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March 30, 2016


You know it's Poem Tuesdays where I hit you with a throwback poem in the vault of my DOME. Hope you appreciate it and feel me. Vibe with me on this one.


Anticipation, waiting for something new. New answers to questions that are far from few.


Somehow someway the skies look vivid blue.


No more anxiety holding true. Ready to burst out in pursuit . . . . Of happiness, success, love, and wealth.


Could it be, that all of what I wanted is waiting for me, at the tips of my sanity, dropping THE not me, and the ifs, buts, whats?


Trusting that IT will make out.


Leaping at the chance of luck.


Can I give myself up, to drop (pause)


And know that I will land on my toes, untouched, unscarred, unhurt. Is it possible, seriously is it possible? Well I will never know, but to jump, jump off the ledge of probabilities, possibilities, accountabilities. I don't want to drown please.

But don't catch me.


Because if I sink or sail I want it to be on my tail. And that's where I anticipate me taking the crown, all hail me, all hail VIE. I will succeed.




Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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