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Flawed Lenses Of Reality UneXcaped

March 25, 2016


 Throwback poem. I really had nothing to say today, well, my mind is kind of congested so I had no clear thought. I decided to post a poem in place of an on the spot blog post. Hopefully you like it.


Chasing fantasies through a computer screen.

Delusions of how it ought to be, rather than see for what it is.

Wondering what life would be, if he or she was near me.

What if I told you it would be opposite of what you dreamed.

We all put up fronts for the society's constructs of what thee has us to believe. First impression is our representative, nothing is ever what it seems.

The bullshit you trying to avoid by cap locks and emojis galore, won't save you from the human condition called flaws. 


October 12, 2014


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Paint Your Truth (2019) 🎨 & All Things Mindfulness/Self Care 💋

November 9, 2019

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September 21, 2018

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