there is an inferiority complex in many Whites to be so consumed by people they perceive are beneath them. If Blacks are really just that inferior then why is it that when we try our best and come as a collective we kick ass? Not just in Entertainment but even in economics where it counts. Last time I checked in the early 20th Century many Black neighborhoods across the country were bombed down by jealous Whites with a grudge and none of them had to pay for their crimes or even state an open apology. Not too far down in the subconscious of White people there's an acknowledgment of all their atrocities and believe any day now all Blacks are going to have a Nat Turner Resurrection 4.0 when in reality Black folks aren't that organized or have unlimited access to military weaponry to even start a purge on that level. For invalents when it comes to sports some of the best athletes are Black. The Dogon people of West Africa who are considered primitive to Western society was and still are able to map out space without modern technology BEFORE NASA. We can even take it back to the plantation days, if it wasn't for Black people the generational wealth aka trust fund babies who now can turn their nose at Blacks while blasting Jay-z through their Beats headphones hoping they can get away with say nigga without running into a nigga while gentrifying neighborhoods like Brooklyn in their hipster outfits that have Black influences drinking Starbucks coffee can thank my ancestors and many other Black folk's ancestors for their inheritance that many Black youths will never have. And for the White folks who do have some type of issue when Black people having a healthy self-esteem that they love their full lips, nappy hair, Black skin and bell pepper nose, know that we do not look to your for acceptance or validation.


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌





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