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March 28, 2016


In this world of instant sensationalism and propaganda, it's easy to lose your peace of mind. Many people wake up feeling tired but slept the recommended eight hours. Some people feel drained as soon as they arrive through the doors of their office. All of us at some point counted down the minutes until a certain task was done. Why do we live on a planet that activates all of our senses leaving us in a negative space? It's because we don't have peace of mind. Peace of mind can be obtained anywhere. Usually, when people talk about this they show you some hippy person crossing their legs in an open field of dandelions closing their eyes to meditate on mother nature. It's all fine and dandy but really, who has access or time for all that? I don't know about you, but a city girl like me doesn't see open fields unless it's in a park, and parks are NEVER quiet. So what does one do? Bring peace on to you. What I mean is instead of chasing the perfect place where peace would be, you create the peace you want.


For me I get distracted pretty easily, I'm not sure if it's because my mind runs on a 1000% or if it's because I'm a master multitasker, whatever it is, I'm never doing on thing at a time. This can be overwhelming especially if you're trying to remember fifteen things at once and trying to execute them simultaneously while trying to figure out the next steps for the day, week, and month. Yeah, I know brain overdrive. What I do when I become lost in mind is to execute the smallest and easiest tasks first and move on to the next bigger more complex steps. What I can do now is always preferred over what I can't do or what I can put off. This unclutters my mind and gives me peace but my ultimate peace treat. Yes, being at peace is a treat, is exercising! I know it's not as delicious as a sweet treat or as daring as doing something on a whim. The idea of exercising as a treat is coming from someone who spent the majority of her life overweight and hated P.E. in grade school but a year ago I found the beauty in exercising. Before that, I could keep a healthy weight but I didn't have the body I desired. Last year I met a guy and long story, EXTREMELY short, I was motivated to work out. Of course, the beginning was the hardest part and I had to take a ton of mini breaks to catch my breath but the longer I stayed with it the more tone I got and I didn't need to take as many breaks if any. My body was definitely an improvement (in addition to my acne clearing up, and my hair, at least, to me, looked like it grew faster) but I realized I enjoyed working out. Dare I say, I looked forward to it because I did!


Exercising felt like all the stresses, worries, and problems that colonized my mind melted. As soon as I was done with the workout my sweat (something I used to find grotesque) soothed me and it felt refreshing. Exercising was my meditation, my peace of mind. Fast forward some, life happened. I selected my ebook release date and I had a break up, from there I put exercising on the back burner. Yes, I gained a lot of weight back but that wasn't my gripe really because I still looked relatively good. My gripe was my peace of mind was gone. I could feel the chaos kicking in and I felt out of order. I felt drained, barely completed my agenda, and I was counting the minutes down. The absolute worse part was I started developing weird huge stress bumps all over my arms, and shoulders, not to mention my acne resurrected from the dead.


If you've been following my blogs you know I'm a self-published author, my first book is titled MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. If you know me well, you'd know I would never have any type of social media platform if it wasn't for my book. I hated the thought of being online and having to deal with the trolling, ebeefs, and meme wars. I swerved and curved Facebook until mid-2014. I started a Twitter and Instagram account but let months pass by without using them until they were deactivated. Around late 2015 I reclaimed my accounts, well Instagram, Twitter had me choose another username. I did all this because my book was going to be released and I needed to get the word out. I released my ebook on Valentines Day, yet my mind wasn't at peace. On Instagram, I follow a woman who does daily yoga and she posts pictures of her yoga poses online. Truthfully, I've always wanted to get into yoga but never had the motivation to do it so I settled for the pants. Daily I would scroll down my feed and see her yoga poses and think to myself I wish I could do that but I didn't lift a finger to move. After seeing her post on an award she won for taking on a yoga challenge it clicked for me. 


Now I didn't want to do yoga just yet, but I did want to get back to exercising. I wanted a toner body and like I say to myself all the time, "I'm trying to be a bad chick for the summer" and thunder thighs don't count as bad. A month ago I started exercising again. I changed up my workout routine because the first time around I used a Stairmaster like machine and, this time, I wanted to solely use my body. I wasn't sure if it could be done though I hear people say all the time how much weight they have lost without a machine or weights and I'm like yeah, okay. But this time, I was willing to bite. The first video (YouTube is your friend right next to Google) was a dance exercise routine that looked basic and gimmicky like an off brand Zumba. Then I landed on a video of this petite blond girl. At first, I was like ain't no way what you're teaching is going to get me a body like that . . . but I was sold based on her body and hit play. Three weeks in I saw improvements regarding my body but the most important thing was my focus and peace of mind resurrected from the dead! I'm not going to lie to you and say I never missed a day because I have, several days. Sometimes only working out one day a week because of the other tasks I had going on but now that my vision is becoming more concise, I have 45 minutes to give to breaking a sweat that I so do deserve to soothe me back to a peace of mind. 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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