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To Work or Not To Work, That Is The Question

March 29, 2016


To start off this blog the word "work" is subjective. What do I mean? When you think of the word work you think of clocking in. When I think of work I think of striving to achieving a goal until you master it. In my case, entrepreneurialism. The traditional work definition, you strive to make someone else rich and make their existence more fulfilled. While your boss builds generational wealth and economic freedom, you're stuck counting down the minutes to lunch break. This brings me to today's blog topic, To Work or Not To Work, That Is The Question


As an entrepreneur, I'm not making the money I would like being a Self-Published Author. To me that means hustle harder, get the word out, join groups, find partnerships, basically get your networking on so you know who's who and what they can do for you. However, this doesn't come with a bonus or pocket money. This comes out of pure determination for a vision that only you can see. Most people who know you or know of you will think you're just lazy or wishful thinking. But you, you're on a dollar and a dream trying to flip 15¢ to $100. So what do you do? Do you accept a typical job making an hourly wage even if it's not the wage you want just so you can have money to fund your dream or do you say F that and continue to pinch pennies so you can focus all your time to making your vision come alive? All the time you spent at a job that covers your basics necessities you could have focused it solely on your goals. Like I said in another post, an entrepreneur only has time. Time is the most important thing to an entrepreneur. Time is the most valuable type of currency, not the dollar, pound, or yen. This leads you to ask yourself, what do I do? In your mind you're looking at it like take the money and do the time but sleep on your goals or at least not invest in it over time like you're doing now. But on the other hand, scream screw it and work until you do make that $100 bucks and keep stacking up never stopping even when your entrepreneurial business is super prosperous. 


On average, I end my blog posts with a thorough answer to a question or thought but this blog post I really am stuck in a dilemma. Do I or don't I. At the end of the day my first priority is my book. Everything I do is centered around how I can push out MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD ebook (in May it will be a physical book) and market it as a book worth reading. Time to me is money even though money is looking real funny right now. I'm a creative free spirit. I do what I do not just to be an oddball, but because I actually enjoy it. I love making YouTube videos (I have two channels Vie Cine and VIEIS_ME), shameless plug I know. I love writing daily blogs on my website www.vieisme.com. I love just waking up in the morning and doing me, unapologetically because that's what makes me happy. A job isn't the worst thing in the world, most people would really appreciate one in this economic upheaval, however, I don't envision myself being a 9-5er drone all of my life. By the way, this question isn't hypothetical since I do have a job offer sitting at my feet as I type. Though it's a great job, pretty straight forward, the Taurus bull in me that's blessed with all shades of purple curved with deep hieroglyphics and new age hieroglyphics called graffiti just can't jump at the offer right away. So I'm asking you, have you ever faced a similar situation Purpose Driven Free Thinkers, and if so, what did you choose? Let me know in the comments section. 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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